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YELLOW SUNDAY - In Solidarity With Congolese Women

#YellowSunday : Sisters To Sisters from around the world

Models: From left to right - Rebeca A, Karin, Neecee ( Creative Director). Photo by Swizz Baller Photographer

This Sunday JUNE 10th, 2018 is going to be global #YellowSunday marking the Congolese people’s annual, one-day, mass-participation campaign which aims to enage and mobilise at least 100 000 goodwill people on social media around the world.

Both Canadians and Mexican models have joined together in efforts to solidarity with sisters in CONGO to raise awareness of the conflict by wearing colour YELLOW. The colour YELLOW is visually represented in the flag of Congo plus it has significant mean to its people.

Model: Rebeca Relllano Photo by Swizz Baller

In June 2nd, Magnifique chibalonza had contacted me with delighted news to model in her Campaign photoshoot that happened to be YELLOW SUNDAY. I immediately responded yes I am in. Knew little info about the Yellow Sunday movement. However, Magnifique took the time to explain the movement behind Yellow Sunday cause to support women who are currently living in Congo. As a women I do believe in sisterhood working together in producing collaborative effort and empowerment. Therefore, when there is a greater cause and motion to be done I will take stand in joining.


According to YELLOW SUNDAY Founders, In Congolese mythology, yellow symbolises wealth.

The greatest wealth Congo has is its women, the backbone Congolese society, whose suffering. Unfortunately for over two decades the conflicts and war still continues effect innocent lives of women in Congo.

By joining the community of supports in a movement to wear YELLOW ON SUNDAY June 10th around the world. You are acting as voices to raise awareness of women in Congo and providing opportunities to help improve their lifestyle in effort to fight treatable diseases of million lives and sustain gender equality.

Model: Katrin Photo by Swizz Baller

In order to conduct this publication feature awareness, I got help from our beautiful models Katrin and Rebeca who came together with YellowSunday outfits to stand with sisters in Congo. Rebeca is currently on her way back home to Mexico to complete her education. Plus, thank you to our lovely photographer Swizz baller, set director Di Production and Flaubert for getting the girls together at short notice to make this project come to life. This is the second year Mangifique ( STAY MAGNIFIQUE Blog) participating and for for us this our first year.

We've decided to bring you all two part collaborative publication release from both Stay Magnifique Blog and NEECEE LEXY blog to spread the word on #YELLOW SUNDAY campaign awareness globally.



To read PART ONE of this amazing Campaign please make sure to visit Stay Magnifiqe Blog

click here

From left to right, creative director:

Sister standing with others sisters in solidarity with sisters from CONGO in efforts to help raise donation funds to support 7 Congolese women to become nurses. If you wish to donate £10; €10, $10 or whatever they can in aid of Congolese women living in conflict and post-conflict zones to train as nurses.


Ben Mundeke is a Law graduate; model; financial adviser and 2018 #YellowSunday Ambassador explains to you why you should #GoYellow (again this) year and how to donate on SUNDAY 10 JUNE

Maman Berthe est une mère; activité sociale; Le fondateur de Future International et 2018 #YellowSunday Ambassador vous explique pourquoi vous devriez #GoYellow (encore cette année) et comment faire un don le DIMANCHE 10 JUIN 2018!


To learn more Visit

You can also help support the movement by implying take stand via social media. Step #1 WEAR something yellow in solidarity with Congolese women, their families, communities and country. Step #2 Put the YELLOWSUNDAY ( lets make it go viral) tag @Yellowsunday instagram or facebook

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