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Brittany Denise Pope - Transforming lives

It’s about the movement of peace with mind, body and soul in unison with each other. To achieve long sustainable change in every area of our lives. - Brittany

Stage Name: Infamous_Brit

Enterprise: Evolving with Scripture

Home Town: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

CEO & Founder: Warrior Woven Programs Limited

Public Figure



The beautiful Ms Infamous_Brit aka Brittany Pope is a transformational Life Coach from Philadelphia, USA. We are happy to have her with us here today for an exclusive feature on NEECEE LEXY blog; sharing her journey on becoming a Healing Coach and a Motivational speaker. Hold on tight! This is going to be very important interview with lots of learning content to take home.

The following image is credited by Photographer, Markel Serraj, Makeup Artist, Dana Flippen and Stylist, Lucky Fischer

At young age Brittany wanted to become a psychiatrist. She always had an interest of how the mind works. Today, Ms Brittany is a single mother with crude sense of humour, Life Coach, and Entrepreneur with zest for life. Also, a Youtube Vlogger where she shares her inspirational messages with the world by coaching and teaching people the words of God. She is the CEO and Founder of Warrior Woven Programs limited. Ms Brittany Pope is leading by example. We would not wait to learn more about Brittany and the inspiration behind her Coaching platform. We are honoured to have her as an special guest feature this week on NEECEE LEXY blog. I am sure our readers world wide are ready to learn from you.

Please tell us about yourself (short bio of Brittany Denise Pope, journey as Transformation Life Coach and Host of Evolving With Scripture)?

I am a 30 year-old, divorced, single mother from Philly and consider myself to be very honest, blunt and loving with a sometimes crude sense of humor. At the same time, I have an ego and pride of a man which also makes me so cut throat in business. I graduated from Mastery Charter High and received my college degree online (AIU). I am not perfect by any standards but I am a warrior of the LORD. The way I got here wasn’t easy, at one point my whole family was against me. I had to live on couches to survive, racked a few charges, dated a girl for three years, been sexually assaulted and so much more. To sum it up, I’m experienced enough in this world that I started seeing in technicolor along the way but my faith never left me. Frankly, my faith and strong mind makes me a force to be reckoned with but I use my powers for good and for the love of humanity. I was blessed to be a Gemini and all of who I am makes me so multifaceted, most importantly, I am a true representation of God’s will.

You’ve worked as a Life Coach for years. How important is it to have a role model in youth look up too? ( in your point of view)

Honestly, I don’t want anyone to look up to me because I put my pants on one leg at a time and bleed red like everyone else. I want youth to start looking within themselves and becoming their own role models because no one is going to be a bigger cheerleader for you than you.

Who inspired you to become a Transformational Life Coach as a profession? I wasn’t inspired to do this, I was pulled to it. I tried countless times to run from it and ignore it but when God puts a task on your life, it’s best to say, “I understand and I will not let you down LORD.

Photographer, Markel Serraj Makeup Artist, Dana Flippen Stylist, Lucky Fischer

When did you first realize you wanted to be a Life Coach and public speaker who touches many lives in your community today?

I didn’t , I wanted to be a psychiatrist. I’ve always had an interest of how the mind works; figuring out “what propels people to make the decision and act the way they do.” Through experience, I’ve realized there is nothing that propels people to do anything, there is simply good and bad in everything/everyone. The problem is we too often look to others to choose for us instead of trusting ourselves enough to make the right decision and God to protect and lead us. A coach teaches just that, it’s not about merits, flicking a pen to write a prescription or even diagnosing someone. It’s about the movement of peace with mind, body and soul in unison with each other. To achieve long sustainable change in every area of our lives, I first realized that 5 years ago when I understood who I was and what I was meant to do.

Photographer, Markel Serraj Makeup Artist, Dana Flippen Stylist, Lucky Fischer

What is the inspiration behind “ Evolving With Scripture”? Where can we watch your show? The first inspiration behind “ Evolving With Scripture” is to strengthen communication with the most high. We pray, pray and pray… basically we beg and complain, beg and complain but we never shut up long enough to hear the reponse. Meditating in your scripture bridges the communication between us and Him. See, prayer is like a phone call, text, 4 page letter to the one you love most and scripture is a memoir dedicated to us filled with secrets that are said out loud for us to learn and understand, I then pair it with real life application other known as bible knowledge. The second is to get the world comfortable about talking about God, with God and for God again in faith that one day he will replace the negative energy for the betterment of mankind.

Tell us about your coaching style, how is it different from other Life Coaches? I don’t think a impactful coach can just operate with one style. I always use a democratic style, I want one day for them to live without me but I specialize in meditation and mindfulness coaching.

What is your most memorable moment (s) as a Life Coach and why?

My most memorable moment was realizing that even though I want to—I can’t help everyone. I can leave a person all the bread crumbs but if they don’t choose to follow the path there is nothing I can do. I have adopted the mindset “I help those who help themselves” from the experience.Congratulations! On your all your success for changing lives.

Photographer, Markel Serraj Makeup Artist, Dana Flippen Stylist, Lucky Fischer

We are honoured to have shared your journey here with us on Neecee Lexy. For any young girl/ boy who wants to become a Life Coach, what advice do you have for them?

Yes, make sure you're healthy minded before you began to try to help someone else. Remember, you must be good first before you can be good to anyone else.

What can we expect from you in the next 2 years?

In the next 2 years, you can expect to see me everywhere. I am determined to heal the world and the souls in it. I will release my first book in the coming months called “Catch This Drip: A How To Guide To Dismantling And Rebuilding A Powerhouse.” I also will be launching the Grand opening of my organization —Warrior Woven Programs Limited— which is inspired to save lives and heal minds. It’s filled with awesome workshops, empowerment, and most importantly faith. The rest you’ll have to stay tuned… I can’t tell you everything or else I won’t have anymore surprises left!

This is incredible! Thank you very much for sharing your beautiful Journey with us today here at NEECEE LEXY blog. We wish you all the best and looking forward to re-interviewing you in the near future as you grow your POWERHOUSE brand. To our readers make sure to check her youtube videos below and follow her on social media to get more inspiration from Brittany.

WATCH:Evolving With Scripture


Facebook: Brittany Pope

Twitter: Infamous_brit

Youtube Channel: Evolving With Scripture

Instagram: @infamous_brit


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