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Isaac lilpele - Mr. Hollywood the two times TIFF feature actor

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

"I am who I am, no one can be me or think like me. "- Isaac Lilpele

Stage Name: Isaac Lilpele

Profession: Actor/ Award Winning Director

Hometown: Toronto

Enterprise: Di Production 101




We are thrilled to have a special guest for a Weekly feature interview with our Canadian based Actor, Fashion Model, and award-winning Director Isaac Lilpele. Isaac is talented upcoming rising Actor/model who has been featured in many television series and two in the Toronto Film Festival films (Crimson Sands, Hippyocalpse) plus web series known as Thorns of Tenderness and Three Blacks wanted. He started his modelling and acting career in high school and currently majoring in Film studies at University. Isaac is Award-winning Director for his co-produced Short Film at Brock University film festival. Moreover, He is the Brand Ambassador and Face model for Lexynelle Reveur. He has been featured in several international projects, and music videos including Shawn Mendes “Believe” to name a few. The rising young star is currently working on film projects that will be launched soon large film festivals across the country. To learn more google his name!

We can go on and on listing his career insights. Since he is here with us let us get to the interview.

Welcome Isaac and Tell us about yourself both as Actor and film Director?

I have been acting and director film for a few years now, on and off. I’m changing that mindset.

You are also a model, how did you get involved with fashion industry as breakthrough model?

My first ever walk with a big audience was during Multiculturalism Day in high school. I participated in school fashion did the runway walk and everything. However, it was never in my mind that I wanted to be a model. Then came 2014, my sister was showcasing her first design in Buffalo New York fashion show, I join for the experience. From there I fell in love with it. I started to do more and more runway shows in Toronto and the rest was history.

What is the inspiration behind your production company “DiProduction101”?

There was film festival happening, I decided to make a film for the festival, then the idea came to mind, I needed to have a name for doing productions and, back in high school my nickname was Isaac Dx, So I decided to use the D and I.

Who is your biggest inspiration as an rising star actor/ director?

My biggest inspiration is myself, even while working with many of the celebrity throughout the years. One thing I notice, they are just another human being working, people putting too much thing into it,, making seem like they are all that. I have met some of them. Their attitude not so great. For me to make them as inspiration then later find out they are not so great. I never want to put myself into that. I am who I am, no one can be me or think like me.

In How Many Television Shows You Have Performed?

I have 4 Canadian television shows I have performed in. One of my goals is to perform in an America show. Not to say as Canadians that we don’t have good tv shows,8[ but for me personally, I see a bigger platform when doing American shows.

As a award winning director, what is the process like picking your actors/ actresses to play in your film? And how does one become a part of future DiProduction film?

I make everyone audition for the part, even close friends. When having some friends in your film, they always look at it like as they are doing you a favor and never as teamwork collaboration. One can become part of a future project by simply showing up to the past project and on time.

what area in the film or fashion industry do you think receives little attention but require more?

I’m not too sure since a lot of the things I do is within Toronto. One thing for sure is that it is very hard to make out of the film or fashion industry, there are so many unpaid jobs going around. Nobody wants to pay anyone, but when comes to your project they want to get paid. How does that work I don’t know, you want me to work for free but you don’t want to work for free.

Do you have any personal advice or tips to someone to become a successful actor?

Never give up, there will be more down and then up, so just do what you love.


Isaac Featured on Hippypocalypse Movie

Congratulation on being a Two times TIFF feature Films actor. You have worked both as stage actor and on screen actor for many film productions. What is (are) your most memorable experience (s) thus far?

My most memorable experience while doing theatre for the play called Today is your day by the 7keys Foundation. Coming out for the second part of the play, the audience was so happy to see my character, everyone was clapping and cheering for good 3min I could not even speak. I was not even the main character but that feeling was so amazing, felt like I’m in the right place in life. It doesn’t matter how big your part is, it only matters how well you do it.

Are you currently working on any major projects that we should watch out for this year?

I am working on a fashion promo video and photo shoot, web series, TIFF film 2019 and youtube thing.

Are you currently working in any major projects that we should watch out for this year?

I am working on a fashion promo video and photo shoot, web series, TIFF film 2019 and youtube thing

What can we expect from you in the next 2 years or so?

Many projects, but first taking all the bad apple out of the basket. To be producer and director, it’s all about the business, not here to make friends. People get one chance. They F up, I don’t know them.

Who are other talented actor/ director/ producer or designer you would hope to collaborate with?

They are so many, however, what I want to do is, make amazing things, let them come to me, wanting to collaborate.

Thank you, Isaac, for taking the time to be our special guest feature this week. We hope our readers from around the world learned and inspired by your story. We look forward to re-interviewing you also to talk about your upcoming projects & fashion commercials soon. Make sure to follow him on social media and watch his films on youtube/ TIFF this fall.


Isaac feature in Shawn Mendes Believe Songs


TEAM IsAac LifeTime MEmbre

Actor I Model I Director

Instagram: @Isaac_lipele

Instagram: @diproduction101

Facebook: Isaac Lilpele

Email: diproduction101

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