Updated: Apr 13

Today, it is about making amazing content to boots your blog brand image and productivity.

1. Set your goal (S)

You can not go anywhere without knowing where you are heading. That's why you need to first set up goals or goals in mind. Ask yourself what are you willing to achieve from this new productivity shift you about to take. Your blog productivity gets better when you have a goal in mind that you are will achieve. The goal can be as simple as increasing your blog traffic, create new content every week, launching masterclass or building your mailing list. The goal is very personal to you and when you willing to achieve it. So start by writing down your goal or goals for the blog first.

2. Break it down into segments

Sometimes our goals are very big and it might seem hard to achieve. In order to obtain them, we can break it down into small goals or segments. This tactic will help you consecrate on completing them in a timely manner. Breaking them down into small goals so you achieve your big goal.

3. Be proactive, not reactive

Not every incoming call and emails notification needs an immediate response. Set up time aside to answer and respond to phone calls or respond to email and follow-ups. Based on your weekly plan, you can implement these small tasks in there while staying productive. You are the boss of your life and blog. Therefore, you are responsible for doing productive work to improve your blog.

4. Produce quality contents, not quantity

Focus on working producing quality content, not quantity. This is very straightforward, you want to be able to create content that your viewers will appreciate. Plus, content that will attract them to come back to your site regularly. This method will help boost your brand image and productivity in the long run.

5. Planner

After completing the first 4 tips. Now you are ready for the most important part which every successful has a "planner". Create a plan to improve your work, life and blog work. This will reflects on what time of the day or week you will be creating content. Plus, this planner will help train you to be more effective and productive. This particular tactic acts as a great tool to keep your focus on important things.

6. Track and limit how much time you're spending on a project ( content creations)

Timing yourself is a great strategy. This helps by letting you know exactly how much time you spend on daily tasks, including social media, email, content creation, etc.

7. Set due dates

As a human, we are motivated by due dates and time. Do you ever notice when we have assignments or exams coming up? We began to pull out all our notes, learning resources to start and prepare for the exam. We immediately activate our minds to get it done to meet the deadline. We function well when having dates and times because it helps stay focus. Therefore, creating due dates for projects and assignments will help you stay on track and be more productive with your blog.

8. Take a break to reflect on your outcomes

This is a great time to reflect on what currently working and driving you more outcomes. What is still needs improvement and progress? You will be able to allocate your time correctly to manifest great results.

9. Quit multitasking

There are just certain things we can not multitask. You ever heard of "when you chase two rabbits you end up with none". Do your best to focus on one thing at a time. Keep tips #4 in mind when you are doing this part.

10. Own up to your mistakes

If you have done things in the past that did not work. Do not dwell on the idea of regrets instead focus on your aliment, power, and gifts to grow. If you need to listen to motivation videos do so. You have so much to offer and give to grow your platform. Like the quote says " Life is 10% what happened to you and 90% of what you do about it". No more excuses, be unstoppable and have the best blog outlet that you can create.

In this video, I explained in-depth our 10 ways strategy to boots your blog productivity.


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