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Leila Akinyi - Sensible Fashion Dresses in Nairobi Kenya

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

I got into entrepreneurship solely to pay rent after I had quit my job but along the way, it became my passion and the best decision I ever made. - Leila Akinyi

Stage Name: Leila Akinyi

Hometown: Nairobi, Kenya

Profession: Entrepreneur

Enterprise: Sensible Fashion Dresses



This week we are covering another exciting interview from Nairobi, Kenya. Among the list of 100 Self Made Entrepreneurs from around the globe, we have with us the young & talented Leila Akinyi, who is a CEO & a Founder of Sensible Fashion Dresses based in Nairobi,

This project would not be possible without these amazing entrepreneurs who allowed us to share their stories and business platforms. It's our mission to inspire our global readers by delivering quality stories. Plus, sharing with the world how these incredible young talented individuals are impacting their communities.

Today's topic is ALL ABOUT THE FASHION since is one of our personal favourite topics. We are exploring the hype of the fashion industry business in east Africa. Since the 1990s, the fashion industry in Kenya has taken an upward trend. It is evident that African fashion trends have been evolving very fast if not daily hitting mainstream media. As a result, we now have countless social media influencers, bloggers writing on the latest fashion trends from AFRICA. Plus, the recent shift in the Afrobeat industry endorsing African Fashion in music videos.

Early last month, I had the chance to cover an exclusive with Kenyan-based Boutique owner Leila Akinyi. As a young lady inspiring, Leila Akinyi journey began in summer 2014 with an effort to pay rent after leaving her day job. Following her passion for Fashion allowed her to dive into entrepreneurship journey without looking back.

Leila Akinyi took a leap of Fatih in creating her fashion business, NEECEE LEXY blog is ready to learn how did she do it. Plus, we hope our readers are inspired by her brave action to follow their dreams. No matter where you are reading this article in the world. You might be walking away with something incredible and a sense of motivation to manifest a pathway that will help secure or create your dream job.

Please, Miss Leila, tell us about yourself?

I'm Leila Akinyi, 26 years old from Kenya, Africa. I enjoy dancing, swimming, traveling, adventure, hiking, and doing things that give me an adrenaline rush like sky diving. I love spending time with nature. The serenity and tranquility of it just give me peace of mind and keep my heart calm. I've actually made my major life decisions while on nature-time!

How did you get your start in the fashion industry?

My journey began on 29th June 2014. I got into entrepreneurship solely to pay rent after I had quit my job but along the way, it became my passion and the best decision I ever made.

I started selling scarves and warm socks since it was the winter season in Kenya. After the season was over, they were no longer in demand. So I had to study the changing trends by carrying out a customer survey to find out what they need and how I can fill that gap.

It took a year to finally understand my customers' needs. They wanted affordable, fashionable, and unique dresses. That's how I discovered my niche. Since then I've been selling dresses and it's been an amazing journey! I've learned a lot but the most important lesson is: A dress speaks of one's personality. When you understand a customer's personality, it's easy to get her a dress that not only fits her body but also boosts her self-confidence.



Take us through a day in your life as a fashion entrepreneur.

My day as a fashion entrepreneur: I go through my orders which are sent via text or Whatsapp from customers. After further communication to understand the necessity of the order like:

  • Occasion

  • Colour

  • Any distinct features (length of sleeves, length of dress, type of material, and neckline)

I go to my suppliers and get stock then start making deliveries. My ultimate satisfaction is seeing a ccustomer comfortable and content in the dress she has bought. I always ask during fitting,"Do you feel comfortable? Is your heart 100% about it?" These questions help me understand a customer better and I encourage complete honesty. Customer satisfaction is always my Number 1 priority. At the end of the day, I get a sense of fulfillment like I've achieved my purpose on earth. In a nutshell. Selling dresses gets me high!

You are based in Kenya, do you offer your service products internationally.

Yes. I have a Facebook and Instagram handle where customers from all over the world can view my products and place an order. I've made deliveries to Malawi, China, Uganda, South Africa, Nigeria, and Tanzania.


What are some of the fashion trends you’ve taken note of in your city that influence the selection of your store items?

My target is women aged between 18-40 and this means there's a variety of items for everyone. Let me break it down:

  • 18-30: Like fancy, modern, trending outfits. Mostly fitting and body-hugging dresses. This demographic is dynamic so their fashion trend is unpredictable because they go with what's hot in the market. They're influenced by social media and celebrities.

  • 31-40: Are conscious of their dress code since most are career women, mothers, and wives. Current trends are not their major concern as much as comfortability.

What is the inspiration behind your latest design collection for the Fall/Winter season?

We're getting to the Fall season so everyone is looking forward to getting out of their closets and rock-fitting, fancy, short, sexy, body-hugging dresses. It's like letting go during the weekend after a long week of working. Most are looking forward to revamping their closets by getting the new and hot stock in town.

What are your go-to fashion tips?

I use Google to research a lot of fashion tips for women of all sizes and age groups.

I have this segment called #StyleUpSaturday on my Facebook and Instagram business pages where I post tips on how to adorn several dresses including the material and design.

All sizes are covered from petite to plus size. It's amazing to know that every size has its own style and type of material! Learning new tips is exciting!

Are there certain pieces and accessories are always in demand?

Yes! The most common is Spandex, Stretcher, or Sweater material dresses which accentuate the curves. The modern woman is a go-getter, independent, confident and sophisticated and she wants her outfit to speak of that.

What is your favorite (s) experience(s) and why?

My favorite was my first experience with a full, XXL size Lady. It was a challenge since most of my customers range from Small to Large sizes only. I asked her what she liked and we tried a lot of types from body-hugging to skater, chiffon which didn't blend well with her body type.

I did my research on the internet and finally discovered that free-shirt dresses work well with her. So I got her 2 free-shirt dresses to try out and wow!! She loved them! She looked more confident and comfortable. Since then she refers to me as her stylist. That was a major breakthrough for me. I slept well that night knowing that I'd made an impact. I learned how to dress different types of plus-size women.

What advice you give to young entrepreneurs who are contemplating following in your footsteps?

Start where you are with what you have. You'll be amazed at how far you'll go.

Be patient. Keep learning. Keep moving. Keep growing. Pursue your passion; it will take you places you've never been.

THE NEXT PLANS WITH:Sensible Fashion Dresses

What can we expect from you in the next 2 years or so?

A bigger online store with many more different products and also be a household name.

Of course!! Great things ahead! I already have a 5-year plan and strategy. I plan to franchise and be the best in East Africa and beyond. Look out world! I'm coming!

Who are other talented designers or stylists you would hope to collaborate with?

Vivo by Wandia Gichuru from Kenya. She has incredible taste just what I like and my customers love.

Thank you so much Miss Leila for being our wonderful guest feature on NEECEE LEXY today. We were beyond grateful to have you here plus being among our Top 100 Selected Self Made Entrepreneurs from our global program. Your story is the reason why we do this weekly feature in an effort to help inspire our generations to start creating amazing things within their communities. We wish you all the best in your business ventures. Feel free to reach us anytime and we look forward to re-interviewing you in near future.






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