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5 Coolest Features Coming to iPhone iOS 15

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Apple is at it again with updated features and better functionality to take iPhone's ability to the next level. We are talking about augmented reality navigation, iMessage share links and much more. Let's get into details of the new 5 coolest features coming to the iPhone iOS 15 update.

5 COOLEST Features coming to iPhone iOS 15
5 Coolest Features Coming to iPhone iOS 15

During WWDC (Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference) on their 2 hours keynote speaker presentation, newest updates to the iOS 15 were discussed. Here is what you can expect in the market soon from OS 15 for iPhone and iPadOS 15 for iPad. It's currently available to developers as of June 6, 2021 but the pubic will have access to this feature in early July.


Wallet App - The iOS 15 is going to expend on the Apple Wallet App functionality by enhancing payment security. You can also add cards, such as your house car, or hotel keys - you do not have worry about losing your keys again. This contactless key card feature will be a game changer.


With the new iOS update, you can fully scan your driver’s license or any government ID, fully secure on your phone for when you need. For example, you can easily check out at the airport security check point by scanning your card from your phone.


In the new iOS, Apple has updated its weather app to bring a more realistic feel to it. Now the app has a full screen with high resolution weather predictions, data with animations, and new designs with weather graphics.

Privacy to your Map:

The third coolest feature was introduced during the conference: Apple Map with interactive global update. Apple is taking the city map to a whole new level by introducing incredibly new details, buildings, commercial distance, and landmarks. Best of all, you have options for night time mode. Lastly, they have added new road details for driving, with bus and taxi lanes and crossroads to help drivers with better navigation details. Thus, for any upcoming traffic conditions, drivers would be able to make educated guesses and better plan their. For those who travel by public transit, you can now keep track of it on your Apple watch. That's not all! If you get lost, you can scan buildings or surroundings to help you navigate because of its 3D experience and augmented reality navigation. Thanks Apple, I needed that in 2016!

iMessages Update:

The other major change coming as a result of iOS 15 to your iPhone is iMessage sharing capability. There are features that turn message photos into galleries and share links to your Facetime, similar to Google Meets or Zoom chat with friends or family. Stay tuned for more details.


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