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Dr.Thabo - Living The Dream And Inspiring Nation

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

This is a Phenomenal story of a young girl keeping a promise to her mother and making her dream a reality by beating all odds.

Stage Name: Dr. Nothabo Ncube

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario

Profession: MD, Speaker, and Life Coach

  • TEDxTalk Speaker

  • She Leads Africa Feature

I am a big fan of TEDxTalk for entrepreneurs and the medical research podcast. I came across Dr. Nothabo's speech at TEDxTalk while giving her life testimony and tribulations on how she had overcome them. It was beyond this world. Nothabo Ncube “Dr. Thabo” is an MD, Consciousness Coach, and a Transformational Speaker. After Overcoming her personal and professional obstacles, her powerful story encourages this generation to face their challenges and conquer them.

Her story led her to meet the media mogul Oprah Winfrey, who recently shared her life journey on the TEDx platform. Through a whirlwind of inspirational lectures, roundtable discussions, and media appearances, she positively influences, challenges, and reconnects the millennials with their passions. She uses her personal story to empower women and young girls. Listening to her, it's like that moment in American Got Talent when the artist hit high node. You get goosebumps and Chill; you can feel her deliberation was full of passion driven by a courageous sense of being.

Thus, Dr Nothabo is genuinely an ambitious person and inspires many, including myself. After listening to her TEDxTalk podcast, I started having a high school senior year flashback. I recall our English teacher asked the classroom how many people would pursue a Ph.D. in high education. I raised my hand proudly " yes, I'm going for Sports Medicine." However, a year later, fear of med school became a reality with all the odds against that dream. When I tell you, Dr. Nothabo TEDxTalk inspired me to go forward and believe anything is possible if you stay persistent.

I could not wait any longer to have her on NEECEE LEXY weekly feature. Plus, for our readers to be inspired and motivated by her. Dr. Nothabo is an exceptional and phenomenal woman. I am excited to say the wait is over. It is an honour and privilege to have her as our special guest added feature for our Summer Kick-Off Series.


Tell us about yourself as Dr. Thabo, the MD, Life Coach, and speaker.

I envision a world where all millennials are allowed to become the best versions of themselves, not only to dream bigger dreams but to create and shape the world they have always desired. Having lost my mother at the tender age of 14, I promised her to be a doctor in Zimbabwe on my mother's deathbed. Destiny led me to Canada, where I lived at Regent Park Community Housing in Toronto, subjected to social ills that could have deterred me from my path. Despite these circumstances, I rose from the ashes. My journey led me to the fulfillment of the promise has been one filled with loss, pain, failures, mistakes, resilience, courage, faith, hope, grace, and overcoming adversity. I am now on a mission to empower, educate, encourage, inspire, uplift, and motivate this generation to use pain as a pedestal toward the pinnacle of purpose.

You’ve worked as a Life Coach for years. How important is it to have a role model in youth look up too? ( in your point of view)

I wouldn’t be the woman I am today if I didn’t have role models to look up to. I believe now that seeing someone doing what you aspire to do reminds you that it’s possible. It’s also essential that you invest in yourself and get a life coach, someone to help you navigate your path and someone who will hold you accountable to live out your goals.



Tell us about your coaching style; how is it different from other Life Coaches?

I have a holistic approach to coaching. I intend to ensure that my clients have a balanced mind, body, and spirit. I use my personal life experiences to empower and inspire women to turn their struggle into strength and pain into purpose.

Who inspired you to choose Medical Doctor as a profession?

Ever since I was young, I wanted to be a doctor - I was driven by the burning desire to serve, to help people. Having parents who were both teachers influenced me to take this path. My uncle, the late Dr. Xavier Ncube, was a doctor in Zimbabwe. He made me believe in myself and always reminded me that it was possible.

When did you first realize you wanted to be a Life Coach and public speaker who touch many lives in our community today?

COACHING: This has always been there. I have always been the one to encourage, inspire, empower, and make people see things differently behind the scenes (on the phone). I got to the point where people would ask me to coach them before I started coaching. I took this as a BIG sign that I should start. So I did. I haven’t looked back since. As much as I am transforming people’s lives, they, too, are changing mine and helping me grow into a more profound truth about who I am.

SPEAKING: I have been a chatterbox since I was a child. I am just now a professional at it. LOL. In 2011, due to my lack of money to go to school, I found myself on the Oprah Winfrey website, looking for money to go to school. There was nothing scholarship/bursary related. The first thing that popped up was to tell us your story: You Become What You Believe. I quickly typed in at 14 years old; I promised my mother to be a doctor. Now I am starting medical school. (I didn’t have the video of my story yet at the time). They called me three times; my cousin kept hanging upon them, thinking it was a prank call. As grace would have it, they called again for the 4th time. I went through 2 series of interviews with them and made it. On the 12th of October, 2011, I was a part of the Oprah Winfrey Lifeclass taping on You Become What You Believe. This was the day I experienced a shift in how I saw through my journey - Oprah Winfrey is the vessel God used to shine a light in my path - she ignited the speaker in me and for that am eternally grateful.

Congratulation! On your all your success and the feature for TedxTalk. We are honoured to have shared your journey here with us on Neecee Lexy. We know the pathway to success in Education as MD was a challenging road. For you young girl/ boy who wants to become Doctor. What advice do you have for them?

For them to follow their heart. To believe in themselves and in the beauty of their dreams. To trust their intuition always, as it's leading them right where they are supposed to be. To work hard and smart. Above all things, for them to realize that they are possible.

What is your most memorable moment (s) as MD or Life Coach and why?

As a medical student, I remember meeting this patient who expressed that she felt so much better being around me. I was reminded that healing is more than the medicine prescribed to patients; it’s also about mental well-being.

As a life coach, it was my experience with my second client. She is 54 years old. I was scared to death thinking she was my mother’s age-I honestly, didn’t know if I was good enough to coach her. This woman has seven kids and has lived through life, so my big question was, what can I offer her that she doesn’t know? Surprisingly she responded to me so well, and I can confidently say my coaching sessions with her have transformed her life, and she changed mine by validating my purpose.

What can we expect from you in the next two years?

My brand will be international. I will speak and coach women worldwide and have an online platform (TV Show) where we can share our stories. Stories remind us that we are more alike than we are different. Stories of overcoming adversity. Stories that inspire hope and courage.

Thank you so much for this beautiful interview featuring Dr. Nothabo. I'm humbled and honored to have you share your story with us. I am sure our readers left feeling as motivated and inspired as myself. We hope to re-interview you soon and wish you all the best. May God continue to bless you in your missions.


Dr Thabo on TEDxTalk

dr. Thabo on Fearless Women


Contact Info

Facebook: Nothabo Ncube Twitter: @Drthabo_ Facebook Page: Dr.Thabo

Youtube Channel: Nothabo Ncube

Instagram: @drthabo


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