Flaubert: Life of a Model

York U Glendon Campus Top Model

Name: Flaubert Tshidimu

Nickname: Flau

Career: Student, Model and Actor

Today, a lot of people know me from the outside by what they see and they make their judgement without knowing the history. Here is my bio.


I was born and raised in Democratic of Republic of Congo in Bunia. I've crossed many hard and difficult situations in childhood during the civil wars in my country. I was 9 years old when I first saw the deaths of many innocent people on the streets of Bunia. Unfortunately, I lost a dear friend who was killed at school during cross ceasefire from the national army and the rebels.

After the war, the country experienced the worst famine in history. It was hard to find food for families who survived the war. There was no school for months in my province; however, some parts of the country was not affected by the civil war. Education was lacking in the area and many people were forced to seek life outside the province in search of a better life.

I've lost too many of my childhood friends during the war. There were few of my friends that lived past the war that could not finish school. As a result, they got married, had kids and continue to live their lives in these conditions. Fortunately, I lived through the aftermath of the war and relocated to find better life and education. I always remind myself to work hard to improve my lifestyle and gain education to build a solid foundation for my family.

With all the past life experiences I have been through, I've aspired to dream big. I want to work for the United Nations, Unicef, and OIM. I want to work for these organizations because I want to help people that have experienced the same hardships as me. Even though I never received help from such organizations during the civil war, I still want to use my education and skills to help those in need. I've dreamt of becoming an International model and an actor as well. I want to become successful in life so I can use my money to help children who are affected by war around the world.

Right now, I'm a student pursuing International Studies and I hope to find any open opportunities in movies, films , magazine photoshoots, stores and any volunteering that is representative in International Development to help kids with Unicef, UN, WHO, etc.

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