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List of Most Profitable Blog Niches to start

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

You probably wondering if your current blog has a potential in generating long term profit. On the other hand, some of you might be wondering what’s a profitable blog niche they should consider going into? In this blog post, I am going to provide you with a list most profitable blogging niches that you can create today. I know from personal experience, choosing a blog niche is one of the biggest challenges new bloggers face. To save your time, energy I've decided to provide you with a well thought list of profitable blog niches that you can start today.

Starting a blog can be just a hobby or your ultimate escape from the workforce to an independent business owner. The best way to know if what you are creating a blog that's going to have significant impact on your future is by investing in the right niche. You can also read "How to Start a Blog: Step by step for beginners" to get started today.


The fashion blogging - industry is an ever-growing niche with new merging designers entering the filed annual. Plus, with big shows like Fashion weeks, Music Videos, Entertainment brands constantly evolving to supply the demand for the industry. Fashion Blogger become the "it girls" with huge presence in social media, fashion shows making it one the most high profitable niche within the blogging community. With that being said, fashion blogging is also very competitive niche to thrive in.

Beauty blogging - It is also among one of the most profitable blogging niches followed by fashion. As a Fashion Blogger or Beauty Blogger, your content must be keyword driven. If you want to learn more about keywords get in-depth insight to check out Why SEO is necessary for your blog.

You can also read our blog on: HOW TO START A SIDE HUSTLE BUSINESS WITH $0



Do not just sweat it make money from it too! Yes, you've heard it correct. Fitness is on our top profitable blogging niche list which accounts for all form health and wellness. As a Kinesiologist major graduate, I approved this message.

For instance, if you are personal trainer or kinesiologist who knowledgeable about conducting workout plans, meal preps. Your input is valuable to every person who is seeking information to get in shape or loss weight to sustain healthy lifestyle.


Personal finance blogger are popular subject matter. According to Federal Reserve Bank of NY, there are 44.7 million Americans with student loan debt in 2018. That number is expected to rise drastically each year as the higher education cost continues to spike.

This leaves larger audience of young graduates how are trying to live debt free live. Therefore, as a personal finance expert you will providing them with qualified content to educate them on savings, tax, and debt recovery. 44.7 million of people online seeking for personal finance information on debt recovery. Thats already market niche to tap into as blogger with skills and knowledge on finance management.



You probably came across mompreneur blog/vlog on youtube. Beside majority the influencers, lifestyle vloggers on youtube are often times moms. Moreover, the parenting blog is also considered to be among the profitable niche.

If you are staying at home parent raising you kids or parent who wants to expand her/his work from home. Blogging as a stay at home parent can offer you something refreshing to look forward to other than your daily diaper run, breastfeeding and telling little Johnny to get off the table.

DID YOU KNOW: Parent blogger can earn anywhere from $50 to 6k per month with brand deals.

You can monetize your mommy or daddy blog with affiliate advertising to gain extra dollars towards johnny College funds. Now, who wouldn't want to do that? If I was mom, I would personally consider this as a sweet trade-off deals to avoid Student Loan debt dilemma for my little ones. There are over 4+ million moms blogging out there. The benefits of being in the parenting blog niche are very wide. You can actually help other new people transition into parenthood, provide advice and what's current with baby products.


If you can master the art of providing DIY for beginners with simple instructors. On the other hand, if you have tasteful eyes for decoration and home organization ideas. You can share your insights of home decoration, provide tips and DIY hacks. People are always renovating and updating their home. Home decor is considered a profitable blogging niche with the sustainable target audience.



From the image above you already guested. People are always going to eat to survive. Food is part of our everyday culture. This niche market would not go out of style. However, it's about how you deliver your recipes, ideas and delicious menus to your audience. There are some many ways to make noodles so go figure. Be creative!


If you are a blogger and your current niche belongs to any of the list mentioned above. We want to say congrats you are in right track. Now go read 8 Ways Blogger ACTUALLY make money online to help you get started with generating income with affiliates marketing.


These are additional profitable niche in-which you can consider as a blogger.

  • Gaming

  • Public Speaking

  • Yoga

  • Tech Gadget Reviews

  • Freelance Business

  • Travel



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