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How to start a successful Vlog in 2021and beyond

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

7 key elements every vlogger need to start a successful vlog

You might be thinking of starting your own YouTube channel. The idea has hunted you for some time and you are ready to hit the record button. Before you start recording that first clip, I am going to help start your channel correct. Just like going out on the date, you need a friend to help select the best dress, confirm a reservation and show up looking amazing. The first impression is everything; however, occasionally we get to have second chances to recreate that moment. I am going to help with the groundbreaking début on YouTube with these 7 key elements to start a successful vlog in 2021.


That's fantastic, this beginner guidelines have some updated nuggets to still help you thrive.

I had 2 successful YouTube channel that both received a partnership with YouTube. Now I am working on my third one so clearly, I have done this couple of times. Each time it gets better. I am going to help you eliminate some beginner mistakes and dive correctly.

Today, I will be your big sister helping you get there. Let's start, shall we?

Keywords research:

YouTube is like a big search engine. User comes into the platform looking for content to consume so they search the videos they want to watch. Therefore, when you are creating your own video make sure to do some keywords research. Putting your best SEO practice in mind looking at the ranks for each phrase match and competition of the top you want to create a post about. Check out my earlier post on Why SEO is necessary for your blog? and 3 Smart SEO Strategies That Drive Qualified Leads To Your Website.

Once you have discovered the keywords you want to use. Make sure to include in the description, title, and tags.

Content Quality:

Anyone can take a camera and shoot a video for YouTube. However, what separates élite Youtuber from newbies is the quality of the content they produce. You want to position yourself a place in people gravitate towards your channel because you have high-quality content. It could be beauty, fashion, educational, relationship coach, cooking recipes you name it.

When producing your content, think of producing impact and solving problems.

I mean make your content impactful to the user watching it. For instance, I dedicated my blog post to educate people on how to improve their online business marketing and search tips on tech entrepreneurship. I am also looking at the questions small business owner or aspire entrepreneur such as yourself searching online. When they come across my blog, vlog or podcast they will get the answer there.


The other important thing about being a YouTube Content creator is making sure you are delivering content often. This could be a weekly post or twice or three times a week depending on how fast you can edit your video or if you have some helping you.

When you first start, the best advice is to post once a week until you get feel of your scheduling routine and editing skills in check. This helps you keep your account relevant with the algorithm and improve user engagement.

If you are also interested in starting your own blog website read my earlier post on:


I believe this the most essential part of your vlog which branding.

  • What is the name of your vlog going to be?

  • What colour or text are your going to use for your fonts and log?

  • What is the message you're trying to share?

  • Who are the people are you're trying to target.

With proper personal branding strategy and answering the above questions. It will help you start a successful vlog channel with high potential. Moreover, you want to start thinking about your target audience.

Target Audience:

Who are they? what do they like to watch, and what age group are the users.

Find your Niche:

Once you have established your personal brand and how many videos you want to produce weekly. The next step is finding your niche. Which industry sector or focus area you're trying to merge into. Here is a list of options you select from:

  • Lifestyle

  • Makeup and Beauty

  • Fashion

  • Film or Tech Reviews

  • Comedy

  • Family and Relationship


Last, once you have established the basis of your vlog content, audience, niche and frequency in which you will be posting this video. You want to start thinking about the equipment you are doing to use. If you have the money you can buy Canon T6I which the same camera I use to do my videos. It is such a great camera because it has a flip screen which allows you to see your self if you don't have a team to help you record. This is a great camera for an independent vlogger.

If you do not have the funds for a high-quality camera you can start by using your smartphones. I have a video that shows you how to use your smartphone to produce YouTube videos with an iMovie editing app. Make sure to check that out so you can get some tips to start your own vlog and learn some basic editing skills.


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Great tips, I need to think about what kind of branding I want to convey.

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