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Fashion Stylist: High end shopping tips

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Fashion is public while style is personal. Everyone has their own unique taste in style when it comes to fashion. Hence, styling outfit is like art work. Perhaps, you are one of many who dream of becoming a fashion stylist. That can be a big deal.

Are you thinking of becoming a fashion stylist or love finding unique designer pieces

There are several categories to pick from when you want to start your career as a Fashion Stylist. These categories include: celebrity stylist, personal stylist, red carpet getup, and public appearances. Each styling service requires different vision and knowledge for fashion market. I am talking about having a full understanding of where to shop for an specific items your client is looking for. For instance, If you are celebrity stylist. Your client normally seeks for a unique clothing from high end designer racks. These items are mostly high tagged price from runways, showrooms, or boutiques. On the other hand, if you are wardrobe stylist for film or personal stylist your options for selecting very based on the client budget. Your selection can come from high end stores or any mall stores of choice.

High End Fashion Store

Hudson Bay offers limited edition of high quality brand products. However, they do not carry everything. For instance, if you are looking for FENDI merchandise, the picture above is basically the entire FENDI collections currently available at Hudson Bay. You would have to go to FENDI online stores to purchase the rest of the collection offered. For starter, FENDI is not cheap so ready to spend 1.5 k, 3 k or 5 k + dollars for single item. Another designers who are similar to FENDI are LV, Burberry, Balenciaga, Doir, Givenchy, and Yves Saint Laurent. Also, most Hudson Bay store do not carry Gucci clothes or handbags. Your alternative high end designer department would be Nordstom.


Michael Kors has the best stylist quality designer products which is fairly affordable. This is a middle class high end designer items you can find starting from $198+. Another alternative to affordable designer Guess, Kate Spade, AYR, POLO etc.

Another designer that offer stylist sneakers is FILA. You can find it at B2, Browns, FILA online, at designers outlet ( Marshall and Winners) for up to 60% off regular price.

Hence, FILA also offers amazing sport gear collections Which are affordable. Other similar sporty fashion designers brand is Champion, Adidas, Nike, and Under Armour. New arrival items always available online or on their flagship stores. However, you can find alternative style at Marshall and Winners for less.

Stylist Tips

As a fashion stylist you've got to familiarize yourself with all these stores plus where to find items. This will help you save preparation time and cost.


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Great tips, I need to think about what kind of branding I want to convey.

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Hi Neecee, This is Nicole, Such a wonderful sharing! Great Job! All the best! 

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Thanks for this wonderful Interview. I love the questions and enthusiasm. 

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