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EARN MONEY from Facebook: Monetization program for content creators

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Earn a passive income from your Content on Facebook

There are those who use social media for engagement and entertainment. Then, there are those who turn their hours spent in social media to a profitable passive income. Which one are you?

In 2021, if you are content creators, I do not see why you would spend countless hours on social media platform without getting any benefits from it. Whether this benefit accounts for as a passive income, collaborating or partnering with other entrepreneurs, or learning new skills. Facebook has over 2.7 billion monthly active users in 2020. That's even audience to cap to grow your platform. You probably asking yourself one of these questions:

  • Is Facebook the new Youtube for video content creators?

  • How can I make money from Facebook Monetization program?

  • Are small influencers able to monetize the Facebook Page?

Good news! I have a solid answer all 3 and you are going to love it.

Early this summer Facebook announced a new program to help support Social Media content creators and business owners to earn income by monetizing their content. Before you dive into this program, there are few things you consider such as passing and remain compliant with Facebook's Partner Monetization Policies. Plus, you must have published active Facbook business or fan page, personal profile not allowed.

Is Facebook the new Youtube for video Content Creators?

Long ago Youtube was the number hotspot for video content creator to earn passive income through the AdSense program. Lately, there is a new program introduced by Facebook which allows Video content creator to earn money by inserting short ads into their qualified videos.

If you have been keeping up with " RED TABLE TALK" or any talk show Facebook page video. You might already notice 6 seconds ads break. Yes, that's the in-stream ads which allow you to earn money on Facebook. You are dying to know how can you be a part of this Facebook monetization program. Let me dive into the eligibility.

How do I check if I am eligible?

Simple, just go to Go to Creator Studio. once you are logged into your Facebook creator studio click Monetization in the menu on the left-hand side to review your Page's in-stream ads status.

In addition, your content must be original and follows Facebook community guidelines and policy in order to pass the entrance to the program. Your fan or the business page does not have any policy strick or restrictions.


How can I make money from Facebook Monetization?

Here are 3 options of how you can earn with " In-Stream ads" Facebook monetization.

Are small influencers able to monetize the Facebook Page?

To stay in the program you must have 10,000 followers and 30,000 1-minute views in the last 60 days. They recommend you to have a video longer than 3 minutes long.

However, as a small Facebook Page content creator, you can start earning money by hosting live events online which guests can pay to attend. You must also include your country tax information.

On the next post, I will be talking about other advance Facebook partnership feature which includes Brand Collabs Manager, Fan Subscriptions, and In an article for writers or bloggers.




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Great tips, I need to think about what kind of branding I want to convey.

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