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I AM Myth - The Women In Me

A 25 year old canadian songtress -singer - poet- rapper.

Stage Name: MYTH


Home Town: Ottawa, ON

Enterprise: Music

Myth recently released her debut demo The Woman In Me which was named after her original short film. The demo consist of seven original songs, all written and co-produced by the original artist. The demo displays a narrative sequel of the different characters of a womanhood ranging from internal to external relationships. Myth uses her pen and voice as an expressional force by using the different levels of tonality exposed in her range of voice. Myth embodied each characters by jungling in between the theatrical and animated alter ego persona. The music is extremely diverse. She shows off her capabilities by heading toe to toe with experimental jazz, trap, r&b, house, and afrobeat.

Tell us about yourself ( short background intro about who is Evelyne Ahineza and the music?)

Evelyne Ahineza known as Myth. If I were to told people what I wanted to do, they would of never believed me. I go for Myth because, it is a character I created. I mostly talk about it on my blog. Myth is sort of my personal legend. I use the pen and my voice as an expressive force to share my story.

When did you started singing ?

I started singing when I was in the fourth grade.

Who were the most influential Singers in your life growing up?

Some of my strongest influencers are Nina Simone, J.cole (Rapper), and the legendary Amy Winehouse.

What is the inspiration behind your latest single release ?

Wild - is my first single. I love the record. I embodied my alter ego. I start the record by saying, They will have to let me out the cage. It is Myth expressing her anger in a very theatrical, animated, dramatic character. I kept over hearing the world : WILD, over and over again. It is crazy to me, how the woman today cant be seen as angry. We were always told to keep this quiet conservative imagine. Almost like a delicate flower. Pretty, colourful, appealing to the eyes but keep the rooting roots under grass where it is never told to showed. I am doing the complete opposite with WILD. I scream, shout, yell, play with the different tonalities of my voice.

Congratulations! On you all your musical success and I must say you are indeed a talented and gifted artist with phenomenal voice. What personal advice would you give to someone wanting to pursue music as a career?

Be free. Be authentic. And, follow your heart. I feel relieved. I never felt this relieved in my whole entire life. From the short film, to the single WILD, to the full completion of my demo. Music helps me balance my emotions. Music helps me discover and understand who I am, without following a path that has been designed for me. It is me. Like I’ve mentioned in my original song Phoenix -I am fighting to the top. It is me with the pen, Me till the end. Time is all that I’ve got.

Life is about learning and evolving. Doing so creatively is truly one of the best way to do so. First, you must be free and the only way to be is to let go of fear.

As an artist you’ve toured and performed live in many shows. What is your most memorable experience(s) as an artist performing live and why?

I started as a back up dancer for a cultural group. We had many shows all over Canada. It was a great way for me to make extra income aside from my main job. The most memorable experience are the ones at Speak Your Truth Event. In an art gallery on dundas west. A place filled with many artists and poets who each have an incredible story to share. It pushes me to be open with my story. Also, inspired me to add poetry along to my upcoming demo.


Do you have favourite city you toured so far?

I have no toured outside of Toronto yet. But, I am sure I will once I solidify my bookings for the summer.

What can we expect from you in the next 2 years or so?

Oh my! Good things. A full album, a documentary, and much more. I am in the process of finalizing my offers. We will need a part 2,3,4,5….interview for sure.

Who are other talented artists or music producers you would hope to collaborate with?

I have worked with incredible producers and engineers. I hope to continue to work with them. Massimo Mariani (producer), Adam Richards (producer), Nehmizzo (producer).

As for future song collaborations, my sister Ingrid Ahimana (singer), Pharrel, Kanye West, Doc Mckinnon(producer), Childish Gambino, J.cole, Future, Young thug.

But, I’ve also wanted to write songs for incredible powerful vocalist like Beyonce, Jennifer hudson, Jessie J, Ariana Grande, Rihanna, Demi lovato.

Any additional information you would like our readers to know about your music?

Yes, I would love for my readers to take a moment to check out my short film The Woman In Me on my youtube channel. Also, my demo named after my short film is out on my soundcloud. It is a demo of 7 original songs all written by me. The songs display the different part of my womanhood by giving each song its own individual characteristic which are being played with the different tonality. The demo is now on soundcloud and will soon stream on all platforms. As for my performances, I would love for everyone to subscribe to my blog for the announcements of my bookings.



Instagram : Lafemmemyth

Facebook Page : Lafemmemyth

Twitter : Lafemmemyth

Youtube : IAMAYTH

Blog :

Thank you for the love and support,

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