7 Instagram Hacks, Tips & Tricks will have your posting look like a pro.

Updated: May 2

Here are my SEVEN personal Instagram Hacks, Tips & Tricks that you probably didn't know!

From simple filters after effects, bio snippet, to more complex Instagram shoppable feed set-up. If you are looking to upgrade your Instagram overall Instagram experience while growing the account then this blog post is the right fit for you. If any of these hacks and tricks help you feel free to leave us a comment below. Your feedback is highly welcome.

Try out these Instagram hacks and tips to boost your bio, manage your presence, and add flair to your profile and Stories while saving time. Let's get started, BOSS!

1. Filters after effect

The first tip is pretty obvious some of you probably already using. You can add this fitter to existing images or videos you have on your phone. You have a wide variety of selections to pick from to help glamourous your video/images on the Instagram story.

DID YOU KNOW: You can also use cool facial filters to add some fun funky glasses.

2. Creators Studio:

Facebook currently owns Instagram. As a result, the same creators' studio for the Facebook page you can use to set up your Instagram pages, schedule posts, or draft them. Hootsuite is considered a thing of the past because facebook creator studio allows you to have similar functionality all under one room.

3. Drive traffic from Instagram for free.

You need to add your website link to your Instagram bio section to guide people to visit your website. Mostly, importantly you want to have several link landing pages attached within the link embedded in your Instagram profile. As I've mentioned in my previous blog post connecting Linktree with Instagram to drive traffic to your blog page or website landing pages. You can watch the video tutorial or read the article on LinkTree.

4. Switching personal account to the creator

This is by far the most change gamer options to have as Instagram hacks. Updating your personal account to the creator.

Step1: Login into your Instagram account.

Step 2: Go settings

Step 3: Click on "account"

Step 4: Click on Switch to Professional Account". For bloggers and creative artist, you want to simply select the creator option by hitting "next".

Step 5: Select a category that best describes you. For example, websites & blogs, bloggers, artists, etc.


5. Elevator Pitch Bio

Instagram now can be used as a business card. Trust me, I work in the creative entertainment industry. People are more interested in what is your Instagram name then your business #Digitalera

So let's make that IG bio work as your elevator pitch to promote your brand identity online. Plus, you want to let new followers know exactly who, what you do within seconds as the glimpse into your IG profile. Add aviator emojis to describe your career sections and awards. Lastly, make sure to insert line breaks in your bio text sections to make it look clean & free.

Now you are ready to have some epic Instagram experience.

6. SEO for the Gram

That's right, this last hack is going to help you set up your account to appear in Organic search results on the explore page. I am talking about the “Name” field sections in your IG bio. Instagram of Sally Green switch to Digital Marketer Guru or instead of Nick Jones change it to Pop Recording artist. The purpose of this is to use relevant keywords based on your industry-specific to help your account get noticed by other people searching for similar people on the explore page.

For those who are not familiar with SEO. You can read my blog post on why is SEO necessary for your blog and website. Plus, the 3 Smart SEO Strategies That Drive Qualified Leads To Your Website


7. Turn Your Instagram Feed into a Shoppable site links

For those who own e-commerce or blog want to optimize your Instagram feed with clickable links to direct your follower to your shopping or blog. In another word, you can select a product catalog to connect to your business profile. Guess what? You can now do this just by implementing a few easy steps on your Instagram settings.

DIY: Here are is the step by step on how to set up your Shoppable Instagram feed: Instagram stores

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