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How To Vlog | How To Be A Vlogger!

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

I get asked is so often how to start a vlog channel or edit youtube page. Today, I dedicate this blog post those who are thinking about starting a youtube channel to join the vlogger's community. Either love being on camera or you do not? However, you still wondering how can one become a successful Vlogger. Then, this blog post is for you!


First, you want to ask yourself why you want to be vlogger/youtube? If the answer is to become an influencer and produce useful content. Great! You are on the right track. If you want to do for fame you might want to reconsider because fame doesn't come overnight. You must be willing to put in work. STOP! Do not log off just yet. You still have a chance to reach your fame goals but first let's divide into some basic and techniques you need for filming and tools to edit your videos.

TO VLOG OR NOT TO VLOG? that's the question in 2020

The vlogging industry does not die! In fact, is growing bigger than expected. Since the quarantine and world went on lockdown. The entertainment live streaming and youtube watch time have gone up by 30-40% higher than usual. That's because a lot of people are at home watching videos online as a form of entertainment via Netflix, Crave, or Youtube. For some, this is a great opportunity to start producing video content online. In this post, I am going to breakdown the steps into 3 sections: Pre-production, Production, and post productions. Then, I will end with a surprise from my top selected YouTuber of all time. Keep reading and find out or simply scroll all way down to see it :D



Similarly to having a blog, as a vlogger, you would need to have a plan and agenda in place. Ideally, I recommend having a weekly planner to write down your video ideas. Keep track of what, and when you will be recording, editing and uploading those videos on online.


Try to select one day of the month dedicated just for recording 4 different video tops. Then plan another day where you edit those video and put on auto-schedule. These methods will save you a lot of time and leave rooms for planning more times ahead.




You are probably stress just thinking about starting your first Vlog Video: This post is designed to help ease that stress and walk you with simple baby steps to get started by being comfortable in front of the camera. I've divided into 3 parts as well.


Before you start recording any video make sure to check your locations settings light. You could invest in Diva Ring light most youtube if you planning on recording at home. If you don't have funds for buying professional recording lights. Then consider using sunlight by recording daytime outside or close to window if you are doing it indoor. Ideal recording close to large windows that a lot of natural lights coming into the room.

Also, make sure you face against the light while the camera lens is facing you in the same direction as the sun or windows the lights are coming from.


At some point, you got to have to take your camera or your phone and hit record on that video RECORD.

Once you figure out your lighting situations, you are now ready to record. Start by recording a few of you just talking for a full 5 minutes. Then, repeat this for 7 days, before you go ahead and release that video. Make sure to examine how comfortable or uncomfortable you are on camera and if you are saying " Ummm" a lot. Using this first recording as tips to improve on your vlogging.


Now that you are all ready to record. Make sure to set up your camera on a tripod in a quiet room and smile. Then hit the recording button to capture your first youtube video. Once, you have done recording it successfully.

You will need to transfer this file into laptop or computer for the final stage of the post-production editing where you get to be creative, You should be proud of yourself for reaching at this step because you are one step closer to be an official Vlogger.



This is the fun stag! You where you get to show creative side. Simple to graphic editing, video editing is super exciting because you have the ability to spice up your content bring life to it. There are hundreds of editing software tools and applications you can use to edit your video both on phone and laptop.


You can start by using basic tools such as Imovie, Filmora, or Sony Vegas. For intermediate level video editor I would suggest using Final Cut Pro, and Filmora Premium version. However, if you would like to take the challenge and spend money then go for Adobe Premiere, After Effects, VFX tools.

Just keep producing content and upload videos on regular basis. Also, consider collaborating with other content creators on youtube to help you grow your channel. Plus, share your video links on other social media such as Facebook and Instagram. All the best and see you on my next Vlogging tips post.


Here are our top pick successful vloggers that become Millionaire who started from youtube.


As mentioned on our Weekly feature post "List of Youtube Entrepreneurs: Helping You Handle Your Business Money". #BlackExcellence. Mrs Patricia is a British-Nigerian Youtuber based in the United Kingdom. She is a Finance major, business-women, mother of two, wife, sister and BOSS LADY all year round. She started vlogging on youtube about 10 years ago doing Makeup, thrifting Hauls while still a student University student.

She managed to continue her vlogging journey while still interning in NYC in Finance cooperate. Luckily for here, Patricia took a leap of leaving fiance cooperate to do youtube vlogging full-time. Today, she is business owner, with multiple brands deals including Lipstick line with M.A.C

Today, she is author, business owner, property investor, and full-time vlogger.

The Break Platform:

On January 4th, 2020, she launched her new youtube challenge who focuses mainly on financial advisory, property investment, budget strategies.


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