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10 Characteristics Traits and Skills of Successful Entrepreneur

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

The most successful entrepreneurs have these 10 skills & Characteristics Traits that help them grow their business to the highest levels. In this video, I will breaking it down the importance of having These skills to promote them and rapidly improve society as a whole.

You need to be very authentic and very present in the moment for a lot of discussions and a lot of decision making processes because that's also going to help you to understand whether certain things can actually work on your behalf or not



Hello everyone! And welcome back to Neecee Lexy, If you're new here, I'm a content creator Digital Marketer as well as a Blogger. Welcome to my channel where I discuss a lot of things about entrepreneurship. how to improve your online digital marketing as well as some side hustle. and even personal development. In today's video as the title mentioned i'm going to be discussing about the 10 characteristic traits in order for you to become successful in life and which are these top 10 characteristic traits that you should have in order to make sure that you succeed whether in your career professional career profession, entrepreneurship just life in general. Today i didn't write the blog you normally would happen is that before I actually get into the video I write the topic and then I discuss it afterwards but today i'm going to be taking a different route where I just have to list them in my phone. Then i'm going to be doing it raw and discussing it. If you're new here make sure to subscribe to this channel so that you can constantly get our weekly update. Also if you're also into podcast don't worry these incontinence are also available in all our podcast streaming platform you just need to search for my name me Neecee Lexy and you'll be able to find it as well as have i have additional resources available in my website i have free articles that i write every week on digital marketing and some best practices on how you can grow your online business. You can also check that there um yeah so let's dive into this video without further ado let's get in so yeah thank you so much um thank you back for welcome back.

I hope you guys all subscribe so joining us today these are the top 10 characteristic. I wrote it all here in my phone on what makes somebody successful in life in career or just in their personal development or succeeding as an entrepreneur.


#1 Confidence:

One of the key thing you need is to be one is confidence. Confidence is the key a in anything you do whether it's business, your school or it's just in life in general. You have to have confidence on what you're doing because that kind of sets you apart and gives you that drive motive and that you know you can actually achieve it and you can actually do it it's very very important for you as a entrepreneur or as a career profession to have a confidence on the skills that you have to have a confidence in the things that you want to do in order to succeed without a confidence obviously you're going to be lacking some sort of motivation behind it and you might end up in the passing opportunity because you're not confident and you're you don't believe in the skills that you have so that's why it's very important for you as an inspired entrepreneur as a blogger or somebody who if you need to tap into let's say if you wanted to create a write a book you want to create a new website or you want to become a business owner or you want to be get into certain careers shifting from one to another you have to have the confidence and telling yourself you know you can do it or you have the confidence that you know what it's gonna work out regardless of how many years or how many months it's gonna take you for doing the transition so that is why it's very important to have confidence and every successful entrepreneur every successful person that you look up to confidence is one of the key trait that they have in how they have transitioned how they haven't got to where they are today.



number two i would say uh is speaking up speaking of it's gonna be one of those things that if you're a shy person in business it doesn't work as i mentioned a lot of people before i was always that shy kid that never actually speak much but i because i'm so confident on what i do so that confident in itself kind of gave me the voice to start this speaking and then i also i also had to make myself go from that shy girl mentality to actually put myself in certain situation where i have to speak up where i have to constantly talk where i have to explain the ideas where i have to explain as to why i'm doing certain design especially with my graphic design i have to explain the design i have to explain the concept and i also have to explain the video editing and how i'll be able to bring it to life and if you're going to be an entrepreneur a lot of your clients are going to be asking a lot of questions so that means you would have to speak up a lot and being an introvert uh person that is something you have to work on it and sometimes you would have to do things that kind of takes you out of your comfort zone and one of my the biggest thing that i had to learn was to speak up and to go away from my shyness and kind of like you know just making sure that i speak even doing videos i was never comfortable in doing youtube videos i have to constantly make the effort to be like you know what if this is something gonna be a part of my blog growth i need to be consistent and i need to kind of start showing my my face it took me four years for my initial modelling even though i used to model which means i'm always on the stage and modelling because i wasn't talking it was comfortable but at the same time it kind of gave me that confidence to be okay in front of people but i wasn't talking and then as soon as i start to getting into blogging getting into networking after that aspect of it i have to start speaking and because i was being put into situations and stages where i would have to introduce myself and i would have to talk about this skill set and have to talk about the project that i was doing and that's where it kind of got me to be used to the idea of talking and speaking up.


#3 Consistency

Number three i would say apart from confidence you also have to learn to speak up that's also going to be a very super important characteristic if you wanted to become successful in life third i would say consistency is going to be one of the major major key in growing because you cannot start one idea today and then tomorrow get bored pause and then start another you have to be very consistent for some people their success might come overnight which means they might just do it for a few months and then they meet their big break for other people's it will take the months some people it might take them lifetime might take them years you know you have people who become successful in their 20 other people who become successful in their 30s, 40s or even 50s, and 60s. You don't know what your success is going to look like so the only thing you have to do is you have to be very consistent of your dream and you have to put in that 1000 hour you have to constantly work on it in order to see it grow my growth journey being a blogger from just being just being inspired to actually you know be comfortable in writing that was the initial cause and then a year later i decided you know what i'm gonna instead of just writing articles i want to be able to share my platform and actually help other entrepreneurs share their story so that they can utilize that fact that they're in my blog where they got features in their CV so that way when other elite magazines or publishers wanted to feature them they can use it as a ground like you know what i was treating so and so blog so that mean kind of gives them a credibility to also have that in their cv.

The second reason as to why i was also incorporating all of these stories and fast forward to three years later now you see that i'm also adding some additional values to it which basically sharing my digital marketing experience sharing my digital marketing expertise which also allowed me to get other opportunity becoming um a product trainer in one of the world's biggest company which i signed a lot NDA I can not talk about it. This is basically to show you guys how important it is to stick consistency because consistency is going to be one of those key elements to get you from point a to z and also helps you to grow anybody just doesn't become a master overnight they have to become first a student from a student they have to become maybe a ta and then they can be the master. It takes time and that's why consistency i would say it's the third most important element to have if you're going to be successful in life or successful in your career as a whole is to constantly update and constantly improving your your work and things like that is listening


Listening is gonna be one of those super super important trait to have because a lot of people listen to respond but don't don't listen to understand and if you are just listening when somebody's talking and you're listening to responding you're not necessarily comprehending what they said and in business that's gonna hurt you and your servers because you need to be able to listen you need to be able to understand what your customers are saying you need to be able even if you're a consultant you need to be able to understand what the business partner is seeing in order for you to deliver and understand what is their pinpoint what do they need and what are they working on and what can you deliver and how can you be able to support them and actually help them grow in their business if you're a consultant if you're a business owner what are the consumer talking about it what are some of the feedback are they giving you you need to listen to them in order to make sure that you producing a value you're producing an impact and you're also answering their pinpoint that's why listening is one of those characteristics you need to also know as a successful entrepreneur or just a successful person in life listening is gonna be super super key for you.


#5 Time Management

it's time management time is money so it's gonna be one of those crucial things that you need to also manage your time you cannot waste your time you know because first of all there's gonna be as you're growing or you becoming tapping into the entrepreneurship world or even just in your journey and a career to find out whether the fits for you or not you need to learn how to manage your time because a lot of times there might be opportunities that's knocking in your door but that none doesn't necessarily mean that you need to say yes to every little thing you need to prioritize what is most important to you what is aligning with the goals you want to do in life and what is aligning with the purpose or some of the stuff that you want to do if not you might end up saying yes to a lot of things and you may end up splitting your time with other unnecessary tasks that you shouldn't even be taking it from the first place so you got to be comfortable with saying no to certain things and also manage your time really wisely in order to read that line to me and you could also respect people's time your respect your business partners time you're gonna respect decline time and also allow people to respect your time because if you respect their time they will respect yours this goes hand in hand and you don't want to waste so many time trying to go around the loop or stuff like that because that's also going to set you as somebody who's not reliable or some people would just abuse your time so time management is very crucial is taking.

#6 Ownership

Number six i was also saying taking ownership because you're gonna have to stop complaining stop blaming people sometimes things don't work the way you're supposed to work and that's okay. If you if you're the part of the problem obviously you can be a part of the solution that is why it's very important for you to stop complaining and stop whining and just accept it and one of the biggest thing you could you could do is accepting that certain things are not just going to work out and that you can overcome it and you can work around it you can figure out a solution you can find mentors you can ask for help just by taking ownership and understanding that certain things need to be handed off to somebody else or we need to be reallocated that's okay so be present it's another characteristic trait that a lot of successful people need to be because you need to be very authentic and very present in the moment for a lot of discussions and a lot of decision making processes because that's also going to help you to understand whether certain things can actually work on your behalf or not and you need to also be present in making those decisions because your input matters to the growth of the business to the growth of your career to the growth of things you need to be present in a lot of things and i would say that is very


#7 Lead By Impact

Very crucial for you characteristic i would say is lead by impact most people when they get into entrepreneurship or small business or site hustle they just think like oh i can start a youtube and i start making money right away doesn't work that way or sometimes it can be like oh if i start this business i'm gonna make x amount of money and i can be rich it doesn't work with that if that's the case and if that's the idea you're going by it if it happens to you by all means kudos share with us the knowledge but for most businesses or most ideas it doesn't take off right away so you need to understand what is the impact you're providing the idea that you have what sort of impact was a societal impact does it carry what sort of impact would it have to your client if it doesn't have any value doesn't have any impact you're going to be struggling trying to figure out how to get a client because you are not aligning or you're not providing any value you're not spreading any solution to the problem so you need to do your research you need to understand and a lot of people that succeeded in their businesses is because they understand the impact like for example rihanna a lot of the research went behind her makeup brand before he actually launched his understanding that there was a demographic of individuals that are not getting those products and in order for her to come to the market she need to be able to diversify her profile she'll be able to carry products that offers a lot of range of shadow foundations to a lot of people that were not necessarily getting it from the first place and that's why she was able to be successful within short amount of time but a lot of research went behind it so that is something you all can also do.

#10 Honesty

I would say honesty you got to be honest with yourself honest with the people that you partner with and be very transparent with them because you do not want to run into a situation where about you making partnership but it's not clear so that's why the contract comes into place everything is written down and also just be honest with you like why are you doing what you're doing okay simple as that um i hope this was really short and brief certain characteristics and elements that you can take into consideration if you're gonna tap into becoming successful in life or successful in your career successful in your entrepreneurship.

Make sure to if you haven't subscribed yet make sure to take this time to subscribe and for those who wanted to learn more about digital marketing or just learn about how to start your own site hustle or start your career in digital marketing or become a blogger or vlog or content creator uh you can also visit my website at www where i post weekly content there and i also will see you guys on my podcast.

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