Ag Johnson Music - Voice is an absolute perfection!

April 12, 2018


New single, "BEAUTY WITHIN" soon to be release on all platforms: 

 Apple Music x Spotify x Sound Cloud


Stage Name: Ag Johnson

Record Label: Independent Artist  

Musical Genre: R&B, Alternative R&B, Pop, Gospel

Home Town:  Melbourne, Australia 

Not very often you come across a 18 year old facebook page and hear a beautiful voice.  In quest to discover some real talent, we came across Ag Johnson. We've been following her music for over a year now.



              Ag Johnson is an 18 year old independent artist based in Melbourne. She is currently working on her new single, ‘Beauty Within’ which she will be releasing soon on all platforms. She will also be releasing her first EP sometime in September.


The teen pop sensation  is  a South Sudanese; however, she was born in Egypt and moved to Australia, Brisbane at the age of 4 in 2003. She lived in Brisbane up until the age of 10 in 2009 then I moved to Adelaide from the ages 10-18. She is  currently living in Melbourne to pursue my music career. 

          I had the pleasure to interview the Australian teen vocalist Ag Johnson on her music journey and her upcoming single release " Beauty Within".  I Know it is going to be an amazing master piece like a star on X Factor, British Got Talent or The Voice. 


When did you start singing?

         I can’t specifically recall when I started singing because music has always been a part of my life, whether that’s singing at church, school performances, with my family etc.. However, I began my music journey on YouTube and gained a bit of a following, I then decided to create a Facebook page where I released some covers and received an overwhelming amount of support, I received over 100,000views and 5.3k likes on my, ‘Oceans – Hillsong cover’ and that motivated me to continue my music journey.


Who inspired your music career?

          I have always been inspired by artist like Beyonce, Brandy, Tori Kelly, Leona Lewis, Jasmine Sullivan, JoJo, Neyo, Mariah Carey and the list goes on, however lately I’ve been listening to a lot of alternative R&B and I’ve felt inspired by Frank Ocean, H.E.R, Sabrina Claudio, Daniel Caesar and Khalid.


What is the inspiration behind your latest single release?

         The inspiration behind my upcoming single, ‘Beauty Within’ comes from an inner struggle I use to face about not loving myself because of my skin complexion, hair, body shape etc.. I was really insecure and I talk about that in the song but then I also talk about how I overcame my insecurity and how important it is to truly love yourself and I’m hoping this song inspires many, especially little black girls, I want them to know that God made them beautiful.





What can we expect from you in the next 2 years or so?

           In 2 years I plan on releasing my first Album and going on tour so I can meet all of my fans and share my music throughout the globe.


Who are other talented artists you would hope to collaborate with?

          I would love to collab with Neyo, JoJo, Drake or Kendrick Lamar, I feel like the outcome would be so dope and I’d have so much fun.











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