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Queen KATE DI - Empowering women through the art of Dance

"I believe in pursuing your hobby and honing your own gift, skill and talent to share it with other people and motivate them to do the same". - Kate Di

Stage Name: Kate Di

Profession: Interior Designer

Hometown: Manila, Philippines

Enterprise: Beauty Queen, Interior Designer, Dancer and Model





WELCOME BACK! To another exciting feature this week on NEECEE LEXY covering the TOP 100 Self Made Entrepreneurs from around the globe. In this week’s feature article we have the lovely Ms Canada Top Choice Pageant 2018 Winner, Queen Kate Di.

Queen Kate Di is a professional Interior Designer, talented dancer and model. She is from Manila, Philippine but currently living in Canada.

This past summer, I had the honour being one of the Judging panelist for Canada's Top Choice pageant where I've witnessed all the beautiful delegates ladies performances. Among them was Kate Di who performed her solo dance and got the theatre audience all excited with cheers.

Kate's family, friends and supporting fans came in large numbers, some even held large posters with Kate Di face on it. Their screams and cheers you can tell they were extremely proud to watch deliver her performance that night. Fortunately, it was a dream come true as Kate walked out that night as the newest Ms Canada's Top Choice 2018 winner.

I am excited to have Kate Di with us here today for an exclusive one on one interview as she takes us back to where her dance, modelling and pageant journey where all started. Let's welcome Queen Kate Di!

Please, Tell us about yourself

I am an interior designer by profession, a dancer and a model. I consider myself as a multi-passionate and creative person. Having lived in 3 different countries, the Philippines, Singapore and Canada, I embrace cultural heritage, diversity and equality. I grew up and studied in the Philippines and have a bachelor’s degree in interior design from the University of Santo Tomas. I worked in Singapore to pursue and expand my career experience and lived there for about 8 years. As a member and alumna of the Filipino Dance Club Singapore, I was very active in involving myself and our community to participate in charity events and local festivities. Under this organization, I formed EightDs Dance Divas, an all-female dance crew to inspire women and develop their confidence through dancing. I believe in pursuing your hobby and honing your own gift, skill and talent to share it with other people and motivate them to do the same. I am also a Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). The art of dance, women empowerment and personality development are some principles very important to me. I moved to Canada in 2015 to fulfill my life plans and finally settle my future.

When did you start getting involved in pageant shows?

This year, 2018, is my first time being involved in a pageant. Being new to Canada, I met Jennifer Sy through a common friend and that’s how I knew about Canada’s Top Choice Pageant. She said “Do something extraordinary!” Initially, I didn’t see myself as a ‘pageant’ type of woman. Since I am a dancer, I am used to performing in a group instead. In the Philippines especially, pageants are stereotyped as a very rigid platform with high expectations on the aspect of physical beauty, specific body shape and strict age & height requirements.

Who inspired you to enter pageant?

My family and friends inspired me to join. Growing up, my family knew about the fascination I had in the world of pageantry and modelling; watching Ms. Universe and pretending to be one of the candidates. It was always a funny memory when I strut around the house while we all watch the show on TV. I know I was never ever going to be joining a pageant so when I was given the opportunity, I told myself, ‘why don’t I give it a try?”

What is your go to fashion tips as a beauty pageant?

Learn how to do your own makeup that suits your face and outfit. Choose clothes/ dresses that represents your style which are also elegant and flattering. Bring at least an extra outfit, shoes and accessories during the pageant night or whenever attending an event; you’ll never know if you’ll need them. Do have a perfume with you. A beauty queen should look pleasant and smell nice, too!

What is(are) your favourite (s) pageant experience(s) and why?

Canada’s Top Choice charity events gave me a chance to connect with my friends and family by getting them involved through their donations. It was amazing to be working in the community that I love. Meeting and spending time with my co-finalists who are all confident, wonderful and passionate women are now my pageant sisters. Being able to help them during our rehearsals and pageant night was an awesome feeling as helping others in any way I can makes me genuinely happy.

You’ve recently been crowned as Ms Canada's Top Choice 2018 Beauty Queen and Congratulations! What have you gained the most from this entire experiences thus far?

Thank you so much! I have gained and learned so many things about myself and my life’s journey. I am capable of achieving greater things that I truly believe in, with the right focus and mindset. I have a genuine heart and mind to help other people, especially those around me. I learned to be the best version of myself and be confident enough to love and accept myself and others more. To give so much time in improving myself that I have no time to criticize others. To wear a cheerful smile at all times and greet everyone I meet. There’s a reason why I won this crown. Life is fun and crazy at times and I should enjoy every single moment!

For a girl who is interested in entering a pageant, what advice will your give her?

Be real, know yourself and embrace you who are. Show the world what you’ve got simply by being you. That’s how you are going to stand out from the crowd. Gather all the belief and confidence you can give yourself so you can face your fears in all aspects of the competition. Practice, practice and practice until it hurts! Do not compare yourself with others. Be always kind and helpful to your peers. Enjoy the experience. Pray, believe and don’t worry.

You’ve recently been crowned as Ms Canada's Top Choice 2018, can you tell us about the crowning moment?

It was a very surreal moment. With no pageant experience, I was actually nervous and hoping for the best but already psyched myself that it’ll be fine even if I didn’t win any. During the special awards segment, I won my first award “Ms. Congeniality”. Prior to this, some of my fellow candidates were sweet enough to let me know that they have a feeling I’ll be getting that award because they voted for me. I was so touched knowing I was able to help them during our journey. I got my second award “Ms. Runway Model”, and was in total awe. For some reason, I didn’t remember that this award exists! My heart was already full with those 2 titles. By this time, my friends were cheering so loud, as if they filled the entire theatre. So when all the runners-up were being crowned, I was just in a happy state. When they called my candidate number as the winner, I was so ecstatic as I walked and received my crown and sash! My friends and the crowd went crazy! It was an unbelievable moment until now and it will forever put a smile on my face recalling it. It was a blessing that forever changed my life!

Fall of 2019, the Canada’s Top Choice will be hosting their annual pageant show. What advice will you give these upcoming contestants to prepare themselves for winning the crown?

Embrace and enjoy the journey. Do not compare yourself to your peers and no judgements please. Be kind, helpful at all times and learn to ask for help when you need it, too. Again, practice your stuff and be confident. Be yourself all the time. Remember that whatever happens, you are already a winner. It doesn’t matter whether you win the title or not. It’s the feeling of knowing you are able to take this journey and you did your best must be enough to make you fulfilled and happy.

Who are other talented designers or stylist you would hope to collaborate with?

A lot of designers and stylists are in my mind but these 3 famous and internationally renowned Filipino designers are my favorite: Francis Libiran, Monique Lhuillier and Michael Cinco. They are all so good in their own craft and market. They create stunning and beautiful pieces and all of them has dressed Hollywood celebrities. It would be such an honor to meet and collaborate with them.

What can we expect from you in the next 2 years or so?

For the next 2 years, I’ll be very busy representing and working with Canada’s Top Choice Council events and charity programs. I would still be working in my profession as an Interior Designer. I will be participating in Toronto’s fashion and modelling scene; there are some events coming up. A collaboration is on the works on being a dance coach and my dance training continues with Army of Sass Toronto and Dance 2 the Rhythm Mississauga. I have lots of projects on my mind that I want to do ever since I moved here. I am hoping to form a Filipino Dance Club in Toronto which is culturally diverse, similar to what we have in Singapore. Kids are dear to my heart so I want to create an art organization for them to hone their artistic skills. I eventually want to set up my own non-for profit organization focused on different subjects such as social welfare, education and LGBTQ+. I acknowledge that I’ll need a lot of help for my plans to flourish but I have faith that the Universe will conspire to make all these things become a reality.

Well Done! I am extremely proud of you Ms Kate. Always Keep your faith high because the universe does conspire to make all things possible if you truly believe in it. Your personality, humbleness and passion will take you far in live.

It's indeed a pleasure interviewing you today for this feature among our TOP 100 Self Made Entrepreneurs globally. Also, for finally meeting you in person last week at the MDF show walking for our Brand Lexynelle Reveur. YES! Neecee is real girl :D I look forward in collaborating with you on future projects.

To our readers world wide, I hope you've been inspired by Kate's feature story today. If you would like to see more of Kate Di's work make sure to check out her social media platforms. All the links and information are posted below.



Instagram: @queenkatedi

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