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Lola - Miss Canada's Top Choice 2017 Winner

LOLA had dreams where she visualised the scenes of her winning the Crown. In 2017, her dreams came true and it was a magical crowing moment.

Stage Name: Lola Dan

Home Town: Toronto, Ontario

Beauty Queen

Financial Analysts

We are pleased to have another exciting Interview with the Winner of Miss Canada's Top Choice Pageant 2017 miss LOLA. She is an MBA graduate who's currently working as a finical Analyst. True definition of Beauty and Brain!

I had the pleasure to witness her crowing moment last year inside Daniel Spectrum. Lola walked away with several winning titles including the grand title as the Miss Canada Top Choice 2017. Today, I am honoured to have her here with us on NEECEE LEXY for full interview to discuss her journey as Miss CTC, beauty pageants, and other interesting facts of LOLA.

Photo by: Captive Camera

As you all know, this year's Canada Top Choice Grande final is taking place at Fairview Library Theatre on August 4th, 2018, from 6pm to 10 pm. Make sure to attend the show, meet and greet with Lola as she pass on the Crown to the next Queen in line.

We are excited to hear more about Lola on her magical crowning moment during the 2017 Grand Finale show. Plus learn more on what it takes be be Beauty Queen.

Welcome Lola, please tell us about yourself?

My name is Lola and I’m an MBA graduate currently working as a financial analyst born and raised in Toronto, Canada. Last summer I took part in Miss Canada’s top choice pageant and won the title. During my free time I enjoy hanging out at the beach, jamming on my keyboard, reading a good book and of course, travelling.

When did you start getting involved in pageant shows?

Since I turned 19. I started off with Miss Chinese Toronto then continued with Miss Asia and participated in Miss Universe as well. I’ve always enjoyed pageants, it allowed me to express my creativity, explore my feminine side and meet new people.

Who inspired you to enter the pageant?

I grew up watching pageants on television and I’ve always been inspired by beauty. I enjoy the idea of wearing long sequence dresses covered in sparkles from head to toe and performing on stage. I find that pageants may invoke different opinions from different people, but there is actually so much more to the experience than all the negative backlash it receives. Pageants are a great opportunity for girls to work on their performance skills, polish on their public speaking ability, and build on their confidence. It has personally allowed me to do a lot of things I don’t get the chance to do on a normal basis, taking part in this pageant has helped me feel empowered and bring out my best self.

What is your go to fashion tips as a beauty pageant?

A nice pair of heels go well with anything

What is(are) your favourite (s) pageant experience(s) and why?

Miss Canada’s top choice pageant has definitely been my favourite experience because my dreams came true on that stage. That was the moment I realized everything I’ve ever wanted has essentially manifested into my reality.

You’ve recently been crowned as Miss Canada's Top Choice 2017 Beauty Queen! Congratulations on that. What have you gained the most from this experience?

Thank you! I have gained the confidence to perform on stage. Despite my setbacks and the personal challenges I have faced, for someone like me (who is usually shy and …a little different), it is not easy to step outside of my shell, let alone perform in front of a large crowd. I’m glad I took part in this experience and pushed myself to not only rock that bathing suit during the swimsuit performance, but to share one of my favourite songs and play it for everyone that night! I had a great time.

For a girl who is interested in entering a pageant, what advice will your give her?

Winning the crown is simply an acknowledgement of your overall performance on stage, it is not a reflection of who you are and how you measure up to others. The worse thing to do is to use this experience and put all your focus on the competition aspect of it. My advice is to indulge in the overall experience and enjoy the journey, not the outcome. Use this opportunity to improve on yourself, make new friends and take some beautiful pictures that you can look back on one day and be proud of!

You’ve recently been crowned as Miss Canada's Top Choice 2017, can you tell us about the crowning moment?

It has definitely been magical. I’ve had dreams where I visualized exactly the same thing happening. I’ve also come close to the same moment a few times before so I went into this experience with an open mind that anything can happen. I didn’t have any expectations that night, I just wanted to do my best and have fun. The moment I heard my name announced as the winner I was definitely surprised. After the crown was placed on my head, I didn’t know where to look or how to react, my mind went blank while my legs were shaking. My mouth dropped and all I remembered next was walking around waving in confusion.

August 4th, Canada’s Top Choice will be hosting their annual pageant show. What advice will you give these new contestants to prepare themselves for winning the crown?

Remember that you can be photographed any moment given once you step on that stage so be aware that your photo is always taken and put on your best face at all times so you walk out of this experience with the best photos of yourself. Tip* Remember at the back of your mind where all the photographers and family/friends are located so you will know where to look for when your photo is being taken.

Who are other talented designers or stylist you would hope to collaborate with?

There are many, I have an open mind to collaborate with any designer/stylist that has a classy taste suitable to my style.

What can we expect from you in the next 2 years or so?

Who knows? Anything is possible.

Thank you so much for this wonderful interview. I am sure our reader have learnt a lot about you and inspired by your words. I hope to seeing you again soon and we look forward in interviewing you again in future.


on August 4th inside the Fairview Library Theatre at 6pm for Miss Canada's Top Choice 2018 Grand Finale. For more information or tickets click here

LOLA at the Miss & Mr Asia Canada 2016 National Finals

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