What I learned after starting working as a Full-time blogger?

Updated: Mar 14

I initially started blogging to improve my writing skills and get used to a habit of writing to release my book. After a conversation with my stylist about the fashion industry that many upcoming artists, models and designer face to get noticed or feature. I decided to open my online doors to gave space to these talented individuals. Let their work to be recognized plus something they can proudly put on their resume as a published artist, designer or model etc.

Today, do a weekly Podcast that is available across all major podcast streaming platforms. Moreover, I write and published an interview with entrepreneurs from Australia, Asia, Europe, North America and Africa. This included established figures in the Gaming industry, Makeup & Beauty, Fashion, Entertainment & Film, Educator, Doctors and small to medium size business owners, and lots of award-winning artists.

What did I learn from all of these experience of the years?

Consistency is key!

To be an authentic blogger with an influential voice. You must not only be true to your message but stay consistent with delivering value to your audience.

Networking offline and online

I am a shy person however running a business or being entrepreneurs I learn to get out of my comfort zone. Networking can be really hard for someone who is extremely shy so I challenge myself to meet new people weekly. Genuinely, I take interest in learning about their business and art.

Some of my best networking conference I attend were Collision, Conversation with form President Barack Obama, Web summit, etc. I sit in the front row at Collision to hear Akon, Damond Waynes Jr, Justin Timberland speak on Moneycon and Tech.

Now, I enter Clubhouse rooms sometimes just to learn from the speakers and learn from them. Other times to pitch my platform and see if anyone interested in collaborating. I also say I don't want the whole room just 1 or 2 people from that room with who I can work build a professional connection with.

Student for life:

Yes! I took a whole year to go to school to learn Digital Marketing so that I can become a better blogger and build a strong personal brand. Along the way, I learn a lot of great things, secured a job in Tech, networked and continuing my journal with the blog.

Time Management:

It takes a lot of processes to produce a single post. That's why I learn to set up a time management system that works best for me. I do most of my writing, recording and editing on Saturdays or Sunday. I also test a few project management apps, software to help organize my life better.

Automation is key:

80% of the article or interview are automated to go on a specific date and time. This helps me stay on top of my game with networking, learning new editing tricks, develop content series and set up a proper strategy to run my blog. I share with you guys some of my automation tools: Hootsuite, Facebook creator studio, Asana, Slack and Trello. Each of them gives me a different feature or things I am looking for. I swift from project management tools from time to time depending on what I am working on that month or week.

My price goes up every year!

I am rather focusing on my skills and what I can bring to the table. Yes, the price might be high but I bring years of experience and tools to help excel your business. You are essentially paying for access to premium blogger from know certified Digital Marketing, experienced Social Media Strategist, Graphic Design, Branding, Content Creator and Creative Directors, and PPC specialist.

Podcast and Books

I love to read or listen to the podcast lately! Let's just leave it at that.

Saying no to projects that aren't a great fit?

I've learned to say no to projects or collaboration without explaining myself. Time management is very important to me. I want to be able to dedicate my focus to any project I say yes too. That's why I learn to let go of certain collaborations or client if that don't meet my demand or core value. Let's call it is NO for now, maybe later.

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