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Arjun Singh Arora - From Merchant Navy to Fashions Weeks Runway

"My goal is to keep working hard & next accomplishment would be a billboard or hoarding in one of the shopping malls in north America." - Arjun Singh

Stage Name: Arjun Singh Arora

Agency: Unsigned

Home Town: Brampton ON




This week feature we have our dearest model Arjun Singh from Brampton Ontario. You have seen in runways for big event such as African Fashion Week, Mississauga Fashion week, Hamilton Fashion Week, Asian Fashion week and many more. Arjun original from North India, served in merchant Navy for 3 years before coming to Canada. His dream is to one day model for big brand names such as Zara, Banana Republic or Hugo Boss in the near future. He recently did editorial shoots which will be released in fashion model in 2019.

We are honoured to have him with us here on NEECEE LEXY blog to share with us his journey within the fashion industry and more. Please welcome Arjun!

Tell us about yourself

My name is Arjun & I am from North India. I came to Canada 4 yrs ago. I served in merchant navy as a 3rd officer for 3 yrs, most of the time was in sea after completing my studies.

When did you start model?

I started modelling when I came to Canada in Jan 2015, did one volunteer show, met new people & faces & designers who helped me in all the shows or shoots I did after that

Who inspired your modeling career?

I got inspired as I was very fond of taking my pics all the time & putting them on social media so this addiction just became a dream. When I got the visa for Canada, I thought I will give a try in north America with more professional & skillful people connected with the fashion industry.

African Fashion Week Toronto 2016

What is the inspiration behind your latest editorial?

My designer lexynelle reveur encouraged me a lot in believing in myself & reaching my goals. I did a couple of shoots & shows for them.

How you would describe the modeling industry back home compare to Canadian modeling industry?

Canadian modelling industry is much better than my way back home as I believe the designers over here are more knowledgeable, more opportunities, legit agencies.

Is there any area within the fashion industry that you think get little media attention than it should have?

I think everyone is a part & work as a team whether its make up artists or models or background staff or designers or coordinators. We all work as a group & everyone is equally important.

What is your go to fashion tips?

Fashion tips- Just eat clean & healthy, sleep on time, workout & try not to take stress.

What is your favourite (s) runway experience(s) and why?

Favourite runway experience was Hamilton fashion & Mississauga fashion week. I was a showstopper for different desginers. It was good experience

What can we expect from you in the next 2 years or so?

My goal is to keep working hard & next accomplishment would be a billboard or hoarding in one of the shopping malls in north America or to be a part of any magazine

Who are other talented designers or stylist or fashion influencer you would hope to collaborate with?

Other people I would love to work with is Elite model management or anyone who can help me in becoming brand ambassador of a company like Zara, Banana Republic or Hugo Boss.

Thank you Arjun for join us today for this exclusive interview. We can wait for the release of the editorial photoshoot . TOP Secret :D We will see you again here once the project is due. :D



Facebook: Arjun Singh Arora

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Sher Shares Blog

Great tips, I need to think about what kind of branding I want to convey.

nilcole cooking

Nicole's Cooking

Hi Neecee, This is Nicole, Such a wonderful sharing! Great Job! All the best! 

faith adodo

Faith Adodo

Thanks for this wonderful Interview. I love the questions and enthusiasm. 

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