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How to Start a Blog: Step by step for beginners

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

I get asked very often, how do I start blog/vlog Lexy? Instead of constantly sending out short phrasing answers. I've finally decided to write a full spread post to provide you guys detailed out information. This a 12 step by step beginner-friendly guidelines I implemented in order to create my own very blog. I hope this will be beneficial pieces of information to help you start your own blogging journey.

I have been a full-time blogger for 3 years. Therefore, these helpful tips are based on personal experience on how I've built and grew my own blog over the years. So, pull out your notebook, pen, pencils, and coffee to take some valuable notes.

I am going to break this information down to 10 steps to make more beginner-friendly information. If you already have a blog and want to grow it then check out my "I have a blog now what? please help me post.


First things first, You got to start by asking yourself the obvious big question.

Why do you want to start blogging?

What is the blog doing to be about?

For me personally, it was simple. I love sharing information, entrepreneurship, and learn from inspirational business stories. I must say after I launched my blog, I become completely obsessed with content creations and digital marketing. Plus, I started blogging in early 2010 but was not consistent with being on camera. I love editing videos and creating content on social media. I get asked regularly basic if I can teach them or tutorials on how to do my content creation. I decided to write the process on how I create those content in my youtube page

Few years, before I started my blog journey I came across beauty bloggers, financial bloggers, and gamers. Like most of you, I could not really figure out the blogosphere.

My why os to share knowledge and what is on creative and digital marketing. Now write down the answers to those questions before we move on to step 2.


Now that you have an idea of what your blog should be about. Now we are onto the cool stuff! Figuring out what area of interest you want to solely focus on. Secondly, you want to pick a unique name from an established blogger out there. For example, Jessica Pop-Cultural, or Khalid's Men-style, Boss Lady Travel, or Sandra Digital Nomad, You want to select something that reflects your content and brand name. Therefore, when someone is searching for your name it can easily be identified on search networks. The naming has to align with your interest or passion; that way it makes it easier when creating your blog concepts.

"Richy Rich" was the name I gave my blog when I launched in 2015. However, I quickly realized basing my blog under that name would only serve for fashion-related content. Although, I had the website ready with all my modelling picture I never got to promote it publicly. In 2017, after hardcore research, I've decided to use my stage name NEECEE LEXY instead. Since I am already known within the fashion and entertainment industry as Neecee Lexy. It was an easy pick and I love it. It requires less promotion and brand development in my part because people know the name within my industry circle.

You can also read our blog on: HOW TO START A SIDE HUSTLE BUSINESS WITH $0

3. PICK THY NAME: Brand it Boss

So when picking your name make sure it something familiar in which people can identify immediately. On the bright side, the possibilities are endless, so start playing around with ideas and make sure the name doesn't already exist. Draft down multiple names options and say it out loud which sounds best in your ear pick that one. People are going to start calling you with your blog name so be sure its name you love most.

DID YOU KNOW! In February 2017, my best friend and I were considering starting Blog together under the name BBH. Unfortunately, due to time conflict and life circumstances, we decided not to go ahead with that blog. In Sept 2017, I decided to go ahead and launched NEECEE LEXY instead.

4.PICK A PLATFORM" This is option is completely subjective. You can start with Wordpress, Godaddy, Blogger, Webbly, or square space. For a beginner-friendly blogger, I highly recommend it has easier navigation and pick & drop menu.

For the most part, they are straightforward to use tools that you can get hang off after a small amount of practice even with no web developer experience. For starter pick a budget-friendly plan to taste the water.


Now that you have an identity the niche market you want to blog about, the name and platform you are going to use for your blog. Its now time to start thinking of the brand image, colour, and feel.

TIPS: Text font, colour of your brand speaks volume on how people recognize and differentiate you from your competitors


In this step, we are going to start by laying the bricks and mortar of your blog foundation. How every blog post is going to look like? what sort of information you willing to share for a single blog post. Most importantly, how much time are you willing to spend drafting each blog post. This is going to be the longest process. Truth be told, producing new blog posts can be dreadful special at the beginning of your journey as a blogger when you are not sure what to write. That's Why I recommend the next step to help you with this one.


We all have our zone space where creativity just follows like water. This zone space can be the park, beach, the living room, or desk in your bedroom. Whichever space makes you feel you're very best and not distracted by the outside world problem. For me, that space is my bed, I feel more at ease writing while sitting in my bed. I believe I took that make money while sleep to a whole new level :D. Sincerely, blogging like a boss from the confront of my own bedroom slaying down. That's why I am sharing this information to make feel better about starting a blog without stressing yourself out my friend.




Let's Do This! You've come a long way, it's time to show off your amazing skills and knowledge with the world. Release a few of the content that wrote by sharing with friends and family on Facebook. Plus, introduce yourself to potential readers your take on specific top you covered based on the industry your pick earlier.

For me, I like to do a photo-heavy post with a few little texts unless I'm trying to explain in detail information that is valuable. My general rule of thumbs is 5 pictures in a single post with 5 minutes read the time. Break tops, provide bolded headlines and space to make it easier on the eyes. This helps keep your readers engaging without having to feel like they are reading court manual script on cold cases.


Do not be Casper the friendly ghost blogger. People won't take your seriously if you can post one article and go on hideous for 6 months and come with " hello guys, I'm back". It's important to have consistent and regularly posting content on your blog. This method also helps with building your audience and they know when to expect a new article from you. It can be weekly, once or twice each month. The goal here is to have a consistent schedule and set up expectations for your readers.

In the began, I basically was releasing new interview articles every Thursday. I was a full-time student, managing studio full time, and doing weekly blogging. I did that for a whole year and a half, then I decided to also start including Sunday blog post that focuses on Digital marketing. My audience knows what to expect for me every Thursday and Sunday. You've got to start thinking of long term investment by putting in the time and effort to help your blog grow.


Start to network with other bloggers online in Facebook groups or forms. Reach out to people ask them for help on how to do things, Watch youtube video to plush your skills.

11. JOIN THE SOCIAL NETWORK This is common sense, if you are a blogger want to grow your platform having an extension on social media is a must. I personally do not know any blogger without Instagram or Facebook account. Before you go all-out crazy joining every single social network out there. I want you to pause for a minute. Ask yourself is my audience on these social networks. If the answer is yes, then, by all means, join that network and let your presence be heard, Boss. Plus, Social Network (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinster, Snapchat) enables you to contact brands directly. When you published a review post about their products or services tag them on it. A quick way for them and their followers to notice you too.

TIPS: Down the apps on your phone and connect to your website. That way is easy to manage on the go.

Bouns Advice, try to be responsive to social networks as much as possible. For Instance, If someone asks where you got your lipstick from on Instagram response back. Lastly, read the comments sections this where you will get good insights into what your readers love, dislike, or want you to clarify more on the subject matter. It helps you build brand loyalty with your followers.

12. TAKE LEAP OF FAITH Trust your gut feeling and start today. Blogging maybe just a simple idea but it can also open many doors for you in the future. Once you've been blogging for a little while, you might start considering other entrepreneurship ventures along with. For me, after a few months of blogging, I decided to go back to school for an Advance marketing program. It was the best decision I've ever made. Thanks to my blogging it helped me figure out what I want to do in life.

Do not forget to have FUN! You will feel overwhelmed at first, or doubtful about your growth and progress. So just relax take this time to fun while developing your writing style, testing new methods out. Lastly, give it a few months to years to see greater results. Remember, blogging is a long term investment your input equals your output. Therefore, create things that you will be super proud of at the end of the day.



Welcome! To blogosphere community, I hope you enjoy your stay. I look forward to hearing your feed if this blog post helped you start your own journey smooth and sound.

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Great tips, I need to think about what kind of branding I want to convey.

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