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Nyabuoy Gatbel - A phenomenal woman and the Fire Within her

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

She is a multitalented South Sudanese - Canadian who dare to dream in creating powerful platforms to impact our world in effort to bring equality, humanity, and justice.

Stage Name: Nyabuoy Gatbel

Hometown: Calgary, Alberta

Book Title: The Fire Within

Publication Genre: Poetry

  • Author, Poet

  • Social Entrepreneur

  • Speaker

In this week feature, we bring you a fierce woman (NYABUOY GATBEL) from the city of Calgary, Alberta.

With so many titles under her name, the deep, honest, gripping quality of Nyabuoy writing on her poerty. Plus, being one of the powerful South Sudanese youth speaker discussing matters like it is. We are thrilled to have her as our feature entrepreneur story on this week. In addition, we will be discussing about her recent book launched titled: The Fire Within. If you are an aspiring author you might need continue reading this interview. Thank her later.

Tell us about yourself?

I am an author, model, poet and social and media entrepreneur. I am committed to the wellbeing of the collective through utilizing various platforms to communicate the message of wellness and inner unity. All of this ignited as a result of being born in a refugee camp in western Ethiopia. As a little child, I’ve always wanted to create a world where equality, humanity, justice and truth were the ultimate reality. Because the reality given to me at that time was a reality, I would not accept to be my fate. I knew I could dream a better world.

You’ve worked as an established model for years. How important is it to have a role model in the industry for kids to look up too? ( in your point of view)

Role models are people that have walked through the fire and survived. Their survival in the terrain of the unknown becomes our blueprint later on in life. As young children, we need to see people that look like us survive and thrive against all odds so we too can believe that there’s a future for us out there. Their success gives us permission to pursue our wildest dreams. To be a role model, is to be fierce and committed to your highest sense of self. Where you are committed to your dreams, goals, personal evolution and creating an atmosphere conducive to your wellbeing.



What inspired you to write your recent book? Where can someone purchase it?

The current South Sudanese crisis opened my eyes to the harsh reality that we still don’t respect or value our women and young girls. Whether there is war or no war the South Sudanese female is held back by certain attitudes, beliefs and cultural conditioning. I love being a woman with roots from the Nile. I knew the divinity of my existence and the importance of my voice on planet earth. As a woman and as a healer, I realize my voice matters and I choose to be vocal about things and people that matter to me. The book can be purchased on and

The Fire Within: Poetry in Thok Nath & English

When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

I’ve always loved writing and excelled in that area in all my studies. It was my teachers from elementary til University that saw my gift. They’ve always encouraged me to take it seriously and commit to it. Writing comes easy to me, it is a natural gift. Not only is it fun and easy for me to do, I realize it has powers and I can write into existence the type of world I want. I started writing poems since grade three. I used to have a blog that did well for a while then I deleted it to start a new chapter of my life. Before publishing, I did a lot of articles, short stories and poetry.

Tell us about your writing style, how is it different from other writers?

Raw, unfiltered and challenging social norms. I don’t write to please. I write to communicate the uncommunicable. I am not pandering to the white gaze or to the supposed inferiority of the marginalized people. I don’t have a place on either table. I sit on my own and dictate for myself. Therefore, my writing style serves to echo into existence an experience, ideology, and yet to be manifested realities into existence.

We know you are involved in several projects as a spokesperson, and activist. One of them is empowering women and discussing issues that matter in community.

Can you tells about your recent seminal work in Australia?

I am a founder of a community public health project called, ‘’Paarman Maternity Centre,’’ which is focusing on healing intergenerational trauma and poverty experienced by South Sudanese refugees in east Africa through sustainable entrepreneurship, education and communal healing. We want to help heal our communities by providing and showcasing real world solutions to their current situation. In March 2018, in Melbourne, I had an opportunity to present on,’’ Trauma and Healing,’’ the aim was to communicate the way trauma can alter our sense of self and identity. In this case, when a people are traumatized they are no longer their authentic selves. They have to rebirth themselves through healing and reintroduction to their true selves.

What other projects are you currently working on?

I am currently working on children books. It is important that our young people see positive representation of themselves while they are young. I wish I had short stories or novels as a young person that would have boosted my imagination quicker. I am excited for the young people to recieve them in the fall season.

For you young girl/ boy who wants to become a writer and publish book. What

advice(s) do you have for these starting writers as experienced/ published author?

Just start. Don’t try to be perfect just let it flow and do what you can now. You will become stronger as a writer as time goes by. Being too obsessed over perfection and the thoughts of others is going to kill your creativity. You don’t need the world’s approval, most importantly you need your own love, attention and acceptance. The rest will flow and fall into place as a result

Image by InFocus Modeling Management
What can we expect from you in the next 2 years?

Graduate from the University of Calgary, in my BA and start the construction of the Paarman Maternity Centre in western Ethiopia, Gambella province. Those are my intention. But everything happens in the creator’s timing. No rush. It will be done when it’s suppose to be.

Do you have charitable foundation and how can someone get involved to help out.

To learn more about, ‘’Paarman Maternity Centre,’’ please visit and keep updated on the progress.

Thank you Nyabuoy, I am sure our reader have learn a lot and left feeling inspired to read about your journey as model, author, speaker and social media influencer. We wish to have you back again soon!



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