Carbohydrate Foods 

Body's power insta-energy fuel 

Hydrogen, Carbon & Oxygen 

Video - Illustrating carbohydrates activity 
The Science behind: Dietary Carbohydrates  
  • One of the most important nutrients in your diet, from the standpoint of both health and athletic performance, is dietary carbohydrate.

  • Brain needs a constant supply of glucose

  • Preferred fuel for muscles

  • Especially during higher intensity exercise

Main function:
  • To supply energy

    • Brain function, retina, red blood cells

    • Primarily during sports and exercise

  • Cell membrane receptors

    • Glycolipids, glycoproteins

  • DNA and RNA structure

    • Ribose

When selecting the fruits or vegetables you eat always make sure to think of the Rainbow Diet section. 

The more verity of colours you include the healthy your choice becomes. 

"When you eat good you feel good and look good." - Lexy

Your carbohydrates sections bar

Carbohydrates " glucose" is a primary fuel of our brain and muscles cells. Just with enough glucose ( also known as Carbohydrates Sugar) available it also the brain and muscle to operate and process its metabolic functionality.  When Carbohydrates are burn by body it turn into glucose, water and CO2, which you breathe out with every breath. 

Simple Carbohydrate 

Complex Carbohydrate