Graphic is something that comes to me naturally and I use it to combine into my fashion lifestyle.


She is Skills Canada Gold Medalist and an award-winning entrepreneur. She has been featured in multiple media outlets. 


When it comes to Social Media promotion, graphic and Web design. Neecee Lexy is the Girl to call. The multi-Talented Tech-Savy has all the skills you need to get your project done right. 

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Hello! I’m so thrilled that you discovered Lexy's and I’m very excited to welcome you to my little slice of the internet.

I am a woman that wears many hats!

Let's start with smart hats, university gradate with BHSc (Honours), Sport Nutrition, certification, and Skills Canada Gold Medalist and trained aerial  Suspension Yoga Teacher. In 2019, I completed my post grad studies in Social Media Marketing and Advance Digital Marketing Diploma. 

For my natural skills hat,  I am a celebrity Fashion Stylist. My Blogging, Editing and Film story began back in September 2010.  Addicted to fashion Lifestyle and with an encyclopedic-knowledge of the Latest fashion, I started Lexynelle Reveur as a way to fulfill my free time and instantly fell in love with Graphic & Motion editing.  


My life as a science student has always been mysterious when I tell people I am Kinesiologist who is into Sport & Medicine and health tech. I spent 7.5 Years in the Fashion world from working as Sales Advisor, Retail Cashier, Fashion model, Event promoter, Graphic Designing,  Film Wardrobe stylist, Celebrity stylist and Finally Building my own fashion Empire - LEXYNELLE REVEUR in 2014. 

By then LEXY’NELLE REVEUR had global followership and a visible presence in the Canada, USA fashion scene. So, after taking some time off Traveling to Europe where I took a leap of faith in late-2017 and started blogging full time. The rest, as they say, is history…

In 2018, I enrolled at the College after self-teaching for 7 years into a professional Sewing course in the hope to complete Fashion Diploma, after graduating with an Honours Degree in Kinesiology in 2016. 

TODAY! I am a full-time Business-Tech Blogger, Certified Digital Marketing Strategist, and CMO for the Prestigious Talk Show. 

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