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LEXYNELLE REVEUR - Create your own dreams

Updated: Dec 18, 2021

Lexynelle Rêveur takes your dream ideas turns Intro reality. Through its Fashion Style you are always dare to Arrive Instyle

Stage Name: LEXY

Enterpris: Founder & CEO


Editor & Publisher: NEECEE LEXY

HomeTown: The6ix







" From nothing to Something comes QUEEN & KING LEXYNELLE REVEUR."

This is a feature story of a self-made brand creator Lexynelle Reveur aka TAKEOVER MOVEMENT.

Tonight as we celebrate a new milestone for its season 4 in Fashion & Entertainment Industry. You all have voted to hear the story. Therefore, we brought you the full interview coverage.

Tell us about yourself?

LEXYNELLE REVEUR vision to life with our designs and ideas. We work with a wide range of clients from very small scale non profit, startups to established corporations. We provide a wide range of consulting services all over the world. Serving our customers “THINK BIG, THINK BUSINESS” is the ultimate motto of all the wings. We take the time and effort to understand your company and tell its story through the most effective means possible. We stand by our clients and not just our work.

Lexynelle Reveur founder is a young self driven entrepreneur and university scholar who's area of expertise are in Graphic Design, Styling, Editorial, Fashion Design, and personal relations. Her work is well represented by her committed and rigorous work ethic. She has a wide network that your organization can access to connect opportunities to improve your business model.

You have been featured in several media outlets BOTH as model and Fashion Expert? Which of these media outlets were your favourite?

I would definitely say our duo interview at Distractional TV with Isaac the Brand Ambassador. He is also known for his acting feature roles and as a Film Director for DiProduction. He has been there since our very first feature fashion show appearance we had in Buffalo. In 2016, him and Poochie M got to open the fashion show representing LEXYNELLE REVEUR at MFOH fundraiser show for Haiti. It just reminded me of the essence this brand holds plus the dedication and support behind the team members. It's truly blessed.

Directional TV interview with Nathan Tran

Another favourite moment was getting interviewed by ROOTS REGGEA Radio. We were the first Fashion designer to ever be interviewed at Roots Reggae Radio. Funny, because our logo actually is how they found us. When the founder heard our stories, they immediately were moved by it. Thank you Roots Reggae Radio family we appreciated the love you shown us. We can go on and on listing our favourie moments because we got a lot. Every shows, interviews, network functions we came in contact with has left something beautiful.

Where do you get your design inspirations from?

Most of my design inspirations come from the places I visit, the people I meet, and the stories I want to tell through my art. Other times, wild ideas just pop in my mind while working on a computer at late night. It is usually those ideas that get people to say, “wow!” I am very much similar to any artist you meet. They show their inspiration in songs, whereas I design and showcase them on the runway through my clothing. Each model walking down the runway in Lexynelle Reveur tells a story. As much as they are African inspired pieces, they are uniquely made and selected.

What Advice would give someone who wants get into the industry or start their own brand?

GO FOR IT, and be so passionate about it that even on your worse days or sick days you just want chase your dreams. In that attiude your will never lose the sight or worry about who is doing what and make your dream come true. If I can dream of going to Paris, France and promise my teenage self who had no Job, no money that for University Graduation gift I would travel to Europe stay there for months and land in Paris. It seems impossible at the time but I WENT FOR IT. So dream big and aim high even if it's going to take you minutes or days to achieve it. GO FOR IT!

I will leave you with this quote: "The biggest regret is the risk you did not take. You are forever going to wonder on mental dilemma of should've, could've, would've. DO NOT BE THAT GUY!"

How do you say the name?

LEXYNELLE REVEUR is a nickname with French translation. You would pronounce it like LEXY-N-ELLE and REVEUR basically means dreamer in French. I named it in effort that one Day I will walk the street of Paris to see the E-Tower. DREAM COME TRUE, I did land in Paris, France years later. I still don't speak French but thats okay because the goal was to go there.

What really inspires and drive you to design?

“WHAT LEXY WANTS, LEXY GETS!” MENTALITY Before I could speak, I believe my art ability represented my voice. I am a young self-made entrepreneur with a desire to build a global brand. I was the little girl that would go around telling my friends, family and strangers that I am going to own a global domination brand. Majority of the time, they reacted as if I was a crazy girl, wondering how I would accomplish such a dream with no support, no money hardly have dollar on my name.

The inspiration behind Lexynelle Reveur was everything I envisioned as a little girl in combination with all of the self-taught skills I acquired over the years. From a very young age, I knew my ideas were amazing; lack of financial support was not going to stop me. I took it upon myself to learn everything that was required for a professional entrepreneur. To many people, my dream seemed near impossible to imagine. Speaking Imagination, I had this software on Windows 98 called "Picture It" I experimented my first photo editing using by changing images colour and placing text over selfie. Around 2005, I would go to the public library to pick up fashion magazines such as: Seventeen, Glamour girls, and Teen Vogue. At home, I would take pictures of myself which are now currently termed “selfies”. I would then insert into “Picture it” and recreate my images like the magazine covers. That was me inspiring myself that one day I will be in magazine cover, in God's Grace. My friends thought it was cool, so they would ask me to create such images for them as well.

The more photo editing I did, the more I desired professional magazine touch ups and looking into fashion styling. I would read a lot of books, such as teen fiction and fashion magazine. What always drew my attention was the feature stories of teen girls who had start-ups business and DIY written pieces. I signed up for digital visual arts, television & video editing. I got the chance to learn photoshop skills, designs and published my first book which was our school year book, and mastered final cut professional editing on my free time.

When came I up with the name Lexy I was using it to showcase my video editing skills and graphic design as Vlogger on youtube. I got to produced my first Commercial for ZERO Gravity Circus festival, Won our High School Skills Canada Gold medalist for Video & Television Production. My teacher at time told me I was talented with skills that Entertainment Industry needs and going to pursue Science Degree I would not like it much. She saw real passion for my art because I was the only student who came to school at 7am to use the editing room, at launch time and the last one to leave class. Plus, being in soccer team and other school activities. Yet, I did go to University and completed my Bachelor of Health Science with HONOURS. Now, I am on pathway to acquire my Fashion and Social media Marketing certification.

At young age, I did not ask my parents for money because I humble myself enough. They traveled across the world for me to acquire better education and did so much for us. I couldn't afford new clothes since I didn't go to uniform school based. Therefore, I would get creative with mix and matching, DIY and altering clothes I had to make it look different. I ALWAY came to school with new style from old clothes gets people attention like where did you get from. At the time, I mostly wanted to advance my drawing skills to create unique shoes design. I had a hobby of collecting running shoes. Back then, my very first idea of a fashion line was having my own athlete shoe line. My inspiration behind it was Angela Simmons’ pastry shoes and how she mixes multiple colours in her sneakers. It looks and sounds like delicious cake, right? I tried to get a job at Rockport; I landed a successful interview but didn’t get the job. You now that saying When one door closes another one opens. That was start of another door opened lead me into Brand we have today. ROCKPORT YOU MISSED OUT :D on great talent.

Lexynelle Reveur at International Modesty Fashion Show for 4th annual season.

Going forward, I got into a modelling agency. Few years later, I started working at French Connection and modeling for local runway shows. I got to work along visual merchandisers, gain stylist training, and network with people in the industry. Most of the time, I stood out as one of the few models that people related to. Considering the fact that I was different from most models, it would work in my favour, but there were times where this wasn’t the case. For example, if a designer had a brightly coloured dress or the smallest size dress, he or she would automatically assume that the item would be a perfect fit for me. Then, I started drafting my own African inspired clothing line that encompassed my personal style. Looking into youtube videos on how to sew shirts and dresses.

Observing the lack of diversity in the industry diversity, particularly African designs, I decided to shift ideas. I desired to have an African inspired brand that girls of any shape or form could wear my items and feel beautiful. Such clothing would be of those that you can wear on the runway, at the office, in the club can wear, and casual places like home.

Founders and CEO FEMALE entrepreneurs at Glitter and BOSS Network photo by Swizz Baller

Through Lexynelle Reveur I got amazing chance to meet a lot of incredible talented self made entrepreneurs from around the world. Travel to many cities, promoted Events, coordinated fashion and Pageant shows. I am still working and looking forward in meeting young founders and amazing individuals across the globe. Today, I run the NEECEE LEXY Weekly Media Publication features along side my Shinkay the Editor, Lily International outreach director, Swizz Baller Visual Director & Photographer. Neecee Lexy is platform where readers discover global talent and entrepreneurs share their business stories with potential of collaborating at wide spectrum. We are still in school completing the necessary certification or degree knowledge and information to advance the platform.




Featured 3 times on Toronto Sun as stylist for the Actor and Model Icy Blue

Pauli B - International Nollywood AfroBeat Artist - First Album Launching Party

Jae Baz AfroBeat & Lea Scott Pop Vocalist Single Release

DID YOU KNOW: Lexynelle Reveur first big featured was on Shawn Mendes - Believe Music Video

Lexynelle has been featured three times at York university, once at Centennial College, twice at Waterloo University, Rogers Network TV, Distractional TV, Makoma Ghanian based magazine, Elle & Moi based Edmonton Magazine, Breath by Henna editorial feature, Sweat Equity Fitness Magazine, Tonic Fitness Magazine, twice at Hamilton Fashion Week, Toronto African Fashion week student competition, MFWK , Top Choice Canada Pageant, Miss Face of Humanity Pageant, Saving Dream Movie Premiere, Shawn Mendes Believe Music Video, Pauli B - Be My Lover music video, and Mss Commonwealth Uk etc.


Twitter: @LexynelleR


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