How to start a niche youtube channel

Updated: Apr 1

"Bebe you've got to dream it so you can achieve it" - Neecee Lexy

So you want to be a Youtuber this year? Not just any Youtuber but a niche-focused content creator. You've come to the right place. Here is step by step on how to design and launch your youtube channel.

Be the next START!

You want to ask yourself what content topic interest you the most. If in the next 3 to 5 year you will not make a signal dollar from this topic would you still be happy to create a channel about it? If the answer is No! News flash you won't succeed and even when you do you are more like to experience burnout and quit. If the answer is yes, your hard work, passion and determination will be put to the test of time. You will be rewarded greatly for planting the seeds and foundation for your channel massive.

Let's get it!

Take a paper and pen or pencil write down all the things that make you happy, including hobbies, videos contents, images or trips, songs, or artist vibe. Friend! Just write it down this is a very interesting exercise. You got to do this before we move into the next step. You are probably like what in the world are you talking about Lexy. Trust me, I have a very good point for this exercise.

  • Of all my ideas written down, they became a plan which turned into reality - Neecee Lexy

You have got to practice manifesting your goals and ideas.

Keyword Search:

You can use tools such as MOZ SEMIRUSH, GOOGLE TRENDS.

channel niches that are growing super fast now. Most of the YouTube channel topics that I shared in this video are evergreen.

There's an audience for almost every topic however consider focusing on nice with the most audience. Having a YouTube channel can be lucrative with the right audience.


Mom vlog - People are always going to be giving birth and new mom entering that motherhood. If you are able to share your experience offer tips on postpartum, baby tips and copying with after birth journey.

Personal Development - More and more people are considering tapping into entrepreneur and self-employed. This youtube niche is thriving during the lockdown as the market shift is really taking big change.

Investment - Real estate or stocks the types of content that has a large audience with low competition.

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