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LIVE Interview with Amanie Illfated | Toronto Artist

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

On this week’s BOSS ON MUSIC Live interview segment

We sat down with South Sudanese Canadian singer and songwriter Amanie Illfated. You all met her in previously during her Album release listening party for Saturn and on the blog for Women International day celebration on

What is BOSS ON MUSIC 🎶 ?

It’s Our weekly live streaming interview focuses mostly on content creator and artist. Our CEO sits down with international and local artists, songwriters, music producers to discuss the shift in the music industry and impact on social media on artist career.

Guest Artist Biography:

Amanie Illfated is a 2 time nominated South Sudanese singer who is based in Toronto and carries the additional titles of producer, model, and activist. Her music consists of thought-provoking lyrics that are mixed with moody synths and fused with rhythmic, Reggae/Afrobeat inspired drums. You can listen to her music on or on Spotify



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Sher Shares Blog

Great tips, I need to think about what kind of branding I want to convey.

nilcole cooking

Nicole's Cooking

Hi Neecee, This is Nicole, Such a wonderful sharing! Great Job! All the best! 

faith adodo

Faith Adodo

Thanks for this wonderful Interview. I love the questions and enthusiasm. 

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