Michelle Shantel - Smooth and soulful R&B Sound

May 24, 2018



Stage Name:  Michelle Shantel

Music Genre: R&B

Home Town:  Brampton, Ontario



In this week's feature highlight we bring you the 22 year old Singer and Songwriter from Brampton Ontario, Michelle Shantel. We've witnessed her wow the crowd with her performance at the Miss Face Humanity Canada 2016 Grand Finale. Michelle Shantel recently was featured in Toronto's hottest Radio 93.5 FM as Made In Toronto click here to read about it.  


Moreover, Michelle Shantel is a Youtube Vlogger covering her music work and travel segments. You can view her Youtube Vlog videos later in this interview.

First, let us get to the most anticipated part of the interview feature on Brampton's rising R&B star Miss Michelle Shantel! We are happy to have you this week on NEECEE LEXY and can't wait to learn so much about your musical journey. 

Tell us about yourself ( Who is Michelle Shantel?)

I am a 22 years old artist and songwriter from Brampton Ontario. I started singing from very young age. My very first sining GIG was in my current city Brampton, Ontario. I performed at the Brampton Rose Theatre for musical event called " Centre Stage. Recently, I opened up for RNB 

GINUWINE" at THE DANFORTH MUSIC HALL being the only female on the show in major city, 

I am always working and writing new music and passionately perfecting my craft. You can find my music streaming in all PLATFORMS: Sound Cloud, Apple Music, Spotify, Youtube etc. 

When did you start singing?

      I started singing from age 13 but I didn’t take my talent serious till the age of 17. That’s when I recorded my first single “ Baby”


Who inspired your music career?

      My friend’s and family had a big part in me really trying to achieve a music career. I’ve always actually been a entertainer from young I started dancing first..I would always choreograph my own routines with school friends and perform at school events before I even started singing. I’ve always been influenced by artists such as Beyonce and Rihanna. When it comes to performing I always try and channel my inner Queen B and vocally It would be Rihanna.

What is the inspiration behind your latest single release?
“Does She Know” This new smooth R&B joint speaks about two different perspectives between a "MAIN GIRL" AND A "SIDE GIRL or maybe in the case two " "MAIN GIRLS" who both share something very special with a dude who is obviously playing them. But one thing about us females is that our intuition is always on point and we always FIND OUT. ...I BET SHE KNOWS!


Oh! I BET SHE KNOWS TOO. That is one juicy truck I am pretty sure many people can relate to that. So,what is (are) your most memorable moment(s) as an artist?

My most recent memorable moment had to have been opening up for Ginuwine at the Danforth Music Hall. It was such an incredible feeling being on that stage performing for my friends and family. It felt like I was reliving my Centre Stage moment again.


What other projects are your currently working on?

I’m currently working on some summer singles such as “ Lose Control ” and plenty more. I’ll also be working on a EP very soon which is exciting for me because I’ve developed a new sound.

You are fashionable girl! Obviously FASHION and ART plays big role in music entertainment industry. Who are some of your fashion iconic or influential?

I’ve never really been too into fashion until a couple months ago. I’ve always been a very simple chick but if I had to say it would be Teyana Taylor.


What can we expect from you in the next 2 years or so?

An Album. A Tour. And More Great Music! As long as you all keep rocking with me I’ll continue to grow and make these great things happen!


Who are other talented artists you would hope to collaborate with?

Definitely Tory Lanez. That’s my dude, I think we’d make great music together.


 Oh Well Please make that happen :D  We do hope you get Tory Lanez in one of your song #onrepeat kind  of truck. We wish you all the best and continue to produce great music. We hope to see you back again here on NEECEE LEXY for re-interview as you tour the world. 










Twitter: @CreaativeSoul

Youtube Channel: www.youtube.com/ItsMichelleShantel

Instagram: Michelle Shantel


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