Deng Awak - Playing with Purpose through the WHY Projects

Vancouver Dragon's pro athlete Deng Awak who is South Sudanese Canadian playing with purpose to save his NATION via WHY PROJECT.

Stage Name: Deng Awak

Athletic Profession: Basketball Player

Enterprise Name: Founder of wHy Projects




Basketball season play offs might have just ended recently and everyone is off to the World Cup GAME fever. However, here at NEECEE LEXY it is not over yet. Allow us to introduce you the 25 years old Vancover Dragon's basketball player DENG AWAK.

We've been anticipated to interview the Alberta native pro athlete Deng Awak from Sudan to discuss about his non profit platform the "WHY PROJECT".

Like many sport players the game is a serious passion. Fortunately, for this week's feature interviewee (Deng Awak) has redefined his passion for sport by playing with purpose through educating and supporting cause to bring hope to his nation.

As we all know South Sudan is the world's youngest nation still facing many tribal, civics and social conflicts that has been going on for decades. Ambitious individuals like Deng Awak who are determined to refined the image of the nation its very important.

Im honoured to have him here today as our feature guest this week on NEECEE LEXY to discuss his non profit organisation WHY PROJECTS based in Vancouver BC, Canada.

Tell us about yourself, who is Deng Awak?

My name is Deng and I'm a 25th years old currently playing for Vancover Dragon's team. I was born in Khartoum (capital of Sudan) as the middle child with one older sister (Achol) and younger brother (Awak). My parents made the decision to move out of Sudan with hope to pursuit higher education for my siblings and I.

We lived in Egypt for short while just with my mother and siblings as my father stayed back in Sudan. During the time we lived in Cairo, Egypt. I've developed a strong work ethic and determination by observing my mother working non-stop every day to give us a life she knew we deserved. Fortunately, after few years we landed in Alberta Canada where I studied my middle school.

How did you get stated in playing Basketball play?

I grow up in Town called Brooks in Alberta. However, my passion for basketball and education lead me to move to Edmonton and attend The Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) to continue my Accounting degree. It was a great development year, allowing me to really start becoming my own person and understand the hardships my family had to overcome.

Its the very reason Why I LOVE Edmonton.

To complete my degree I choose Mount Royal University (MRU) in Calgary, Ab. During my first year at the University, after walking into "Race and Ethnicity” lecture it gave me new change of heart and value of education. I started being more present with learning theories so I ended up changing from accounting to Sociology degree. It took extra year to complete my undergrad but I feel it was the right decision I've made. During my final year of my collegiate basketball career, I was given the title of Captain. Until today I am honoured to be recognised and given such title.

Who influenced your career as professional Basketball player?

LeBron James. Watching LeBron play against Detroit in game 5 of the 2007 Eastern Conference Championship.. That’s when I knew I wanted to play basketball and become better than LeBron

What inspired the inspiration behind the WHY PROJECT?

WHY PROJECTS is a non-profit based in Vancouver, Canada that advocates for and promotes awareness of the current humanitarian crisis in South Sudan by supporting South Sudanese youth.

Our main objective is to strive to achieve understanding and solidarity between different cultures and communities through our Projects.

There are many reasons behind the current conflict but no solution for sustainability or peace. That's why the mission of WHY PROJECTS is to bring awareness of the current divide that has lead to millions fleeing South Sudan, while inspiring positive action towards sustainability & peace.

How can someone get involved with in supporting WHY PROJECTS if they are interested?

You Help support wHy Projects by checking out some of the great apparel we have for sale! or visit our website at and send us email.

What advice(s) would you give a boy or a girl who wants to become a professional Basketball player?

The best advice I would give to someone is to stay committed no matter what! There’s going to to be a lot of high and lows during the journey.. But they should remember that it is a journey and everything that happens during that journey (high or low) is all part of the process.

Congratulation on the recent projects you’ve launched and the T-shirt collection release. Where can our readers purchase them?

All wHy Apparel can be purchased by via direct message to wHy Projects on Instagram or Facebook, Email: and on our website (under construction)

What other projects are you currently working on with regards to this platform WHY PROJECT?

I’m currently planning to travel to Lithuania for the month of July & August to coach youth basketball camps and promote awareness for wHy Projects and the mission.

What can we expect from WHY PROJECT in the next 2 years?

In the next 2 years, wHy Projects will have a stable connection in South Sudan. wHy Projects will also focus on empowering, educating and supporting South Sudanese as we work to develop South Sudan.

Thank you very much for this amazing interview Deng, Like I've mentioned early, we are humble and honoured to have you here at NEECEE LEXY anytime. We wish you all the best in your projects as well as your upcoming games/ Europe tour. We look forward in re-interviewing you in near future.



Vancouver Dragons in Washington State


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