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Matsi - Ms Photogenic Canada's Top Choice 2018

"I told myself i need back my me time, my glowing days and the only way to do it was to stand up and shine." - Masti

Stage Name: Matsi (BARBIE NONSI)

Profession: RPN at Centennial College

Hometown: Toronto,Ontario




Hello World! It has been a wonderful experience interviewing all these phenomenal entrepreneurs from around the global for our fall issue. Plus, brining an exciting guest features every thursday as they continue to inspire and motivate you all.

I am thrilled to Introduce you to our special guest this week from Toronto Ontario. She is among our top selected 100 SELF MADE ENTREPRENEUR from the globe. Without further due please meet QUEEN Masti aka BARBIE NONSI.

The South African beauty and brain (Masti) is your prestigious Miss Photogenic Canada's Top Choice 2018. As a child, Ms Masti loved to dance and performing in stage. She is currently a Registered Practical Nurse student at Centennial College, a mom of two beautiful children, and professional runway model.

This summer, I was honoured to be a Judging panelist at Canada's Top Choice Grand final show. Where I've witness Ms Masti performance and her crowing moment as Miss Photogenic Canada's Top Choice. In additon, we had the chance to work together for a fashion segment at the Markham Diversity Festival. Furthermore, she is a very talented model with such charismatic personality.

I am honoured to have her here today on NEECEE LEXY to discuss with us her experience in fashion industry and journey as Canada's Top pageant winner. If you are considering in joining the next Canada's Top Choice Pageant be sure to read this article to the very end.

Please Masti, tell us about yourself?

I am a 29 year old lady with two kids. My kids are 5 and 6 years old now. I was born and raised in South Africa, Swaziland came to Canada in 2012. I was raised in a christian family where I learned to respect everything around me. Even though my childhood was mostly surrounded by my aunts, and grand mother. Thus, my motherhood life never turned me down, I still became the women my mom wanted me to be. Growing up my talent was dancing; however, as I grew into my teenage stage I discovered myself more. All I wanted to do was to became a professional runway model.

When did you start getting involved in pageant shows?

During my high school days in South Africa, I had so much fear of being watched. Thus, this experience made me shy to join any school activities. However, during my teenage years my circle of friends had influenced me when they joined cheerleading and kwaito group at school.

Even though, I was still shy but I succeed to achieve the public eyes and we won the competition. Since that 1st competition, I began to stand up for myself. As a result, I ended up registering for the 1st pageant competition which was called Miss KFC. I never won that pageant but the experience that I gained from it was the most amazing thing I have ever had. From that pageant I was able to fit in all high luxury level of fashion shows in South Africa. Unfortunately, after coming to Canada I had to start fresh life with new friends, family, and seek for fashion opportunity. The 2018, Canada's Top Choice Pageant is my Canadian pageant experience.

Who inspired you to enter pageant?

Living in Canada while raising 2 kids by myself was the most stressful thing I have ever experienced in my entire life. Just, the thought of being alone with no parents or friends to help you with anything was a huge challenge to me. One day, I thought to myself “I know I’m a mom with 2 kids but am I too late to do my dream hobby again” I looked at myself, my body and in my mind there was this "No answer". I did not listen to that negative voice. I told myself I need bring back my old self that had glowing days and the only way to do it was to stand up and shine.

What is your go to fashion tips as a beauty pageant?

From my own experience, I strongly believe you should be yourself, never copy other people or celebrities lifestyle. In life you create your own style and own happiness not by copying other peoples life. For example, Beyonce is just Beyonce. You can wear the same hair she wear but get a difference result in your look. Your looks can be designed by you not by trying to look like someone else. When it comes to closet, every time you buy your clothes make sure you fit it. Plus, look at yourself really closely in those mirrors and pick what suits you not what suited Beyonce.

Secondly, face and hair are the most attracting assets in a women body. Make sure you avoid all those chemical products especially when it comes to your face. Ladies please use natural products for your face, they help to decrease your age looks too. Choosing high heels especially for pageant, make sure you buy a normal comfortable high heel shoe. Remember you are not in a high fashion runway where you need stiletto shoes for your height. If it’s your first time high heel shoe, practice on that shoe everyday.

What is (are) your favourite pageant experience(s) and why?

The most and current pageant Canada's Top Choice Pageant (CTCP) is my favourite and important one in my life. Since I was having all that stress pressure on me, delivered 2 babies and all that was in my brains ‘was no hope and low self esteem. Because of the CTCP pageant I got my self esteem back. I gained confidence and strength. Plus, I got to stand up for myself from those people who are around me that were calling me names. Now, I am able to walk with high confidence not be effected by it because CTCP had help shaped my personality to be a strong woman again.

You’ve recently been crowned as Miss Photogenic Canada's Top Choice 2018. Congratulations! THANK YOU What have you gained the most from this entire experience thus far?

I've gained mostly my self-esteem and the experience of being in a fashion industry in Canada. Like I mentioned before I have been through a lot where I lost hope on myself and who I am. Plus, I have been called names many times but that is just the past to me. I've gained more strength to be strong person. One of this days, I had a comment someone telling me I will never be celebrity. I told them it’s not all about fame it’s all about inspiration for my health and motivation to myself. Working with CTCP helped me gain more experience to fashion show industry. We have been working with @atmycity which is Cakes and Cookies, Markham Diversity, Jaki Penalosa and HD fashions. Unfortunately, around the end of August 2018, I was selected to walk at the African Fashion Toronto Week 2018 but couldn’t make it due to personal reasons. I hope to be there in 2019. I recently got an audition to Supermodel Canada where I am hoping to gain extra experience and all kind of tips in runways and beauty industry if I am selected.

For a girl who is interested in entering a pageant, what advice will you give her?

Oh yes! I love this question, there are thousands of ladies out there who lost confidence like me, who gave birth to kids and saw their beauty as a past reflection to themselves. Ladies pageants are not all about beauty, they are your mirror to use to gain the motivation to yourself and your body. As a women sometimes it’s hard for us to stand up for ourselves. We hide the deep abusive situations in our life’s not knowing that being around other women will encourage you to let go of the past and focus on today. If today you get the chance to stand up for yourself use it and move forward.

You’ve recently been crowned as Miss Photogenic Canada's Top Choice 2018, can you tell us about the crowning moment?

Honestly I wasn’t expecting any crown from the show because all I said to myself " Well I got to witness the first Pageant and gain experience to public eyes again. I was happy with the effort I gave myself to be in show than the crown. I looked at the audience and wished my mom was there to see her jumping all over the place. It was the best day of my life to know that I've reached the goal.

Fall of 2019, the Canada’s Top Choice will be hosting their annual pageant show. What advice will you give these upcoming contestants to prepare themselves for winning the crown?

Ladies success is not the crown but gaining experience and reaching the goal is. Never give up on yourself and be yourself during the day. GOOD LUCK TO YA’LL

Who are other talented designers or stylists you hope to collaborate with?

My only dream is to become an Angel. (VICTORIA SECRETS) Amen.

What can we expect from you in the next 2 years or so? I

I strongly want to inspire and motivate women to stand up for themselves in life. I want my voice to be heard. Let them discover themselves no matter what.

I will be a successful mom\model who will be international enjoying each and every moment of the runways. I want to also get a class to have fun with little kids to make sure they gain the knowledge of appreciating who they are at a very young age.

WOW! without a doubt you will be an international voice for women to chase their dreams. When you believe in your purpose and feed it the universe will bring it to you. I am humble and honoured to be interviewing you today. As you speak so much about the importance of confidence, I immediately connected with you on that. As teaching confidence and inspiring others to feel confident is my aspiring in life. I personally look forward in collaborating with you soon.

Plus, I look forward to re-interviewing you in the near future. I wish you all best in Canada's Top model search and see you at the AFWT 2019.

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Great tips, I need to think about what kind of branding I want to convey.

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Hi Neecee, This is Nicole, Such a wonderful sharing! Great Job! All the best! 

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