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8 Ways Blogger ACTUALLY make money online

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

RISE & SHINE Beautiful! You have a blog now and your audience is growing. It is time to generate some passive income from your hard work. This post will teach you of ways Blogger ACTUALLY make 6 figure income online. Here are lists of 8 proven tasks that you can do with your blog start to generate money online. Grab your notebook, pen, tea, or coffee, and let's break down the task you need to do in order to start ripping the benefits of your blog.

1. Affiliate marketing

You must have come across a lot of bloggers on social media where they are constantly telling you to click the link of products. Thus, they might also provide you a 10 to 40% OFF promo code to purchase an item online. That's what it called an affiliate marketing link with a commission. This generally applies to brands or amazon.

Here is a list of affiliates marketing networks include Skimlinks, amazon, Adsense that most popular among the blogging community that you can join today. To learn more about how these affiliates to market works and pay blogger check out this article: The simplest way to promote brand products as an influencer and get paid?

2. collaboration

The classic business way to expand your audience and reach through collaboration. I can not simplify this more what it is. Collaborating by doing projects with other bloggers or influences to expand your audience. For example, creating a blog post or social media video videos where both parties share the content on their platform. I am open to collaborating with any bloggers from our world. Please feel free to reach out to NEECEE LEXY by email.

3. Brand deals

This one I would say the most exciting part of influencers or bloggers' jobs. You get the chance to work brands you love and promote their products. In some cases, you can become their spoke person or brand ambassador. The greater your reach and presence online the more valuable assets you will become to those brands. As a result, they will end up reaching out to you to become a face on their new product release. Someone, please scream DOLLARS!!!

4. Sponsored Posts:

You might have seen sponsored posts on Instagram, Facebook, and youtube. Basically, you are getting paid to share images or videos to talk about brand products. There are two ways you can register to become a sponsored post influencers or bloggers.

Discovered- The brand will reach out to once they notice your blog has high traffic of people they are looking to capture.

Reach Out - You reaching out to those brands by providing a proposal about your blog, audience market insights, and the benefits they will be getting by having you as their partner.

5. Guest blog

NOT ONLY guest blogging helps you with SEO optimization. It helps can also help with an income-generating stream as a blogger. Brands do pay writers/bloggers to write an article on their brand on newsfeed outlets.

Contributor - You can guest blog in Forbes, BlogTO, Buzzfeed's as a contributor and generate income for posting your input and art. These platforms have industry-specific or sub-categories which means the opportunities are vast. For example, once you become a Forbes contribute it also helps open other doors for you by gaining creditability to your CV and landing big clientele.


6. Provide a Service:

A. Consultation - Sweetheart, if you are good at what you do? Consider offering your skills as a form service to small to medium size businesses. Not only will they appreciate your service but you always have control of your hours as an independent contractor.

B. Tutoring - Another way to provide a service would be through teaching online or tutoring people on one on one appointment. This works great especially if you are an expert in a niche industry where your skills highly valuable. You can charge by packages or premium land depending on your skill set and years of experience in that industry.

7. Create digital products:

Someone bloggers take the high way by not waiting on big brands to notice them. They start to create and produce their very own digital products. Before you start this, make sure to choose a profitable Niche. Then, determine what is required for you to create that product. Below are three ways inwhich you can create profitable digital products based on your blog industry niche.

A. E-book

B. workshops

C. online classes

8. VA- Virtual Assistant

This one is similar to task #6 Providing a service but I've decided to put on its own categories. A virtual assistant provides various services to entrepreneurs or businesses from a remote location. This might include but not limited to digital marketing tasks, scheduling appointments, and managing events to personal errands. Therefore, I suggest trying to align your VA service with your blogging niche to avoid long term burn out doing things just for money.


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Great tips, I need to think about what kind of branding I want to convey.

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Hi Neecee, This is Nicole, Such a wonderful sharing! Great Job! All the best! 

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Thanks for this wonderful Interview. I love the questions and enthusiasm. 

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