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Sweta Dixit - Elite Beauty Queen With 7 Prestigious Crowns

My life has changed for good, I'm more confident and have a great change from my monotonous schedule past many years. - Sweta Dixit

Stage Name: Sweta Dixit

Profession: Para Medical

Hometown: Ahmedabad, India

Enterprise: Private Clinic Healthcare Provider




Today's feature story will leave you not only inspired but motivated to chase your dreams. In August, my team and I attended the Miss Canada Topic Canada Grand Finale where I witness an speculator performances by beauiful delegates. Sweta Dixit was among these delegates who competed for the Ms title. At the show Queen Dixit conducted a phenomenal traditional Indian dance for talent segment but it was her questionnaire answer seqment that wow'ed the crowed. Her confidence and charming charismatic personality left a remarkable impression to all the judges and attendees.

We are honoured to have Queen Sweta Dixit today for an exclusive feature interview on NEECEE LEXY blog. Plus, Sweta Dixit is our official fall Season feature opener for the 100 self made Entrepreneurs around the global series on NEECEE LEXY.

Sweta Dixit was crowned as Ms Canada Top Choice Runner Up 2018 this summer. Thus, she was titled as Ms Canada National and International 2018 -2019. Since then, Ms Dixit has bought 7 prestigious crowns to her home city of Abbotsford with her winning Miss Talent, Miss Congeniality, Miss People’s Choice Award and Miss Queen of Substance. Today, Ms DIXIT became the first ever from Abbotsford to win so many crowns. Sweta Dixit is true definition of making a dream become a reality. This is not an overnight success Queen Sweta story has just began. We are thrilled to her take us back to where it all started. Without any further due let's get to the interview shall we.

Welcome! Ms Sweta, please tell us about yourself

I am Sweta, and I am from the beautiful country India. I've a double post graduates degrees: one from renowned KMC,Manipal and the other from FDU, Vancouver. I am currently working as para medical professional at a private clinic and been living in Canada for the past 7 years. Plus, I am a Canadian citizen. 7 years ago I came to Canada as student while worked day and night to build my dreams one step at time. I've worked hard for my second masters, paid off my education loan single handed and got my permanent residency. Year later, I got my Canadian citizenship and bought my brand new car to celebrate my years of hard work.

I've been doing a stable job for the past 4 years with a good earning. My dad is the president of renowned firm in India (Aditya Birla) but still I started my life in Canada from scratch leaving behind my lavish life in India. I've always followed my heart and dreams with passion and grace of God to achieve them.

When did you start getting involved in pageant shows?

This year 2018, I started my journey and for the very first time I participated in two mega pageants: the Miss South Asia Canada 2018 and Ms Canada Top Choice 2018.

Who inspired you to enter pageant?

I was doubtful about doing all this as had no experience of modelling, fashion or anything. However, during my trip to India my mom and sister encouraged me to enrol and helped me with all shopping specially traditional wear. My dad was also very confident that if I participate I will win something for sure. Their encouragement took me here and I have a huge list of supporters and many contacts which helped me win people choice twice. Thus, my relatives, friends, my dad's workplace people, colleagues, and patients all worked hard to support my pageant journey and liking my facebook page. Their support system was unbelievable for me for my pageant experience and I'm thankful.

What is your go to fashion tips as a beauty pageant?

My fashion sense at both the pageants were very simple and sober with light colours not very overly done. My gown was light purple and I selected clothes which look different and unique at the same time. My hair in both the pageants was a up-do bun style with light make up, good eye lashes and bold lips. I like to go with simply and classy look.

What is(are) your favourite (s) pageant experience(s) and why?

My favourite pageant experience was to reach top 10 and then make it to the runner up as I knew my power was always in my speech and that will be the game changer for me. Second best part the huge applause I got for my answer and the genuine appreciation by judge sumi prabha whom I never knew or met before pageant and she observed me so precisely. Moreover, the best of all was the lifelong friendship with my contestants, they all were great, talented, and good competitors. My life has changed for good I'm more confident and have a great change from my monotonous schedule past many years.

You’ve recently been crowned as Ms Runner up Canada's Top Choice 2018 Beauty Queen. Plus, you’ve best glory of 7 crowns to abbotsford under your name and Congratulations! What have you gained the most from this entire experiences thus far?

My journey in the two pageant competitions doing back to back were great deal of learning. I had lots to share about it and provide some guidance to young girls or woman who want take part in pageant. At first, I stood in these pageant not many were there to help me but I fought the battle almost alone. One thing I've always knew that the only thing that takes u ahead in life is if you are good humble and able to win hearts of people.

The day I entered pageant everyone appreciated my guts and courageous act coming all the way from Vancouver. I took two weeks leave from work and without bothering being the oldest or heaviest contestant in the show. Boldly I facing everything and made me a winner of Ms congeniality as I was genuine to everyone. The more you are humble out of negative competition the more u will shine.

If you think of demotivating someone and that will make u shine on stage it will never be the case. You have to be beautiful inside first to win a race. I see lots negative competition during pageant one should avoid it and just focus to lift everyone up and work hard on urself. Second advice is smile always move the ramp with confidence and work a lot on question and answers round.

Do not let jealousy hamper ur performance everyone is unique in their own way. The best thing I have gained is confidence and life time friendship. I have got many doors open for me to involve more in community service too.

For a girl who is interested in entering a pageant, what advice will your give her?

I will say be down to earth, be bold, be real , and be you. Do not fake accent or change yourself or become someone you not. It’s better to be flawed raw and real you then immitate. In short, do not be manipulative. I won Canada's Top Choice runner being so raw and real. I accepted all my flaws confidently and still proved why one has to be judged on inner beauty and not outer beauty which moved everyone. I' m proud to be so real on stage and the that same thing I will pass to future contestants. You will be judged on how real you are and so true to yourself because it’s ok beauty has flaws. You have to shine through your flaws that is my motto in life.

You’ve recently been crowned as Ms Runner up Canada's Top Choice 2018, can you tell us about the crowning moment?

I was first called out to be awarded sub contest Ms People choice and and Ms talent. I was not expecting Runner up as their were all talented beautiful ladies out there. Only thing I was confident was my answer which was great enough to leave an impact so when I was called out for runner up I was surprised for sure but it was an overwhelming feeling too. I felt so good to be on unbiased stage and my all efforts coming all way from Vancouver was so fulfilling. The next day when I got beautiful appreciation from Jennifer and sumi prabha I was really on cloud 9.

I was even made the candidate recruiting director for British Columbia the very next day by Jennifer and that is a great achievement. I just had a hope I will win one or two sub contest crown and go home happily. Fortunately, the back to back 7 crowns was an real shock and surprise for everyone including me. I did not think any contestant might have done it before. It's close to my heart abbotsford being a small city it’s really a glory to get 7 crowns for the gracious city and being runner up too.

Fall of 2019, the Canada’s Top Choice will be hosting their annual pageant show. What advice will you give these upcoming contestants to prepare themselves for winning the crown?

Work a lot on a presentable body which I did not get time to focus on. Yes! beauty comes in all size but we are on a stage. I think we need to be presentable as it’s a glamour business face appeal body appeal plays a role. Second the dressing sense should be focused but not too gaudy; should be eye catching but still sober. The body language should be very positive.

Practice ramp walking with heels few month prior to pageant so you feel confident in heels. Walk with a good posture confidence and smile. Do not ever compare yourself to others because what talent you may have others might not have. Work a lot on question answer round and do not go with an intention to compete but with an intention to learn and build good network and friendship.

In a pageant competition there is no such thing as winning or losing its only lots of learning. Be true to yourself and believe in yourself. If you have worked hard enough it will surely reflect and reach to people in some way or other and please do not fake it. Choose clothes which are easy to change as we are given only 2 to 3 mins after each round. The introduction speech should be very effective as from there onwards your elimination starts.

Who are other talented designers or stylist you would hope to collaborate with?

I would like to keep my sister on top as stylist as she has great taste. I do not have particular taste for designers or stylists as all are good whichever clothes make me feel good and comfortable would love to go with them.

What can we expect from you in the next 2 years or so?

Before entering the pageant I worked with lots community health events like ALS Parkinson’s multiple sclerosis, William syndrome cystic fibrosis, Juvenile diabetes, Arthritis cancer. I am an online volunteer worker to United Nations and I also support and fundraise for the Ketto foundation which supports education of children in India. I do lots of charity social work fundraising for health event.

In two years, I plan to do more of it and raise the health standards of women and children. I am also a goodwill worker and supporting director to Hey Hi foundation which helps save trees and environment.. Being a paramedical professional I also intend to have free camps for health awareness and ergonomic classes for labour category. As a certified learner from Harvard university for global health and even a masters in global health from Canada I want to raise the health standards internationally by involving more with United Nations and UNICEF.

Moreover, I wish to save money from my Canadian earnings to build a multidisciplinary hospital with all facilities for the needy at low rate. I am very knee on Human Right Protection specially for women rights is my main focus.

I've been awarded by Abbotsford Community Services for my immense social work towards health recently this year. So I look forward to many more health events to promote and reach more people via the pageant platform and title. I am also a volunteer to Abbotsford Cancer Hospital and visit once a week to help there.

Wow! You left me completely SPEECHLESS.

Your confidence, personality and essence and all the charity work you are involved in are phenomenal. You are indeed true Queen Ms Sweta Dixit and hardworking woman with great admiration to aspire many people including myself. A 7 prestigious is not enough to explain the work that you do. I wish you all the best and more great lifetime achievements under your name dear. Continue to shine and sparks lights into this world. Your legacy will never be left unspoken. You are Iconic in the making and I hope to re-interview you in the near future. Keep us posted we love supporting visionary & dreams like you.



Face page: Sweta Dixit

Facebook: Sweta Dixit

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