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Faith Adodo - The charismatic Prestigious Talk Show host

Turning your dreams into reality is like looking for a diamond, of course, we all know how difficult it could be to find a diamond." - Faith Adodo

Stage Name: Faith Adodo

Hometown: Nigerian /canadian

Profession: Talk Show Host / Educator

Enterprise: Prestigious Talk Show




AEAward Nominee

As we are wrapping up our Fall issue, I want to bring you all a very special guest that's very dear to us here on NEECEE LEXY. She is indeed among our list of TOP 100 SELF MADE ENTREPRENEURS from around the world. The lady of the hour is none other than Ms. Faith Adodo, the CEO and Founder of Prestigious Talk Show based in Toronto, Canada.

She is currently completing her Ph.D. studies at York University where is working as T.A. Ms. Faith Adodo also obtained her Undergrad and Master degree from York University.

She is a loving wife, a mother to four beautiful and smart children. To me, Ms. Faith Adodo is simply known as Auntie Faith aka Dr. Adodo. Our path crossed back in 2015, it has been a tremendous experience since.

" Walk with Faith, not by sight." is Faith Adodo's favourite saying. I am humbled and honoured to be releasing this particular article today. As Faith discusses with us the importance of education, the inspiration behind her talk show, and her long journey to becoming the outstanding leader she is today.

Faith Adodo captured by ITV NEWS Benin City

Back in 2015, I collaborated with Kofi to launch the first Afro-Gala Fashion event in the city. I received a call from Kofi while I was just stepping out of my health science lecture. He told me a talk show host was interested to cover my story. I was like me, really me. Later that week, I got a personal phone call from Faith. I expected to just be a Hello when you free to come to the studio for live tapping. Fortunately, we spent nearly 2 hours exchanging information, future goals, studies. Her motivation and encouragement on and off camera were very genuine. I am blessed to have her as a mentor and someone I can personally call auntie. Please, help me welcome the gorgeous lady of the hour who is soon to be Doctor, my dearest Auntie FAITH ADODO.

Please tell us about yourself?

My names Faith Osariemen Adodo, I am a wife and a mother of four lovely children and also an educator. I am currently a second year Ph.D. candidate in Gender Feminist and Women’s Studies at York University. I am a big advocate of education. I believe in empowering and supporting people by giving them the right tools that will help them in achieving their goals and purpose in life. I believe in inclusion, equality, and empowerment of different marginalized groups in our society. My strong passion is focused on women and youth from Africa community. I use my Show as a platform to help and support different immigrant’s women from other countries including those from the Nigerian community to achieve their educational goals.

Faith Master Degree Grad Day at York University

What is the inspiration behind your brand “The Prestigious Talk Show”?

The name has already said it all, “prestigious” as you know is something that is placed in high esteemed, something that is respected and admired. The inspiration behind this name depicts the respect I have for chasing my dreams, my passion and my calling, my philosophy in life is that , when you have a dream or passion for something, you have to cherish what you are called to do ,you have to treasure it and likewise nurture it to grow, you treat that dream like a diamond because diamonds are rare to come by ,, you should know that no matter how difficult it is for your dream to come to reality or manifestation, you have to keep working on it without relenting.

I choose to use the term diamond to illustrate my dreams because diamonds are not easy to come by, so also are dreams, however, we all have dreamt of something we love to do or passionate about of course yes, not everybody can turn their dreams or passions into reality. Turning your dreams into reality is like looking for a diamond of course we all know how difficult it could be to find a diamond , it is not easy to find,so also is your dream it is not easy to turn it into a reality, it takes a lot of courage, patience, support, love, and consistency to turn your dreams into reality. That is my interpretation of what that name represents and that is the reason we are branded as prestigious talk show because the journey has not been easy, however, we are not there yet hopefully by the special grace of God this dream will impact the world positively to the glory of God.

You are indeed a phenomenal woman both as a Talk Show host/Motivational Speaker and Educator at York University. Can you tell us how has your role as Host or Educator impacted your community?

I have been able to Impact the lives of many positively through my show; through my pedagogical background and also a lot of people have also shared how pivotal the show is and some have shared series of testimony on how our show has helped them in their life path. I will especially place emphasis the area of education, a lot of women, youth and few men can attest to the fact that, I did not just encourage them to go to school I have also helped a lot of them one on one to ensure that they secure admission in other for their lives to be transformed for the best.

For a young girl/ boy who wants to follow your footsteps what advice(s) do you have for them?.

For a young girl/ boy who wants to follow your footsteps what advice(s) do you have for them?.

My advice for them is that first, they should follow their heart, chase their dreams no matter the hurdles, be consistent, be focussed, be goal oriented and always set realistic goals.

Where can we find updates on your Live Prestigious Talk Show episodes?

First of all, I will like to thank God for the strength. I Multitask a lot, plus I set daily goals for myself and I ensure that my goals for the day are met.

Are You’re a strong believer of hard work pays off and education is key to success. What is (are) your core tip (S) that you can give young entrepreneurs to manifest their dreams?

Yes, of course, I will say hard work definitely pays off and education also paves way the for people like me especially those closed doors that not accessible with the help of education those doors are now open. I can attest to that, those closed doors are now accessible with the help of education. For those young entrepreneurs some of the main tips I will leave with you today is that you should not give up on your dreams, be consistent no matter the circumstances and also remember there is a light after the tunnel.

You are also 2017 African Entertainment Award nominated as Actress. First of all congratulations! Please tell us about your role in that movie and where can we view it?

Actually, that was the first time I was cast in a movie and I was amazed to be nominated as one of the best actresses in the movie The authoritarian. I Stared as Sonia’s mom in that movie and I played the role of a single mother with two girls, however, one of my daughters by the name Sonia was a stubborn child.

As a serial entrepreneur, what are some of your most memorable experience (s) you had working both as Talk Show Host, actor or Educator?

The most memorable experience I had working both as Talk Show Host, actor or Educator meeting different people from all works of lives, sharing our views on different social issues and most of all using these platforms to impact lives positively in our community and in the society at large.

As strong public figure in the african community in Canada, what are some areas with respect to leaders and empowerment do you think has less attention which requires more ?

We need to encourage new immigrants,those that have interest in education and of course those that are interested in entrepreneurship, we have to be supportive, promote and as well appreciate them in our community.

Faith Adodo at was selected as speaker among the Top 100 Women for Canada International Black Women 2017

What can we expect from you in the next 2 years or so?

By the special grace of God something bigger and better because I believe we are evolving to be the best we can and we would ensure that we keep the train rolling.

Who are other talented entrepreneurs, educators or public figures you would hope to collaborate with?

My hope is to meet Oprah, I admire her a lot, I am her biggest fan. My dream is to be on set with her one day on her stage, and talk I would talk about my show and how it all begins. Another public figure whom I admire is Chimamanda Adichie, I love her book the dangers of a single story. I would like to see her on my show one day. I am aware that these are just dreams/wishes and I am very optimistic that they would one day become a reality.

Thank you very much Neecee for using your platform to showcase my show. Thank you very much for this wonderful interview Faith Adodo. Keep on encouraging and empowering our community with your leadership and incredible testimony. You are our Canadian Oprah yet best known as the ONLY FAITH ADODO.

Wishing you all the best with studies and can not wait for your graduation day to see you way away as DR. FAITH ADODO.





Prestigious Talk Show



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Great tips, I need to think about what kind of branding I want to convey.

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Hi Neecee, This is Nicole, Such a wonderful sharing! Great Job! All the best! 

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