List of Youtube Entrepreneurs: Helping You Handle Your Business Money #BlackExcllence

June 7, 2020

Today's post I would like to dedicate this post to all the incredible young enterprises in the youtube community who are thriving daily for greatness. It's necessary for us to have representation but also have mentors that are paving the way in the excellence department. Here is a list of our Top selection of Youtube entrepreneurs who have built successful businesses. Not only that, but they continue to provide their audience with incredible insights and tools to achieve excellence as well.




Patricia is a Finance major, business-women, mother of two, wife, sister and BOSS LADY all year round. Apart from Michelle Phan the youtube makeup artist who built a million-dollar beauty brand. Patricia top my interest as the go-to advisory by keeping real.



I've been following and watching Patricia Bright video for over 10 years now. I've watched grow her youtube vlogs, lifestyle, health and stylist turning into a million-dollar empire.


The Break Platform:

On January 4th, 2020, she launched her new youtube challenge who focuses mainly on financial advisory, property investment, budget strategies.





What how Particia Breaks down her annaul salary budget 



She is an entrepreneur, speaker, and eternal optimist dedicated to helping others positively influence the world. Stacey become a teen move during her senior year in high school. Her experience as a young mother mould her with wisdom to take full responsibility for her life and child at a young age.



Now, she speaks at large organizations, companies, and conferences about achieving real happiness in business, relationships, and life.



The 5 People You Need To Be Happy | Stacey Flowers | TEDxUNO

Watch here 


Stacey is all about delivering tangible takeaways and actionable insights that truly transform her audience's personal and professional lives. In another world. helping you take charge of your personal development space.









He is an established author, speaker, and financial expert on the Dave Ramsey Solution. In his book DESTROY YOUR STUDENT LOANS AND EXPERIENCE FREEDOM by avoiding student debt trap and helping them stay one step closer to graduating debt-free. Thus, he provides them with tools and online sources to searches thousands of scholarships and grants fast and easy.


After hitting rock bottom at age 19 years old. Experiencing homelessness and trapped in deep in debt. Anthony decided to turn his life around by becoming debt-free. As a result, he is now determined on spending the rest of my life helping people avoid the same money mistakes I made. Today, He is working every day at Ramsey Solutions! proving insights and solutions to stay debt-free.

Plus, he can be seen on Youtube posting a weekly Videocast interviewing regular people about money management, entrepreneurship and personal development.


Follow him on Instagram @AnthonyONeal or online at






She is the founder of "The Come Up" youtube page. Bukola is a Software Engineer and Youtuber based in New York City.


As mentioned in CNBC Make It, Bukola is a 25-year-old, Software Engineer who earns $210,000. Her mission is to inspire more women, and especially black to purse hiring paying career options. She has joined a youtube to share her story and provide helpful tips for others who are considering choosing the tech industry as a career pathway.





How I Became a Software Engineer Without a Computer Science Degree

What here

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