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How to Changed My Life | Manifest Your Goals Into Reality

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

How I changed my life | Let's talk about my 20's

We all have goals in life we wish to achieve. Some of us have the ability to achieve those goals more than others. You must ask how so? Prioritize and setting up a plan of actions is the key to achieving those goals. In this blog, I am going to share my secret in achieving my goals. Success begins with writing down your goals in a notebook or journal.

I'm obsessed with setting goals and smashing them.

One of the things I been so open about it on my videos and podcast is creating a plan for your self-development, for your business, for your life goals. We get ahead in life if we understand where we are heading and what we want to achieve. Everything else is a task and journey to get us there. Some are fortunate enough to achieve within a month or year while others it makes take a couple of years to taste the pie of success. However, others live a lifetime without ever reaching it. You may say why? There are a lot of facts and circumstances that come into place in order to get there. In this article, I will be sharing personal tactics and principles with the best practice to achieve your goals. Every some win counts that's how you build a sold house foundation. One brick at a time. so shall we start?


The things I am doing today were once goals I written down as wishful things. Now, they are part of my reality. Simply as writing this blog was just an idea that turned into goals and now becomes part of my everyday life plan of actions to write and share knowledge with my audience. 4 years ago, I decided to go back to school to learn Digital marketing and a year later I completed educations in marketing and left my Job at fitness studio to pursed Digital Marketing. Today just a week away from celebrating my 1 year since leaving that I am official a Digital Marketer in the feed.

Overcoming Doubt and Negative Beliefs to Achieve Your Dream

Do you sometimes have to go little deer to understand yourself as to why you feeling like that? Why are you doubting your ability to do certain things to get you where you need to be in life. Are you the first one in your family to pursue this journey? Is this related to your childhood trauma not having support or low self-esteem? Once you understand the roots of your doubts and negative you can start feeding your self-esteem with new ideas. The moment you break that pattern you free yourself from your worries and old stories.

  • My advice would be to start listening to podcast influential individuals such as ERIC THOMAS, LESS BROWN or SARAH JAKES ROBERTS. Get a copy of the book from the library or listen to an audio version on youtube in future. Here are a few books I recommend:




Baby, you got to do the work! There is no such thing as a short cut to success or a quick gimmick. You are not doing multiple-level marketing for your life.


You have to learn to practice patience success does not come overnight. You have ensured that you are planting your seed, water it and wait to harvest it when the season comes. Some people who are doing the same thing as you might be awarded or success quicker, move faster will be the hardest pill to swallow. You must learn to celebrate them as you are waiting for your turn. When your time comes it will be worthy. You will appreciate every effort put into place to achieve them.

In the end, we can write our own story about how we want every day. Affirm these daily" I will win, I claim successes in my life, I am talented, gifted and highly favoured."


A few weeks ago a cover a post topic on 7 tactics to help change your life in 30 days. These mostly on the financially part fo your life. I encourage you to watch the video below.

Mindful friends in your circle

To get to where you want to be live in life will require some subtraction and addition on your circle. The friends in your circle have the same goals, ambition, goal-oriented individuals and dream chasers. Like the saying "show me your friend and I will show you who you are!". If you are happy with the current circle of friend you got to be okay to walk around if their toxicity isn't healthy for you. If you always bring your ideas to them and they are not giving constructive criticism rather laugh or judge. You need to exist, you have to learn to love them from distance.


Music is a universal language to unit us all. Music has the ability to bring back memories, create a new experience or impact our emotions. Music can motivate and encourage you! I highly recommend in your free time to listen to powerful music or gospel songs.

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Great tips, I need to think about what kind of branding I want to convey.

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