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Austin Andrews - Brandford Fashion Model

Stage Name: Austin Andrews

Hometown: Brantford Ontario 

Occupation: Model




Happy Thursday to our beautiful readers world wide! 

We are shadding our spot lights today to the city of Brandford, Ontario. In this week article, we have our special guest feature model & actor Austin Andrews from Ontario, Canada. From his first modelling experience in the city Markham, ON Austin Andrews has been working hard to create name for himself. The self proclaimed pretty has mission to break the modelling industry standards while helping others do the same. 

We are very excited to hear more about his future plans in the modeling industry as well his journey thus far. Without any further due, please let us welcome our handsome guest Austin Andrew to the NEECEE LEXY blog this morning. 

Please tell us about yourself 

I'm a 23 year old Male model and actor from Brantford Ontario. On my spare time I enjoy biking or fixing cars always getting dirty but also known as the little g-eazy or pretty boy when I'm working! Always getting people laughing but also very compassionate and stand up for what I believe is right im all about break industry standards in modelling and helping others do the same!

When did you start modelling?

I started my professional modeling career in 2013. 

Who inspired your modeling career?

My pastor inspired me into get into modeling. 

What is your go to fashion tips?

Wear whatever makes you feel you and always stand out from everyone else who cares who stares!

What is your favourite (s) runway experience(s) and why?

My first one in Markham Ontario. It was my worst but also most memorable I was the outcast I had to fix my car on the way in which resulted ripped pants and boxers! However when I arrived I was pretty scared at first but my manager made me push through it and I'm glad I did I blew them away and people loved how all the bad stuff happened I still pushed ahead and inspired others not to be afraid!

As a professional model what area in the fashion industry you think receive little attention but deserves more?

People taste! Everyone's so afraid to be themselves in styles they like but I feel like if people who had bizarre tastes rocked it more it would inspire others!

 Austin Andrews is currently working as Brand ambassador for Halifornia. You can use his discount code to save AUSTINANDREWS39655420

Are you currently working on any modelling projects that we should watch out for it? 

Currently did an advertisement for a mattress company for memory foam beds.

What can we expect from you in the next 2 years or so?

Be in a few more feature films and getting my style out there more as well as my name!

Who are other talented designers or entrepreneurs, influencers, and directors you would hope to collaborate with?

Would love to work with Narcisse palace who is a huge icon in Montreal! We used to talk alot hes always supported me and I wish to be in his shows someday soon!

Thank you so much for stopping by at NEECEE LEXY blog this morning and share your fashion modeling experience with our readers. We wish you all the best and looking forward in re-interviewing in the near future. To our readers who want follow up with Austin Fashion update. Feel free to check out his social media contact below. 


Social Media contact 


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Sher Shares Blog

Great tips, I need to think about what kind of branding I want to convey.

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Nicole's Cooking

Hi Neecee, This is Nicole, Such a wonderful sharing! Great Job! All the best! 

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Faith Adodo

Thanks for this wonderful Interview. I love the questions and enthusiasm. 

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