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Destiny Matuet - The COMPLEXION makeup Guru

I was very attracted to entrepreneurship and the idea of owning something that was mine. It really became clear when I was hired to work in cosmetic retail that I saw the lack of diversity. - Destiny Matuet

Stage Name: Destiny Matuet

Profession: Beauty Advisor

Home-Town: Calgary Alberta

Enterprise: Complexion




This week on NEECEE LEXY, we had the chance of interviewing a 24 year old South Sudanese Beauty Advisor/Vlogger from Alberta. She is the founder and CEO of a cosmetic brand known as Complexion. The Complexion makeup line came to life out of a tragic moment, according to Destiny. No one can say it better than a woman who has also endured life struggles. Today, she is walking miles in her customers’ shoes . Continue reading because you are about to be inspired by Destiny’s journey. She is definitely destined for greatness!

If you want beauty tips from Youtube, you will have come across Destiny Matuet’s video for sure. My girl Destiny taught ME the secret to keeping my eye brows on fleek with henna tattoos. Say what?! Yes, I said henna brow tattoos! I was set for life and kissed thought of getting microblading goodbye. KEEPING IT ORGANIC! I am excited today to interview the beautiful Destiny Matuet aka CEO & Founder of the Complexion Cosmetic Line. She is ONLY 24 years only but this South Sudanese girl means business!

According to Cosmetics Industry Overview, In September 12, 2017 the Canadian beauty industry grew by +9.4 per cent to $1.13 billion YTD. Leading growth drivers included the makeup category at +8.1 per cent to $485 million, skincare at+12 per cent to $409 million, and fragrance at +7.6 per cent to $239 million.

So now you know being Beauty industry it means you can turn passion into a good business. I do hope to see COMPLEXION MAKEUP by Destiny make it as top as Canadian beauty brand of all time. Lets get to know Destiny and the inspiration behind her phenomenal Cosmetic line.

Tell us about yourself ( short background intro about who Destiny is and your beauty enterprise).

My name is Nyeduoth Matuet (Destiny). I'm 24 years old and South Sudanese. I’ve been living in Canada for about 17 years now. We migrated here back in 2000; my first home was Windsor, Ontario. A year later, I moved here to Calgary, Alberta. Being a South Sudanese woman in a new world and culture came with its challenges but I’ve been so grateful for my family and extended family for always being by my side. As a little girl back home, I always dreamt of being more and always knew that I was created to be something or someone. I never knew what it was exactly but I was aware. Now being in the land of opportunity, I have made it my mission to be a strong, independent woman as a blueprint for other South Sudanese girls who may be watching me.

When did you started your Beauty Vlogging?

I started my Youtube channel back in October of 2015. Youtube was honestly just an outlet and a platform for me to get my name out there because I had just started freelancing. I wanted to attract new clients and had free makeup to add to my kit. I never knew all the different opportunities that would come with the journey. Youtube at the time was an outlet due to the very low point in my life. I had no idea what I was doing with my life. I had no purpose or direction and was just unhappy with everything altogether. That is when some friends started telling me to show people how I did certain looks online to branch myself out to different platforms.

Who influenced your career as Beauty advisory & Vlogger?

My girlfriends really pushed me to make the big leap. Initially, I already watched a lot of Youtube videos and was inspired by a lot of women and their channels. I learned most of my makeup tricks from Youtube before starting my own channel. The only challenge was that none of those girls had my skin shade, so I had to really think and adapt my knowledge to the best of my ability. Overall, I was very grateful for videos I watched and these women’s channels.

You have such amazing supportive friends. Congratulations! On releasing your very own makeup collection. What is the inspiration behind your Makeup collection COMPLEXION?

All my life, I was very attracted to entrepreneurship and the idea of owning something that was mine. It really became clear when I was hired to work in cosmetic retail that I saw the lack of diversity. Women of all races and ages would come to our counter to find their colour match or have their makeup done and I would have no issues with them. However, I saw the many women that looked alot like me from time to time, just to be continuously told that the colour swatches didn't work because the undertone or shade was mismatched. I remember one day so clearly, there was a beautiful lady with her husband browsing around for products. She was a recent newcomer to Canada from Sengal I believe. I saw her expression of excitement slowly turn into disappointment when she began to look for foundations and resorted to asking some of the beauty advisors for help. I remember watching her and understanding exactly how she felt because I experienced that.

As I watched them ostracize her needs, I ran to the rescue and told the ladies that I would help her out because one thing I learned was relatability. Her face became a little more hopeful when she saw me so I showed her every possible shade and brand that was dark. We couldn't find anything for her; she thanked me and slowly walked away with her husband. All I could remember was her disappointment and how disturbed I was because makeup was supposed to uplift women and make them feel beautiful. Here I was, turning away and not being able to help women because of the colour of their skin. Complexion came to life out of tragedy in that moment. I told myself, “who better to make this idea come to life than a woman who has also lived the struggle?”. Like I once read “Walk a mile in your customers’ shoes “ - some billionaire on Forbes

For someone who is interested in purchasing Complexion makeup, where can they go?

In October, we did a pre-launch to test the waters. It was great, but there is much more to be done. We are dropping a full collection this time around. Follow us on social media to stay up to date! :)

What’s your must-have fashion accessory or make up product from Complexion? My must-have fashion accessory, I'll have to give you two answers because I can’t choose. A pair of good heels & a nice printed scarf can turn any simple outfit into a glamorous ensemble. You transform from blending in to standing out real quick. For Complexion, easily, one of our nude lip glosses on the go - my favorite is “ Shukran “.

As a beauty expert, do you have any personal advice to give to someone that wants to start a beauty blog? Stop worrying about what other people’s opinions of you are because they’ll never be satisfied. You could cure cancer tomorrow and there would still be a group of people who have a negative opinion about it. Be you, be authentic and take the leap. THE WORLD NEEDS YOU!!!

As an online beauty vlogger, you’ve created your own internet empire brand and launched a successful makeup collection. What is your most memorable experience(s) as a beauty vlogger and why?

You're so sweet! Thank you for the kind words, I am very humbled. For me, it was all the positive growth that reinforced my self-image and motivation for my entrepreneurship journey for sure. I was put into spaces where I felt internally uncomfortable but I emerged to become better every time. Different viewers have told me how much I’ve helped with their confidence to be who they were from me just being myself. Meeting some vloggers and being edified by one of my favorite “Grace on your Dash”, I didn't have a lot of subscribers initially. So I was not sure how she found me but wow, it really humbled my whole soul.

Are you currently working on any major project(s) that we should watch out for this year?

I’ve been working on the re-launch of Complexion and a powerful charity that will be connected to the brand as well. I want to empower women with a platform where they can showcase themselves to be heard.

What can we expect from you in the next 2 years or so?

I am praying and working on retirement. In the meantime, I am working a lot on my biggest investment which is myself and in turn, bringing fruition in every aspect of my business. I plan to drop the full collection of Complexion and create more opportunities for us South Sudanese women and women of colour all around the world.

Who are other talented models or Beauty bloggers you would hope to collaborate with?

I would love to collaborate with all my Sudanese bloggers/models and really create a platform and blueprint for our younger generation. We have to inspire them because they have so much ahead of them and the only way to cultivate inspire is to change the way we think about each other. We are more powerful together than we are on our own. SOUTH SUDAN OYEEEEE!!!!!

Hahaha! Girl you are funny. South Sunday OYEEE INDEED. I really do hope and wish to see your Brand COMPLEXION reach a global market. You have a potential of #SOLDOUT niche for what you are offering. I myself understand what is like not to have makeup that suits your SKIN TONE. Let COMPLEXION BE THE ANSWER TO MY MAKEUP PROBLEM AND MANY GIRLS OUT THERE.

Thank you for being our feature special interviewee this week on NEECEE LEXY. we look forward to see your re-launched for COMPLEXION. Hopeful we do re-interview once your collection is out. I am sure our readers would love to read more from you.




Facebook: Complexionn Twitter: Callherdestinyy Facebook Page: N/A

Youtube Channel: Destiny Matuet

Instagram: Complexionn / Callherdestinyy

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Great tips, I need to think about what kind of branding I want to convey.

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Hi Neecee, This is Nicole, Such a wonderful sharing! Great Job! All the best! 

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Thanks for this wonderful Interview. I love the questions and enthusiasm. 

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