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How to download youtube video on iPhone

You ever wonder how people able to post their YouTube videos to Instagram, Facebook or Tiktoks! For instance, if you are an actress, actor, artist or content creator who had an interview with a major media outlet or been feature in a YouTube video. You might want to know how you can download part of that interview segment and add to your social media. You've come to the right place. I will be showing how you can download YouTube videos straight your phone's camera roll library in 3 minutes or less.

Bring your iPhone let's start!

Why would need to download youtube video to iPhone:
  • If you are trying to download your YouTube video so that you can add to your social media or Instagram.

  • If you are looking to download videos on iPhone or iPad, then this video will help you to do that.

  • Want to share YouTube video of you loves ones in your social media

This is a beginner-friendly instructional tutorial on how to download YouTube video to your iPhone in under 3 minutes or less. I take a complicated process and modified into simplified steps so that anyone who isn't Tech Savvy can do it. Bring your iPhone and let's get into the tutorial.

Updated IOS IPhones: ( iPhone 6s to latest one)

STEP #1:

Go to Apple store download an App"VideoSaver". Once you've downloaded the APP.

  • Go to YouTube and find the video you would like to download on your iPhone.

  • Play the video.

  • Click on the share and copy the video.

Now make sure to go back "Video Saver" app and it will automatically start to upload the video. When the video finishes downloading. Hold on the screen beside the video and slide to left until you see two icons "transfer &trash can". You to want click on blue transfer icon and the video should automatically be transferred to your camera roll. See the image below for visual details.


If you have the older version of iPhone or old IOS software. The VideoSaver app functionality and UX setup are a little different. It takes slightly longer with more process to download your video. However, I find an easy way to down your video without having any trouble. Follow the steps below for more details.

IOS IPhones: ( Iphone 4 & iphone 6)

STEP #1: Go to Apple store download an App"VideoSaver". Once you've downloaded the APP. STEP #2: Once you have downloaded the "VideoSaver" app open it. You will see the music note icon on the top left side corner click on that. It will pop out a menu bar for download Browser, camera roll, wifi transfer and cancel. you want to click on "Download browser".

STEP #3 You want to click on "YouTube" and type the name of the video want to download or channel name. Play the video and message will pop up asking you to download, tap on it.

  • On top left-hand side corner, you will see arrow icon with it will tell if that video is downloading or not.

  • When the transfer icon arrow changes colour it means your video is processing and ready for download.

  • Under File, you will see the video. Double-tap to play the video. On the bottom right-hand side you will see icons for share click on that save to camera roll.

At this point, your YouTube video file should be saved on the iPhone camera roll, you can use it to upload on Facebook, Instagram, back your own YouTube channel.

This blog post is dedicated to our girl MADE! I hope you all found this mini video download instructional tutorial was very helpful. If you know someone who might find this useful feel free to share with them or leave a comment below. We would love to hear your opinion. You can also acquire a tutorial post for specific Tech or Digital marketing topic.


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