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Nor Montreal - Code211-SS R&B sensation

Nor Montreal is one of the most talented musician from Jubawood.

Stage Name: Nor Montreal

Enterprise: Founder of CODE211-SS

Artist: R & B

Home Town: Washington DC


Public Figure

Social Media Influencer

Nor Montreal gave us exclusive info on how he started in the music industry and popular enterprise CODE211-SS snapchat hosting.

Tell us short bio about who is Nor Montreal?

My name is Ngor Piotem Kuac and my artist name is Nor Montreal. I am a South Sudanese Artist from Washington, DC currently living in Nairobi, Kenya to pursue my music career.

Nor Montreal released his first debut single audio " Heartbreaker" on VEVO in 2014. Later, he released his first music video FOREVER which was presented by Jubawood. That same year, he also released the official video for “Heartbreaker” in 2015. The talented Washington-DC based artist also visited his motherland South Sudan where he gained inspiration for his current mass enterprise CODE211-SS, making him one of the biggest social influencers among Sudanese & other Africans worldwide. People from all over the world have 24 hours access to host their events, shows, or share their stories through Snapchat.

Images: Nor Montreal music videos


CODE211.SS Snapchat is a Sudanese-based social hosting platform for artists, entrepreneurs, designers, models, activists, educators, students, athletes or just about anyone to get 24 hours of hosting. We first discovered the social hosting in 2017 and earned a chance to host twice. However, our interest is to know more about the man behind the ideas of yours truly, NOR MONTREAL.

What inspired you to create/start the Snapchat?

What inspired me to create code 211 is when I went to visit South Sudan for the first time in 2015 there was lot of tension going on in Facebook about my tribe is this in my tribe is that and I felt that we were divided more than ever as south Sudanese and I wanted to create a platform that connected us as one United South Sudan,Where we could learn about each other‘s and unite as one, the code211 family as I called it.

What is (are) memorable moment (s) from your guest hosting in

One of the most memorable host we had were when we had NBA superstar Loul deng host, A lot of the youth were excited to be able to interact with him on code211 we also had a young lady by the name Diyo who share her story about skin bleaching running away and being possess and raped by demons. Her story was so crazy but incredibly honest that people were captivated by her and wanted to hear more from her she was trending on Facebook and Twitter, we also had the first ever south Sudanese female to be drafted to the NBA host

Image from: Chartsports - Loul deng NBA Game

What other project(s) are you currently working on with regards to this platform (

We just created code211 Instagram where we post pictures and some of the most memorable video of our host, Will also create code211 YouTube

What other platform is hoping to collaborate with in the near future?

We have not gone into much detail about working with other platform but we do support them when they reach out to us work with MisssouthsudanAustralia, south Sudan unite, Ross madness and a few other event

What can we expect from in the next 2 years?

Hopefully the next two years will have code 211 clothing line makeup and music coming your way,but we will start by Focusing on one thing at a time, clothing line is the project I will be working



Social media contacts

@NorMontreal on Facebook Instagram and Twitter

Follow code211 page on

Facebook southsudansnapchat

Snapchat code211-ss

Instagram @code211ss


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Great tips, I need to think about what kind of branding I want to convey.

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Hi Neecee, This is Nicole, Such a wonderful sharing! Great Job! All the best! 

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Thanks for this wonderful Interview. I love the questions and enthusiasm. 

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