Alexandria Tomayko - Nomadic Planning the luxury Eco Conscious Experiences

November 2, 2018

"Experience is key in this field you need to have the experience to be able to create one." - Alexandria Tomayko


Stage Name:  Alexandria Tomayko

Hometown:  Born in Texas,

Resides in San Diego , CA

Profession:  Nomadic Planning - Luxury  Eco Conscious Experiences

Enterprise: Nomadic Planning





Among our top selected list of 100 SELF MADE ENTREPRENEUR from around the global we have Alexandria Tomayko as our special guest this week. Alexandria is the founder and CEO of Nomadic Planning marketing company based in San Diego, California. After traveling around the world, learning different cultures, and  meeting different people growing up.  Mis Alexandria had realized that what crosses all barriers of language, race, and gender is the experience.

She was inspired to create an opportunity and  space where people can connect with the earth and others by experiencing it first hand. Today, that idea has became what is known as the Nomadic Planning - Luxury Eco Conscious experiences company in San Diego, California. Today, she will be discussing with us her travel experience plus the journey as young female CEO creating life time experience for her clients. 


Moreover, we will be providing our readers an exclusive information on Alexandria RETREAT EXPERIENCE WORKSHOP  thats taking place this Monday in San Diego. The Retreat Experience is an event for Health & Wellness coaches, Yoga instructors, event planners to experience a well organized retreat. In addition, they get to learn the backside of Planning , marketing and executing their own money making, life-changing event.  But first,  lets us get to know Alexandria and learn about her journey as an experienced coordinator. 


Welcome Alexandria, please tell us about yourself ?

Always having had a passion for creating a unique experience for those around me I  decided to get a degree BA in Hospitality. From there I  ventured into program coordination, non profits and wedding planning. This is where I found my  true passion, the attention to detail required in every event and each one being so unique and fun. In my spare time I love to garden meditate and travel, which fits in perfectly into the business that I have built. 


What is the inspiration behind the NOMADIC PLANNING ?

After traveling around the world and meeting different cultures and growing up in others, I've realized that what crosses all barriers of language, race, and gender is the Experience. Even though those are intimate and unique to each person there is a collective experience & memory that is shared,  talked about and remembered. Having the opportunity to create a company according to my own beliefs and experiences, I seek for it  to stand by something that is so close to my heart , sustainability and eco consciousness in business and in travel. I have created an opportunity and  space where people can connect with the earth and others by experiencing first hand what is means to travel sustainably with an intent to raise consciousness about the effect we have on our planet.

Where can we find your services and what are steps someone need to take to secure them?

We strive to create memorable experiences through the planning and execution of seamless multi -  day events. If you are looking to create and host Luxury & Sustainable Experiences then we should chat via my webpage @Nomadic or connect with me through Linked. Plus, you can set up a connection call to see if we are a good fit you simply by booking us online click here.


What are some of the business marketing trends you’ve taken note of in your city that influence content strategy?

I host my own events and that helps to build and strengthen my brand.

Content Marketing is one of the most effective ways to not only generate leads but inform the public about who you are and what you are doing. Experiential Marketing is the biggest one and the one I focus on for my company as well as providing it as a service.


What is your go to business planning tips?

Always have a plan! This applies to all aspects not only in my business for the events I host but having a plan and goals for your business as well as life is always key.

These may change and need to pivot but having a clear direction not only gives you something to work for but your team as well. Build a strong team, you can not take on the world alone, find people that compliment you that you trust and you can go much farther.

 When did you first realize you wanted to pursue a career in Event management?

I have been doing it for so many years I forget the aha moment.

My best guess would be when I did it as a Destination Wedding Planner. It was so natural to me, nothing phased me and I loved almost every part of it. I had been planning and doing logistics for group travel and other type of events before this but it didn’t hit me until then, that experience planning is a fun and lucrative career.


Who have been your biggest mentor(s) in Event management business and what is the best advice they have ever given you?

I have had amazing mentors throughout my life! In different areas, I’d probably say the one that impacted me the most in event planning was the owner of a Incentive Program company. These are programs were usually used in high ticket sales companies to motivate and incentivize staff. The biggest seller would get a week paid vacation to a resort in Costa Rica. I was doing my internship and was assigned to the CEO of the company. We would talk for hours and it made me realize that events was something not only profitable but really fun. There is something about being able to predict human behaviour their needs before they are even verbalized, I was able to learn and tune into that has made me a more efficient and better planner.

What advice would you give to someone just starting out in their career and hoping to make it as an experience coordinator?

Experience is key in this field you need to have the experience to be able to create one. You can learn through courses but the best is to shadow , intern or just start. I have learned so many little details & tricks over the 13 years that I never would have known unless they had come up in my years of planning .


What is (are) your most memorable experience (s) as an event coordinator at NOMADIC PLANNING?

Most of my events are planned months sometimes years out we have very exciting ones coming next year so stay tuned!

I have been hosting workshops and which serve my  love for teaching I think everyone should be planning events for their companies no matter what your service or product is.  My most recent workshop I spoke on planning retreats. The response from the participants was way better than I had imagined and they took away so much value and had a great experience, that was the point of the workshop so it makes it one of the most memorable right now.

 What can we expect from you in the next 2 years or so from NOMADIC PLANNING?

Right now Nomadic Planning has large events in the works for 2019 , as well as  building out our Luxury Eco Conscious Incentive programs. That seek to support, inspire and teach people that Luxury and sustainability are not antonyms. Our programs offer different destinations where we research and ensure the company we deal with have sustainable business practices.


Who are other talented entrepreneurs, business owners you would hope to collaborate with?

Anyone with a product or service that wants to include Experiential Marketing into their marketing efforts. This expands the clients lifecycle and promotes brand loyalty. I look to work with people who want to do this on a larger scale through Launch Events (i.e books, podcast, product), Experiential Events.


Thank you so much Alexandria. We are differently looking forward to hear more about your big event in 2019 plus re-interviewing you in the near future. Best of luck on your Retreat this Monday. 


To all of our readers who are interested in learning more on how to conduct a successful retreats or plan workshops. Alexandria and her team is hosting a live COACHING WORKSHOP this Monday in San Diego. 


Please read below for information! 

We are inviting you to join us this Monday NOV 5TH, from 9:00 pm to 12:00pm for the




The Point 1010 Santa Clara Place , San Diego, CA 92109 United States


use promo code: NEECEELEXY ( in all cap locks) to get $100 Off you ticket. 

In this live Retreat Experience Workshop the guests will not only experience what it is like to attend a retreat as well as through active learning workshop and break down everything it takes to host  a retreat experience. Alexandria will be showcasing behind the scenes & provide tools of the event as they happen and explain the why.


If you can not make it this Monday, a digital format of the LIVE RETREAT EXPERIENCE  will be available this Tuesday. 


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