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neecee lexy in toronto

To request advertising rates or media kits, write to NEECEE LEXY Advertising. Email us today!


Submission Guidelines 

I appreciate your interest in submitting work to NEECEE LEXY. Please make sure you are familiar with our content by reading previous issues. We prefer to receive story proposals rather than completed work, so please send a query letter detailing your idea to the address below for the blog & promotion feature. If the editors find the subject suitable, they will contact you. Please enclose clips of your previously published materials, which we cannot return to you. Please allow 4-6 weeks for a response for Features Submissions.


NEECEE LEXY works only with models who are signed with an agency

Sending Fashion and Accessories Samples If you would like the fashion or accessories editors to review your line of jewelry, handbags, or clothing, please send a press kit to the Accessories Department 

No phone calls, please. 

Unrequested samples cannot be returned.

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