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Natasha Burnett - Traveled across the world to make her dream COME TRUE

" I would say try everything and don’t feel restricted." Natasha Burnett

Stage Name: Natasha Burnett Hometown: Surrey, United Kingdom Profession: Actress & Singer





The anticipation is over and the day has finally arrived. My team and I are overjoyed to share our exclusive feature interview with the international Actress and Singer Natasha Burnett. She has been working as a professional actress since 2007. Furthermore, Natasha Burnett is a British born, South American actress whose acting career took off after her appearance on Film and TV in Vancouver, Canada. On the other hand, having an inspirational figure at young age from her family member the late Norman Beaton best known for his role as Desmond. Thus, Desmond is a well known British comedy series centered around a black family dynamic.

At 22 years old, Natasha left beloved home in Surrey, UK and traveled to Australia in effort to chase her dream career as actresses. What a bold move! Now a resident of Canada, she is thrilled to discuss her career journey thus far and goals in the industry.

We so honoured to have Natasha as our special guest this morning on the NEECEELEXY blog plus to share with us her phenomenal journey both as actress and artist. Please help us welcome our lovely guest Natasha Burnett!

Tell us about yourself I am an International Actress and Singer, born to South American parents. I split my time between London and Vancouver, with a love for both cities.

When did you start your acting career? My acting career started back in 2007, I had just left college having studied Beauty and Cosmetology at the London School of Beauty and Make Up and joined an agency. My first role was being featured in an episode of The Bill, a british police drama.

Photo by: Devin Sutherland Photography

Who inspired your acting career? I was inspired by the Guyanese actor Norman Beaton. My mother was raised by his family so they were like sister and brother. He was in a show called Desmonds, that we used to watch regularly and it was one of the first times I had seen a British show centered around a black family.

What is your favourite experience (s) working as an actress and why? There are definitely a few that spring to mind! Early in my career, I played Diana Ross in a Motown Show. We were signing after the show and a woman came over to tell me that watching me that night was the first time since her husband’s death, that she really enjoyed herself. That was so very touching to hear! I will never forget an article that was written about my character on the show UnReal, called “Save Athena - The Nomarosa Edition” by TV Recappers Delight. It was the first time I had seen an article about a character I had played and they had so many positive things to say, they really believed in my character, Athena. The storyline also sparked conversation about how black contestants on reality shows are portrayed. To have a positive effect on a subject matter or single person is a really humbling experience.

Photo Source: Natasha Burnett IMDb

You are also a talented Singer. Can you tell us more about your recent music video release? Eyes Shut was released in February, after a two year break from recording. A producer, who had previously licensed another track, had been looking to work with me on new material. It was more trance than house music which was different for me, but I liked the track. We decided to do a video for the trance remix by O.B.M Notion which took two days. We went for something simple but a little sexy. It was a lot of fun!

Since starting your career as a professional artist, what is your all time favourite song you have released and why? My favourite song has to be Higher, an early release I did with Eric Tyrell and The Whiteliner. It’s such a good song to motivate you if you’re in the gym or just need a boost.

How would you describe your personal style and why is it important for you to not look like every other artist out today in terms of what they wear? My personal style is simply casual chic, I love to pair casual pieces like jeans and a tee with a tailored jacket. It is so important to give your style a splash of your personality and add your own twist. It gives people insight into your personality which will always set you apart from everyone else.

What is the most fun thing about your job as an artist or actress that people do not know apart from performing live? I really enjoy finding aspects of myself in characters, some of which I have been surprised that I have! Using that, whether it be on stage or on screen is really an adrenaline rush.

Actresses are known to be an expert at beauty secrets when traveling. Do you have any beauty secrets you want to share with us? Always carry a good compact translucent powder, I love using Laura Mercier’s and retractable brush! Sometimes my days are really long with a number of meetings or events and I have that oily T-zone, so no matter how small my bag, I put my little brush and compact in, to touch up during the day!

What is (are) your most memorable moment (s) as a artist thus far and why? One of my most memorable moments has to be the day my single “Freak” reached 100K views! I was so excited, I couldn’t believe it, I didn’t think it would do as well as it did!

Photo Source: Natasha Burnett IMDb

What advice would you give to someone just starting out their career in entertainment and hoping to make it on big screen? I would say try everything and don’t feel restricted. It’s easy see others’ who have what you think you want. Easy to feel inadequate if you don’t have the training or experience, but you have to keep going. Work on your craft and know what’s for you. I wanted to be a great dancer, that wasn’t my strength, but I wasn’t discouraged. You have to focus on your strengths!

What can we expect from you in the next 2 years or so ? I’ve a number of projects lined up which I am quite excited about. I would be spending some more time in Canada, as I love working out there. It would be nice to release a few more singles and just keep moving forward.

Who are other talented producers, influencers, designers or artists you would hope to collaborate with? I would really love to work with Ava DuVernay and Jordan Peele. Also using my cosmetology diploma to create a beauty range with an ethical brand like Stila would be important to me.

Awesome list of collaboration choice.

Thank you once again for being our guest feature this morning on the NEECEE LEXY blog. Our team wish you all the very best in your next venture. Plus, We look forward in hearing and re-interviewing you in the near future. Keep us updated with your next project.

Our Magazine released date is due JUNE 21, 2019

Natasha is among our selected feature to appear on the magazine issue this summer.








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