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Eudora Aletta (African Queen) - The Wind of Change Author

I am always looking new to explore my talents, one the chance is given to me, I will use my ability. - Eudora Aletta

Stage Name: African Queen

Hometown: Mississauga

Profession: Author/singer/songwriter

Enterprise: Hiamaka




HAPPY NEW YEAR! We hope you had a fantastic holiday. It is that time of the year again to set new goals and resolutions. We hope your list has "starting my own business" or "publishing my first book" because we have the perfect person to inspire you today. Please welcome our first 2019, special guest feature the one and only Mrs Eudora Aletta.

Eudora is multitalented woman, she is best known as an humanitarian, Afropop artist, Songwriter, and an author She is also a radio personal with her own show called iImpactWorld TV airs every Saturday at 2:00pm on Voice of Africa radio.

Furthermore, Eudora is a Liberian Canadian native from Kolahun District of Lofa County, northern Liberia, Africa. Eudora growing up as a war child, and she had tasted the bitterness of war. With humanity, peace and love for education, she was inspired to publish her first book ‘The Wind of Change’. The book was to follow will journey of her Grandpa’s daughter’. In addition, she published aThe Wind of Change’ part two; called ‘What Happened in Africa.

We are privilege to have her with us today on NEECEELEXY blog to share her jounrey on becoming the incredible leader and woman she is today. Plus, you all get to learn more about her latest book release due soon called ‘Remembering Life With Hiama Kamara. Please lets us welcome our Aunty Eudora Aletta aka AFRICAN QUEEN.

Please tell us about yourself ?

My name is Eudora Aletta ( African Queen). I am an artist, author, activist, radio host, and university student and a mother to beautiful 4 children.

How would you describe the work you have done?

My work isn’t done yet, but what I have done so far is an introduction to my me and my work.You are also published Author with the book titled “ The Wind Of Change” I am a singer/songwriter, Author, Motivational Speaker, Cake decorator, interpreter. I am currently a fourth-year student at York University, doing a double major in Gender and Women Studies, African Studies. I am a proud supporter of unity and equality for all mankind. Inspired by the story of Nelson Mandela, Malcom X, Kwame Nkrumah, Thomas Sankara, Marcus Garvey, and the life of my own father who was a MANSA for over 60 years. My goal is to explore seemingly impossible world issues. Within the covers of my recent book, The Wind of Change, I demonstrated that that change is indeed possible. I am a war child, born in Lofa County, Liberia who have tasted the bitterness of war. I broke down walls to be where I am being a woman and black; “humanity, peace, and love” is the cry of my heart. For young girl/ boy who wants to become a writer and publish a book.

Where can someone purchase it?

What advice(s) do you have for these starting writers as experienced/ published author?

I must say that it is very easy to write, but to become an Author is a discipline that works with time. I often use this quote as my roadmap. You are visionary, no one will know wants on your mind until you can voice it out. Create time and spend time with positive people, spend time with other Authors. I had no one to encourage to write, but the above people named, their works on earth is what inspired me. I can’t get tire reading of reading about our ancestor who fought to end slavery and colonization.

We know you are a serial entrepreneur who is well rounded and involved in several projects as a spokesperson, and activist, Singer, Radio host for iImpactTV on Voice of Africa Radio. How do you manage all of this task?

I am like a bird in a cage, once that cage opens it will fly away. I am always looking new to explore my talents, one the chance is given to me, I will use my ability. I am using my talents as a weapon to fight for justice and to inspire the new generation. I believe that we are in the to impact lives, not destroy lives. This is a quote from my mother “Time does not wait for a man, why should I wait for it”We know you as Queen of African Queen “ The African Queen” One of your work is empowering women and discussing issues that matter in the community.

Can you tell about your recent seminar?

My work as The African Queen is to speak on behave of every woman using my experience as a woman. My recent seminar was a case student base on a comment a sister made about her friend in my presence. One sister discredited another for having four children, and I took it as an offence. Women should be able to build each other up, not a snare. When women find themselves touching the glass ceiling they should impact other women, because the injustice and inequalities done against women are not by choice. By nature, and pride women wish to have their kids by one father. Kanneh Naturals is an organic skin and hair care product for both men and women, it will give you a healthy and glowing skin while it gives your hair the growth you want. Active work; acne, eczema, and hair growth solution. I am very passionate about this product as I am with my activism work. Kanneh Naturals is here to give you your best look.

As a serial entrepreneur, what are some of your most memorable experience (s) you had working both as Singer, author or radio personality?

Whether it is singing, writing, or on air, it is about serving the community. Having the courage to stand up to motivate, and inspiring others that life can get better is the greatest gift I’ve been given.

As an African musician, Afrobeat artist, what does someone need to know or learn about if they want to get into the music industry?

They need to know that Africa is a continent, not a country. However, the industry is but, they don’t have to duplicate anyone, they should come with your own unique Afro style in the global popular culture.

What advice do you give to young entrepreneurs who are contemplating following in your footsteps?

In one of my songs, I sang, “I was looking for a chance and I went for a change.” Procrastination is our biggest enemy that works perfectly with contemplation. I will advise the youth to take a bold step into the interpreter world. What can we expect from you in the next 2 years or so? In the next two years, I hope to have published more books, and of course, continue to work on my music career.

Who are other talented artists, models, the editor you wish to collaborate with?

I am looking forward to working with each African Artist in Toronto especially Ruth from Sudan.

Thank you so much for being our lovely guest today. We wish you all the best with your upcoming projects. We look forward in re-interviewing you in the near future. To all our readers make sure to check out Eudora YOUTUBE for video updates and tune in to iImpactTv on Voice of Africa fm Canada every Saturday at 2:00pm.

Happy New Years!




Facebook: Eudora Aletta

Twitter: Eudora Aletta

Facebook Page: Eudora Aletta Music/iImpactworld/Author Eudora Aletta

Youtube Channel: Eudora Aletta

Instagram: Eudoraaletta

Linkin: Dr. African Queen

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Hi Neecee, This is Nicole, Such a wonderful sharing! Great Job! All the best! 

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