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I'M Neecee Lexy

About Our 

A millennial Digital Marketing expert, Skills Canada Gold medalist, and university graduate with BHSc (Honours) Degree in Kinesiology, Sports nutrition.

I am known as a celebrity Fashion Stylist,  Blogger/Editor of Neecee Lexy, and founder of the Lexynelle Reveur.

As you may have guessed, my main passion has been content creation and digital marketing ever since I discovered the transformative powers of social media marketing.

My mission has been to connect entrepreneurs from around the world.  

neecee lexy in youtube

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Four years ago, I launched my blog with zero readers and small size followers on my Instagram account @neeceelexyofficial. Since then, I've worked with multiple brands, providing Digital marketing service strategy & consultation to many brands across USA & Canada. Plus, I got to work as an Influencer for the Canadian App company PLAY LOG. Now I am fully monetized by Anchor FM, Tube Buddy, Google Ads, etc. 

So, how did I do it?

Well, oh well! I went to back to College after finishing my full degree in science and got certified with Social Media & Advance Digital Marketing certifications. Gained hands-on experience working as Facebook Ads Manager, Working for Google ads REP & Senior Product Trainer. 

I’ve combined my experience as a Digital Marketer strategist, Media consultant. Most importantly, putting everything I've learned working as a small influencer to create my NEECEE LEXY 360 Marketing  KIT launching in 2022. 

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