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Brainstorm How-To: The Walls of Ideas

Updated: Dec 18, 2021

Become a scrum master to boost your work efficiency & performance today

You are probably wondering what do we mean by the "Wall of Ideas"? How can you brainstorm ideas to boost work efficiency? The answer is simple - mapping out all your ideas on a clear vision board so that you have a full picture of how far you are with the project completion. You can also see what needs to be added or contributed among your team in order to bring the project to life.

brainstorming with Neecee Lexy

What is brainstorming?

Brainstorming is the process by which ideas are generated or grouped before any project is done. It can be used to place text, images, or concepts together in web or mapping out visual scripts or ideas.

In marketing agencies, these brainstorming tasks become known as scrum.

What is Scrum?

It is a method used to help team members work together to organize or generate ideas and form solutions for complex problems - in other words, divide and conquer. For instance, as a digital marketer, my earlier onset job experience involved working with people from different teams and departments. We would use a large Scrum board to coordinate delegated tasks with copywriter team, creative team, social media strategists, SEO specialists, analytic team, and PPC team to ensure that we develop excellent client projects. Together, we worked to create master market research, audits website, social media and marketing strategy and produced KPIs & Digital marketing models Map. Our scrum board looks something like the above image.


In order to effectively finish any project, we have to focus on dividing it into small subsections and allocate tasks to team members with shared responsibilities for delivery portion of the project. During my digital marketing bootcamp, we'd have huddle meetings to check with other groups on how far along they are and when completion of phases one, two, three, and so on would be . This method helped us to stay on top of things and support any group that required more help meeting deadlines.

Digital Marketing Measurement Model

As a digital marketer, we used the DMMM (Digital Marketing Measurement Model) to brainstorm our marketing ideas before we carry out our work. There are four more important elements that this model focuses on, as listed below:

  • Goals - What is the business's main objective? What are they trying to achieve with our digital marketing service? How can we help them get there?

  • KPI - Key performance indicator (KPI) measure the success metrics our marketing model plans once is put into action

  • Target Audience - The key audience or personas we are trying to reach or target our marketing message to (e.g., age, gender, income, interest).

  • Segments - All the media involved for us to deliver this marketing plan to reach the target audience (e.g., location, landing pages, new vs. returning users, channels).

3. Effective Brainstorming Techniques
  1. Be free and try not to limit your ideas. Find inspiration by thinking outside the box.

  2. Focus on the quantity and quality of the ideas

  3. Add visuals component to your brainstorming board

Hypothesis & Testing

  • Once we determine all the areas concerning our DMMM model, we focus on creating hypothetical case stories to put into test. We usually run the PPC for 2 weeks to gather data to analyze or create A/B testing for social media ads. Once this is deemed successful, we reduplicate the task again with more budget in mind.


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