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AKOL SANTIE - East Africa finest News and Entertainment Blog

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

"Blogging has now become a part of me, I do it purely for millions of people out there who have no access to quality information to get updates about entertainment." - Akol

Akol Santie South Sudanese Blogger
Akol Santie South Sudanese Blogger

Stage Name: AKol Santie

Profession: Blogger /News Carrier

Hometown: Kenya

Enterprise: Akol Santie Blog





This year I had the privilege of meeting AKOL Santie who is a South Sudanese blogger based in Nairobi, Kenya. Mr Akol Santie is the Founder and President of the AKOL SANTIE BLOG which focuses on delivering entertainment and news from around the World. Akol sanite has been a blogger for over two years now.

I'm thrilled to have him with us here today on NEECEE LEXY as our special guest feature this week. This summer AKOL SANTIE blog became my number one spot for World Cup updates while sitting at the office and couldn't watch the LIVE game. Plus, getting entertained by some of the hilarious post he shared on the blog.

Which got me thinking, when we launched the NEECEELEXY Blog back in fall of 2017 with efforts to showcase and highlight work of Entrepreneurs from around the world. Our focus mainly on people who are driven with inspiration in creating successful brands , projects, and companies which have greater impact in today's society or future. Who knew that it will bring us to interview this young gentlemen (Akol Santie).

It feels like a dream come to true to be able to connect with entrepreneurs from Africa, Australia , Europe, and North America. I am excited to have him share his blogging journey with us here at NEECEE LEXY this week. Without prolong delay. Let's welcome Mr Akol!

Akol Santie South Sudanese Blogger

Please tell us about yourself and how you the blog came about?

First of all, I want to thank you Neecee for this interview. For those who don't know me, my name is Akol Santie and I am a young blogger from South Sudan. At this given moment, I live in the city of Nairobi, Kenya. I have been blogging online for almost 2 years now. I blog about entertainments and news (from politics to breaking news, you can find them on my blog). Apart from blogging, I am also a college student and actor.

You are most welcome! When did you start your entertainment blog?

I started my blogging journey ( in 2016 when I was out of school. Since then, I have never looked back and I will never think of looking back because blogging means a lots to me. Sharing information with my audience helps me learn things and achieve a more positive attitude towards life. Hence blogging has inspired me to keep going. Also, I want to be rich without working for others, so I believe building my online empire will surely guarantee my wish.

Akol Santie South Sudanese Blogger

I can see that you are also diving into Fashion Model scene rocking that MICHAEL J SUDANII vibe. Who is your influential figure as a blogger?

As a blogger, I look up to many African bloggers. I really like Linda Ikeji of Nigeria because of her amazing entertainment blog. I also like Ameyaw Debrah of Ghana because of his simple and unique writing style and his blog is all about entertainment too.

What is the inspiration behind AKOL SANTIE BLOG?

To be honest, I started blogging because I was often bored. I used to do nothing back then and I spent so much time on the internet reading posts of different bloggers. That's when started to admire bloggers and decided I should start mine.

After publishing 4-6 stories, I started receiving messages from people who have already discovered my blog. They would tell me that I was doing an amazing job. That really made me happy and encouraged me to do more. Blogging has now become a part of me, I do it purely for millions of people out there who have no access to quality information to get updates about entertainment.

As an entertainment blogger, what area within the entertainment industry do you think receives little attention that is really required?

There are so many to mention, but I would definitely say blogging, In South Sudan, many people start for themselves in the entertainment business as bloggers but they don't receive the respect or value that they really deserve. It seems like they don't know blogging is a part of entertainment industry With bloggers, the industry is more fun but that doesn't happen here. Hopefully it will change someday.

As an editor & expert blogger, do you have any personal advice to give to someone that wants to start a blog?

For someone who wants to start a blog, just know that blogging takes hard work. You have to understand what you want while blogging and use your creativity. All in one, define the purpose of your blog and get started.

As an entertainment blogger, you’ve created your own internet empire brand. What is your most memorable experience? I have had so many experiences on my blogging journey. But the best and the most memorable one would definitely be when I interviewed Alijoma on my blog, He is one of the greatest, most creative young singers from South Sudan. It was such an honour to have him on my blog. During that interview, we discussed his new album 'Te Jaal Xen, the inspiration behind it, other musicians in the field, who inspired him and much more.

Are you currently working in any major projects that we should watch out for this year?

For now, I am just putting out more and doing the best that I can.

What can we expect from you in the next 2 years or so?

Within three years, one goal I have is that hopefully we will be BIGGER and many people will have access to the information they needed through I will be focusing on developing Akol Santie Blog mobile apps. We will be in every platform for just the millions of South Sudanese out there with no access to information to get informed and entertained.

Who are other talented bloggers you would hope to collaborate with?

I am open for collaborations, let us build a blog tribe within and beyond. It's very important to collaborate with other bloggers. I believe collaborating with other bloggers can help you to grow your platform faster. SO LET’S COLLABORATE!...

Thank you so much for taking the time to be here on NEECEE LEXY. Yes! I am open for collaboration. I guess our readers going to stay tuned to hear about our future collaboration. In Fact, NEECEE LEXY visiting Kenya for collobration now thats something to watch out for.

We look forward in re-nterviewing you in the near future. Have a bless one!

To our readers make sure to follow AKOL SANTIE BLOG

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