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Asana vs Slack for Management to streamline you online business

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Running an online business can be a hard task. Especial now that we are working remotely and doing lots of virtual meeting. Asana and Slack project management tools will change the way you run your business! In this article, we will discover how to take these two project management tools (Asana vs Slack) can take your business to next level with capabilities and Apps that are already available to you.

As always before investing in these applications consider trying the basic feature. Familiarize yourself with UX, the functionality of it and then make finical decision to go ahead purchase the plans the suits your needs. I will be breaking down what each application offers, benefits, price and plans. Let's get started!

Different between Asana versus Slack in terms of functionality, accessibility and benefits.
Different between Asana versus Slack in terms of functionality, accessibility and benefits.

Bring your Team Meetings online


This web-based management SAAS helps you to manage, track and connect your projects across any team virtually. For example, a lot you small to medium size Tech agency reply on Asana to organize their business projects and share access to assignments across team members.

Asana Demo
Asana Demo


This SAAS management tool allows for easy & faster communication with your team. Like Asana it allows you to have a better organization for project or assignment. It also has high security compare to email. For example, during my Digital Marketing Bootcamp training my Tech school relied heavily on using Slack to communicate with schools town hall meetings, share updates, direct messaging teachers and share files with classmates.

Slack Demo
Slack Demo
Compared Pricing & Plans

Asana has the basic plan for $0 with a limited feature available. This includes Unlimited tasks, projects, messages, activity log and up to 100MB per file storage. You can Collaborate with up to 15 teammates only for this basic plan. Moreover, it's premium plans price starts with as low as $10.99 USD.

Slack's basic feature is $0 provides with access to 10,000 of your team’s most recent messages and 5G storage. Plus, you can have up to 10 integrations with other apps like Google Drive, Office 365 etc. The cooler part is you can also have a voice and video calls between teammates. Its premium plans price starts with as low as $6.67 USD/mo.

For both Applications Enterprise plans, you would need to connect with their sales team.

You can also learn about other project management available out there by reading our previous article on 8 Social Media management software & App or What is Hootsuite? A beginner guideline to Social Media Management.

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