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What is Digital Marketing Transformation?

Updated: Dec 18, 2021

Our world is constantly changing to advance our lifestyle, healthcare system, education system, social order, and well being. Technology has been the forefront of a higher standard of living for decades. Digital technology is always moving forward as more and more machine learning data, assistive tech devices , and AI systems are being introduced to automate our technology. In 2020, with the world going into quarantine, we have seen the swift for remote working, online school, and virtual health care.

A year later, we are still tackling COVID with mass vaccination, restrictions, and staying at home. Fortunately, the digital marketing industry has seen incredible growth. Today, I want to discuss Digital Marketing Transformation and how it is going to support your business moving forward.

Change in Digital Transformation
What is Digital Marketing Transformation?

Digital Marketing Transformation (DMT) simply means the adoption of digital technology in order to transform businesses or company services by replacing non-digital with digital form.

In some cases, DMT might require switching from old digital tactics to new machine-based learning strategy focuses on data driven marketing automation. For example, companies need both execution and strategy to implement this marketing formation.

Today's marketing is personalized to make sure the content is reaching the right user at the right moment with high intent. With help of machine-based learning and analytic data we can able to program our marketing strategy to create personalize marketing to reach them proactively. Keeping in mind all their privacy and polices are in place.



what digital Marketing Transformation? by neecee lexy
Digital Marketing Transformation

Digital marketers effectively implement their strategy by understanding customer profiles. Keep business marketing objectives, market research and prioritization of digital medium in mind to reach them within the ecosystem.

Developing Marketing Persona:

Before implementing any strategy, marketers rely on mapping out their brand person. It helps to map ideal clients and investigate their touch points and buyer journey online to create hopeful content for each touch point. Once you have a clear understanding of your brand persona, you will be able to tailor your marketing message, according to how you want to reach the right audience at the right moment. However, DMT with automations and data driven attribution model, we can rely on real time predictions from machine learning algorithms to provide us with answers.

How does it work, you may ask?

Machine Learning (ML) simply helps us find patterns in user activities on a website, across devices, and watch duration. Information generated from this process can be used to personalize messages to users based on their interests, interactions with advertiser's website content, etc. You will spend more time on growing your business in other areas. You can also read more on my previous post on CRM Automation.


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Artificial Intelligence Automation:

In this blog, we focused on the basic scope of how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is supporting the future of digital marketing. In addition, we covered how digital marketers can personalize each consumer’s experience without working harder and spend hours doing it. We rely heavily on big data. Learn More.

AI automation has been an accelerator of DMT by empowering the rapid end-to-end business process automation. It focuses on using data and signals by predicting users' behaviour online via data from search engines and first-party or third-party data. AI are trained by algorithms or particular programming languages to read, collect data to sort them and make sense of it. Read more on Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing: The future of AI.


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