Lual's Mayen the Winner of GLOBAL GAMING CITIZEN GAME AWARDS 2018.

December 7, 2018

Lual's Mayen greatest achievement at the GAME AWARDS 2018.


Name: Lual Mayen 

Occupation: Game Developer 

Enterprise: Founder of Junub Games  

Home Town: Washington DC


Featured on BBC news | VOANews | Al Jazeera

Speaker | Actor | Entrepreneur


Congratulations!  Lual Mayen who was just announced as GLOBAL GAMING CITIZEN at the game awards 2018.

Lual Mayen, a 26 -year-old software engineer, is the CEO & Founder of Junub Games aims to bring peace building efforts in South Sudan. His outstanding game creation tonight is being recognized by the elite game Committees around the world. His main purpose is to inspired, create social civic awareness and provide an efforts for peace building through video gaming. He recently launched his second creation the WAHDA board game. You can find more information on junub games by visiting

TONIGHT, Lual Mayen has received a prestigious award for game development as the GLOBAL GAMING CITIZEN. He is the first South Sudanese, the first African in fact a only game developer in world to acquire  this award title tonight from THE GAME AWARDS.  We are beyond excited to witness this historical momentum in the game industry.


GAME AWARD is the OSCAR of game developers. The game awards is annually ceremony held every December in San Diego to recognizes and upholds creative and technical excellence in video game industry globally.  The program has been broadcasted  live on


Lual Mayen born in South Sudan, third in my family of 2 brothers and 2 sisters. Deng Mayen, Manyok Mayen, Akuol Mayen and Arok Mayen. Parents Mayen and Nyantet are my inspiration specially when growing up in the refugee camp. My mother bought me my first computer and spent over 2 years saving the money she gets from taloriing and that's how I became  Developer, organizer of first GGJ 17 in South Sudan and Founder CEO Junub Games currently doing programming at the World Bank as a sit project in Washington DC.






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